At Campbells Bay School we have a Travelwise programme, with the aim of minimising car traffic around the school and encouraging alternate and safe methods of getting to and from school.

Travelwise is a programme for schools that works with the Auckland Council and ARTA to encourage the safe use of efficient transport. New Zealand has the most cars per person of any country in the world, and car trips to school make up about 40% of Auckland’s morning traffic. With Travelwise, Campbells Bay School is trying to do our bit to not contribute to that problem.

The Travelwise programme brings a number of benefits for the school our students, and our parents and members of our community – both directly and indirectly. These include:

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CBS Wise Walkers

CBS Wise Walkers is the official name of the Campbells Bay School walking buses.

Walking school buses are made up of groups of children who walk designated routes to and from school, supervised by rostered parents.  The parent to child ratio is 1:8 and parents ideally share the responsibility each week in return for their child walking.

This is a great opportunity for kids to keep fit, relieve traffic congestion at school, and to socialise with other kids from the area, creating a fun, enjoyable walk to school.

Children join the bus outside their house or at one of the meeting spots along the route. Each bus operates to suit the needs and schedules of the families on the route, so check with the coordinator of your bus for specific details. Feel free to have a trial walk first.

Benefits of a Walking School Bus

Walking School Bus Routes

There are six approved walking school bus routes, with three currently in operation.  New routes can be added so do get in touch with us if you want your child to walk to school.

  •         Channel View Road / Beach Road

Channel View bus leaves from the corner of Channel View Road and Beach Road (outside Forme Spa) at 8:00am, continues up Beach Road to Aberdeen Road and on to school.

  •        Forrest Hill

Forrest Hill bus leaves Blakeborough Drive at 8:10am, goes up Forrest Hill Road, across the reserve at the top, along East Coast Road and then down Aberdeen Road to arrive at school.

Phone coordinator Cynthia Wang on 021 0826 3901 for more information.

  •        Eastcliffe Road / Castor Bay Road / Peter Terrace

Currently the Eastcliffe Road bus meet at the Braemar Rd Reserve at 8:25am and then continue through to Peter Terrace, before heading to school.

Phone coordinator Louise Daniels on 021 714 594 for more information.

  •         Park Rise / Centennial Park

Park Rise bus meets outside 1 Sandford Street at 8:15am. We walk through Centennial Park and up Rae Road to school.  The children love the nature walk.

This route is currently inactive. If you are keen to get it going, please email [email protected]

  •        Richards Ave / East Coast Road / Aberdeen Rd

The Richards Ave / East Coast Road bus starts from Richards Avenue, walks along East Coast Road and then down Aberdeen Road to arrive at school.

This route is currently inactive.  If you are keen to get it going, please email [email protected]

  •       Sunnynook Road

Sunnynook bus departs from an agreed meeting point on Sunnynook Road, continues up Sunnynook Road, along East Coast Road to Aberdeen Road and on to school.

This route is currently inactive.  If you are keen to get it going, please email [email protected]

General information about a Walking School Bus (English, PDF 300KB).

Also available in: ChineseFilipinoKoreanMaoriSamoanTongan.

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Cycling at Campbells Bay School

Cycling is the most energy efficient way to get around, and at Campbells Bay School we encourage our students to cycle to school safely and responsibly.

It’s also an excellent way to add exercise to the daily routine of your children. Once they start students will start looking and feeling better in no time.

Year 5 children take part in the ‘Bike It’ programme, find out more at

Take a look at our North Shore Cycle Map and Cycle Guide for more information.

School Bus

Campbells Bay School runs a school bus, a more efficient way to get kids to school than parents in cars.