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Flippa ball

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Flippa ball is a 7-a-side mixed team water sport. It is a modified,  junior version of water polo. It is a great way of children to be active while building water confidence. It is played in a shallow pool (1.0m OR 1.2m -1.3m deep) and uses a range of ball skills, swimming and team work. Flippa ball is a great stepping stone into water polo with children learning the basic skills needed to take on the deep water in intermediate and club level.

Children who play must be VERY competent and confident in the water and be able to swim. They must be able to play without having to hold on to the side of the pool. 

Flippa ball is played in each of the four terms. Each term is run as a separate competition and registrations are completed at the end of each term for the following term’s competition. You do not have to commit to all four terms but preference will first be given to those already playing in a team before new registrations are taken each term.

Read the rules

- Dates 2024 -

Term 1    18th February - 7th April. No games for Easter weekend.

Term 2    To be advised

Term 3    To be advised

Term 4    To be advised

AUT Millennium, Small Pool in the Sir Owen Glen National Aquatic Centre (NAC), 17 Antares Place, Rosedale.


The pool played in is 1m deep.


Weekly on Sunday afternoons between 2:00pm and 6:00pm. Games consist of two 8 minute halves. 

Team trainings are held every alternate Saturday 4:00pm to 4:45pm, in the same pool that games are played in. x3 per term.

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