Sun Smart

Being a Sun Smart School

Campbells Bay School is working with the Cancer Society to become accredited as a Sun Smart School. Because of the harsh nature of New Zealand’s sun, we recognise the importance of having a policy and procedures around sun safety.

Students are in school when ultraviolet (UV) radiation levels are at their peak, and when the sun is the most dangerous. Schools are uniquely placed to provide a sun safe environment for our kids. The Sun Smart programme educates students about sun protection behaviour and helps reduce the risk of skin cancer in our kids.

As a Sun Smart School, Campbells Bay:

  • Is committed to protecting students, staff and parents from the risks of UV radiation

  • Is raising awareness of the need for skin protection amongst our community

  • Promotes the school as an institution committed to the health of our students

  • Has a sun protection policy that meets Cancer Society criteria

  • Promotes positive behaviours like wearing hats and sunscreen


The policy is that all student must wear a hat when outside in Terms 1 and 4. Students will be unable to take part in outside activities if they do not have a sun hat.

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