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Our Board

Campbells Bay School is dedicated to providing exceptional education in New Zealand. Our board, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, ensures the school's performance meets high standards. We emphasise strategic leadership, setting a clear vision, and legal compliance while delegating responsibilities to our capable Principal. As a proactive team, we focus on student achievement and relentlessly seek ways to enhance their success.

Our board includes x5 parent trustees, our principal Bevan Verryt and Sarah Geelan our staff representative.

- Meeting Dates 2024 -

Term one

Thursday 29 February (Week 4)

Tuesday 26 March (Week 8 )



Term two

Thursday16 May (Week 3)

Tuesday 18 June (Week 8)

Term three
Tuesday 6 August (Week 3)

Tuesday 10 September (Week 8)


Term four

Wednesday 6 November (Week 4) 

Tuesday 3 December (Week 8)

Role of the board

The Board of Trustees is accountable for the management of the school. It ensures the goals laid out in the school’s Charter are achieved. The Board serves a number of practical purposes, including setting strategic goals, determining board policy, delegating powers to the appropriate groups of individuals, and reviewing how well all of those functions are being performed.

The Principal manages the school within the parameters set by the policies of the Board. The Board and Principal work in partnership to provide and maintain overviews of school activities, develop and review board policy, provide strategic direction and keep track of progress on all these fronts.

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