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General Info A-Z

  • Weekly sports overview
    Students can play in a school team that represents Campbells Bay School in locally run, weekly competitions. The five sports for these weekly competitions, supported by our local sporting associations, are: • Flippa ball (junior water polo) • Hockey • Miniball (junior basketball) • Netball • Touch Rugby These sports are available to different year levels at different times during the school year. The majority of these sports teams are for students in year three through to year six, however some of these sports are available to students in the junior school (years one and two). All children who are keen and registered by the announced date are able to play. All students are able to participate in weekly sporting competitions. Everyone can play!
  • Weekly sport by term
  • Selection process
    Team selections for the teams in the junior school and the middle school (years three and four) are not trial based. They are mostly based on friendships and classmates. The emphasis is on participation and enjoyment. As students move into the senior school (years five and six), teams play in graded competitions and for most of these sports, trials are part of the selection process for teams. The year five and six teams are trialed where possible by neutral sporting code representatives.
  • Sports communication plan
    The trials for zone days and interschool teams is through the daily news (CBTV). These trials are not advertised through the weekly school newsletter or information letters.
  • Coaches & managers note
    The successful running of these sports teams at Campbells Bay School relies on parents to volunteer to help with the coaching and managing of teams. Each team will need a parent volunteer to coach the team and a parent volunteer to help manage the team. Please note that in accordance with the Vulnerable Children’s Act 2014, the Board of Trustees has adopted a procedure whereby that from the start of 2017 only adults (all persons 18 years of age and over) who have undertaken a police vet with acceptable results can be selected to manage/coach a school sport’s team. If you would like to volunteer to coach or manage a team, please go to the school website to ‘police vetting’ and complete the form as per the instructions. You will not be able to coach or manage a sports team if you have not completed this police vetting process.
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