School Information

We usually print an information booklet for every family in term one of each year. This year we have decided to place it all online. You can find the information in alphabetical order below. Just click the toggle and read away!

Note: there are specific pages for more pertinent information and links, such as Ezy Lunch, School Sport etc.


Students in Years 0-4 are taught in our school pool in small groups by swim instructors from Skills4Life.  Years 5-6 will travel to the Millennium Institute of Sport as a class and will be divided into ability groups and instructed by professional swim coaches.

In addition students will participate in a water safety session that will provide them with the skills and experience to be safe on the water.


A fee will be charged according to year level, to cover the cost of employing the trained swim coaches. No refunds will be given for students unable to participate in all classes once classes have commenced. It is not compulsory for students to participate, but it is highly recommended.

Year Location Content
1 to 3 School pool Skills4Life 8 practical sessions and 1 water safety session in school pool
4 School pool Skills4Life 8 practical sessions and 1 water safety session at the Millennium
5 & 6 Millennium 8 practical sessions and 2 water safety sessions


Students will be able to appreciate their own capabilities in water, develop the foundation skills for all water based activities and demonstrate personal aquatic safety skills.


Except as provided in this Act, every student of a registered school who is required by section 20 of this Act to be enrolled at a registered school shall attend the school whenever it is open.  Source: s25, s31(1)(4) Education Act 1989.

If your child is going to be absent, please either leave a message on  (09) 410 7444, email [email protected] or use the App. 

Students arriving at school after 9:00am should report to the Medical Room.  The office will follow up on any non-explained absences using the telephone numbers that you have provided by text message.  Should there be no responses from any of the telephone contacts; the process ends there, as we have no means of making further enquiries.  It is, therefore, important that you provide the telephone numbers of people who will know the whereabouts of your child.  Absences are checked and your call will save the school a lot of time.

When your child returns to school please write a note to the class teacher explaining the absence.  Absence notes from parents / caregivers are retained with the class attendance register and can be sighted by either the Ministry of Education during a roll audit or by the Education Review Office during a review of the school.

If you are planning an extended family holiday during school term time, permission should be sought from the Principal in writing at [email protected].  This is a Ministry of Education requirement.


The children in Years 0 and 1 take part in a programme called “Building Blocks to Literacy”.  This programme provides the children with the early reading and writing skills they need to become independent readers and writers.  It contains many aspects that you would expect to find in a programme, such as identifying letter sounds and learning about rhyme.  

It also contains some aspects that are less obvious and sometimes overlooked.  Our perceptual motor programme contains work on upper body strength that assists children with sitting properly and for sustained periods of time.  It also contains exercises for improving fine motor skills and eye tracking.  You can find out more about this at the parent information evening.  An invitation will be sent to you after you have enrolled your child.

In order for the programme to be successful it is vital that children have continuity in their first few weeks at school.  Therefore, our policy on children starting school after 1 November is as follows:

  • These children will be classified as New Entrants until February of the following academic year and will be placed in class with other Year 1 students who turn five before the end of April.  
  • Students who turn five after the end of April will be classified as New Entrants until the following February.
  • Unless there are exceptional circumstances they will move to Year 1 at the end of the academic year.

Contact our Deputy Principal Christie Birkhead for more information [email protected]

Given the age of our children it is the responsibility of parents/caregivers to ensure their children are in their care after 3.00pm. Please ensure as the parent you or a designated caregiver has made arrangements for your children after 3.00pm that may include any of the following options for your child(ren):

  • Collect at school
  • Meet at a designated place out of school
  • Bus home
  • Walk, bike or scooter home

It is not acceptable to arrange to meet your child at school after 3.15pm. This may place your child in danger as the school does not provide supervision after school.

If you are going to be unavoidably late to collect your child please contact the school office as soon as possible as we do our very best to locate and supervise your child, as an exception but not as a rule.

Children in the school grounds after 3.15pm not under the direct care of a parent or designated caregiver are likely to be taken to SKIDs who will provide supervision and charge for this supervision.

In the event of a civil defence emergency the school will hold students at the school until they can be released into the care of their parents/caregivers or a person authorised to collect them.

To provide students with additional learning experiences, teachers often plan full year level visits outside the school, cultural performances, require additional classroom resources and stationery, (e.g. certificates, posters, display material etc) or invite guests into the school to share with the students.  

To assist towards the cost for each student to participate, we ask that parents make an annual contribution towards these costs to enable this to happen. This contribution however, does not cover any additional sporting or cultural event costs that your child may be invited to attend. The Year 4 camp experience and the Years 5 and 6 camps are extra, along with the end of year activities for Year 6 (Rainbows End and Graduation).  The cost for these activities will be communicated by the teacher as soon as they are known.  

At enrolment you will be asked for written permission for your child to be involved in all trips for the years they are at Campbells Bay School.

Please make arrangements with your child’s class teacher should you need to collect your child from school before 3:00pm.  You must sign your child out of school on the iPad provided at the office.

You may collect your child from the office or from their classroom.  

