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Students are regular participants in literacy rich experiences that support them to access the English strand of the New Zealand Curriculum. Students are taught explicitly and intentionally to read, write, speak and listen.  Below are the core components of English at Campbells Bay School.

Literacy Rich Learning Environments

Our learning spaces are inviting and well resourced. Students have access to a variety of learning tools to enhance and engage their literacy brains. Teachers plan and provide integrated, cross-curricular learning that taps into timely, real-life events both within and beyond our community. 


Teacher Led Literacy Workshops & Guided Teaching

Teachers plan for and implement regular, targeted, deliberate teaching sessions focusing on core literacy knowledge unpacked from the New Zealand Curriculum. 

Students work independently, in small group and in whole class sessions to practice and cement new learning in place. Teachers monitor this carefully through tracking and assessment practices.

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Building Blocks to Literacy

A foundational literacy programme that underpins level one of the curriculum. Supported by a Learning Leader and intergrated through collaborative teaching. Casey the Caterpillar and our Junior Phonics Programme are core elements of early literacy.


Professional Development Opportunities

Teachers are regular participants in Professional Development. Both internal and external providers support our teachers to be up to date and inspired. Louise Dempsey and Sheena Cameron are some of the key influencers in our English Curriculum.

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