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Local Information

  • Campbells Bay School is a decile-10 school, in a high socio-economic area, located in a beautiful setting overlooking the Hauraki Gulf and Rangitoto Island.

  • Auckland’s North Shore City is a short ferry ride from Downtown Auckland, or can be reached by the short trip over the Harbour Bridge. Beautiful beaches, lush native bush and spectacular views of the Gulf make the North Shore an excellent place for parents to live and for kids to grow up and learn.

  • The area has plenty going on, lively cafes and restaurants, sports clubs and leisure centres and a thriving local arts scene.

  • North Shore City is an hour away from the Auckland International Airport, or a seven minute drive from the Auckland CBD.

Auckland has a pleasant climate which means relatively mild, does not get great extremes between seasons – no weeks of baking heat or months of being snowbound.

Seasons Weather Average

Summer - Dec to Feb, 15-24°C

Autumn - March to May, 10-23ºC

Winter - June to Aug, 8-15°C

Spring - Sept to Nov, 10-20°C

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