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At Campbells Bay School we have a Travelwise programme, with the aim of minimising car traffic around the school and encouraging alternate and safe methods of getting to and from school.

Travelwise is a programme for schools that works with the Auckland Council and ARTA to encourage the safe use of efficient transport. New Zealand has the most cars per person of any country in the world, and car trips to school make up about 40% of Auckland’s morning traffic. With Travelwise, Campbells Bay School is trying to do our bit to not contribute to that problem.

The Travelwise programme brings a number of benefits for the school our students, and our parents and members of our community – both directly and indirectly. These include:


  • Reduced traffic problems.

  • Higher levels of road safety.

  • A well-maintained and up to date safety programme.

  • Improved relationships with the local community.


  • Improved health and fitness.

  • Improved personal safety skills.

  • Increased knowledge and awareness of the local community.

  • Greater confidence and independence.


  • Less time spent sitting in traffic.

  • Reduced air and noise pollution.

  • Gives parents more time in the morning with their kids.

  • Improves overall road safety and improves cycling, walking and bus routes.


Campbells Bay School runs a school bus, a more
efficient way to get kids to school than parents in cars.

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CBS Wise Walkers

CBS Wise Walkers is the official name of the Campbells Bay School walking buses.


Walking school buses are made up of groups of children who walk designated routes to and from school, supervised by rostered parents.  The parent to child ratio is 1:8 and parents ideally share the responsibility each week in return for their child walking.

This is a great opportunity for kids to keep fit, relieve traffic congestion at school, and to socialise with other kids from the area, creating a fun, enjoyable walk to school.


Children join the bus outside their house or at one of the meeting spots along the route. Each bus operates to suit the needs and schedules of the families on the route, so check with the coordinator of your bus for specific details. Feel free to have a trial walk first.

Walking Bus Coordinators - WANTED

We are on the look out for new walking school bus coordinators. If you are interested in getting involved please contact our school office at

- Benefits of a Walking School Bus -

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