Our Staff

Leadership Team

Name Role Email Address
Rachael Taylor Principal [email protected]
Christie Birkhead Deputy Principal Y0-2 [email protected]
Patricia Meder Deputy Principal Y3-6 [email protected]
Melissa Grant Deputy Principal


[email protected]

Years 0 – 2 Teachers

Name Room
Janice Brown (Learning Leader)
Anna Budd 15
Claire Forrester 16
Angela Brown 17
Frances Bender 33
Caitlin Houghton 36
Jess Milne 37
Kayla Becerikli 35
Name Room
Sarah Whitaker (Learning Leader) 1
Melissa Arriagada  (Learning Leader) 2
Amandine Petit 3
Michelle Taylor 4
Katie Gemmell 5

Year 3 and 4 Teachers

Name Room
Erica Mackie 9
Nicola Hart 10
Claire Munford 24
Jo Kim (Learning Leader) 25
Emily Van Niekerk 27
Name Room
Jackie Frank 7
Heather McMeekin 8
Sandra Troughton 11
Heather Mackenzie 12
Ashley Berking 13
Elsabe van Dyk (Learning Leader) 14

Year 5 and 6 Teachers

Name Room
Laura Muller 5B Blue
Victoria Huck (Learning Leader) 5G Green
Sasha Gerrie 5P Purple
Rob Padgett 5S Silver
Joanne Haslemore 5Y Yellow
Taryn Ramsay 5O Orange
Name Room
Sarah Geelen (Learning Leader) 6B Blue
Summer Hall 6G Green
Sarah Shankland 6O Orange
Kelsey Stevens 6P Purple
Harrison Hurley 6S Silver
Fred Nu’u 6Y Yellow

Specialist Teachers

Name Role
Chris Mashlan ESOL
Miriam Giles ESOL
Joe Lanning IT Manager
Jo Apperley Learning Innovative Teacher
Sharon Knight Music Specialist
Verna Cain Reading Recovery
Daphne Davies Reading Recovery
Keri Maunder Sports Teacher In Charge
Deb McLean Art Room / Teacher Aide

Teacher Aides

Denise Dawkins Jocelyn De Suza Alice Jung
Andrea Fleeting Val Good Janet Hewitt
Gaynor Hockin Donna Tait Deb McLean
Carla Burrows Kelly Boland Jayne Jarrold
Renee Anderson    

Support Staff

Name Role
Teina Pepers Office Manager
Paula Duffy Office Admin
Edwina Lin Office Admin
Kathy Mansfield Office Admin
Karen McNair Executive Officer
Alison Caunce Accounts Assistant
Darren Walker Caretaker