No matter what time of the school day you are meeting your child, you must report to the school office so that the attendance registers can be kept up to date in case of emergencies.  If you are collecting your child from the classroom, please firstly report to the school office and once you have signed them out you must collect a ‘green form’ to give to your child’s teacher.

Class teachers are instructed that they should not let children wait in the bus bay, meet parents outside the school grounds or allow students to walk home during school time.

The children’s community dental clinic is at Forrest Hill School, 20 Bond Street, Forrest Hill. They can be contacted on 410 7361 for an appointment.

The dental service brings their mobile van to Campbells Bay School generally once a term and should you wish to make an appointment for your child to be seen contact the dental nurses on the number above.

To maintain the high standard of facilities and of the education our school offers, it is necessary to supplement the grant we receive from the Ministry of Education.    The School Donation is a voluntary payment and therefore it is not compulsory, but we hope you will understand that it is necessary if we are to continue to maintain the quality of services and resources presently enjoyed by the students. We try to be as efficient as possible in running the school and to continue to do this we need your support. 

Donations can also be paid by automatic payment instalments. To do this please set up an automatic payment with your bank, please contact the school office for school bank details.  Please note that your school donation payment may be eligible for a 33% tax rebate by Inland Revenue.

For further details see the Inland Revenue website.

All clothing must be named with the child’s first and last name.  We also advise that parents include the current room number of their child.  Where this is the case we will make every effort to ensure that items are returned to the correct class.

Parents/caregivers are welcome to check the lost property at any time during the school day.  This is kept in the small shed attached to the bike shed at the front of the school.

“COOL DESIGNS” labels are available on our online payment shop.

Mathletics is a web based programme that enables students to access their learning at any time.  

The programme allows work to be set that is individual to the needs of your student, and they will be able to access this at home and school.  Students will be able to practise their basic facts at school and at home in a more interactive and engaging way.  In addition, they will be able to work on applying their knowledge through activities that will be explained to them at school.  If you wish to be able to support your child more at home, this work will also be available to them on line.

Mathletics has been well used in the school and we have seen some significant gains in student achievement when children have taken the opportunity to use the programme.  By integrating it into home and school programmes there is strong evidence to show that it can target raising student achievement in maths.

There is an annual charge of $19.50 per student.

Any money students bring to school should be for a specific purpose.  The money should be bought in a sealed envelope.  The outside of the envelope should state the student’s name, room number, amount inside and the purpose for which it was brought.  

The envelope should be handed to the teacher when the student gets to school.  If money is for two amounts on one day please send the money in separate envelopes.

Individual music tuition is provided at school between 3:00 – 6:00pm, Wednesday – Friday, by the Music Education Centre. 

For further information please contact Music Education on 0800 893939

[email protected]

For safety reasons no medication should be left in children’s lunchboxes or school bags.

Medication should be bought to the school office and a permission form completed to allow office staff to administer the medication to your child.

Copy of permission form:

Parent / Caregiver’s request for Campbells Bay School to administer medication. 

I/We request that my child ………………………………………………………………  be given:

Medication details:

Name of medication Dosage  Time

Special storage requirements i.e. in fridge  ……………………………………………………………………………

Expiry date of medication  …………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Doctors name and phone number  ……………………………………………………………………………………….

  1. I/We, the parents/caregivers, accept that the school does not have a trained medical officer to administer medications.
  2. I/We accept responsibility for the decision to give this medication to my/our child, and acknowledge that the school is in no way responsible for that decision.
  3. I/We also accept that the school cannot guarantee that medication will be given at the precise time or by the same person although every endeavour will be made to do so. (If parents wish to guarantee the time, dosage and procedures, then they need to make their own arrangements for medicating).
  4. I/We will notify the school about any changes to dosage, time or procedures by filling out a new request form.
  5. I/We the parents/caregivers accept responsibility that medication to be used at the school is not past its ‘use-by’ date.
  6. Parents / Caregivers are requested to deliver the medication personally to the school.


Relationship to child:………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Reading Express is an innovative online reading, comprehension and assessment programme for Years 3 and 4 that:

  • Motivates students to read independently
  • Builds reading skills
  • Monitors students’ progress

Reading Express is an integral part of Team 3’s classroom and home reading programme.  All students will need to be registered online.

Reading Eggs is a literacy support programme for juniors.  This is an online reading, comprehension, phonics and blends programme which can be used at home and at school.

There is an annual charge of $19.50

The school has trained road patrols on the Aberdeen Road pedestrian crossing.  Teachers and parent volunteers supervise these patrols.  All students and parents waiting at the crossing should remain behind the yellow line until the students lower their arm and call “cross now.” Please abide by all rules contained in the traffic code.   Please:

  • Do not park on the broken yellow lines or over driveways; and
  • Use the pedestrian crossing.

You are welcome to use the bus bay when delivering students to school in the morning or picking up students during the day but, please, no parking or getting out of your vehicle.

School Camps are for year five and six students.

Information and fees for participating in these camps will be sent directly to families via email.

Students are allowed into their classrooms when the bell sounds at 8:30am.  Before this time students should wait on the courts outside the learning hub.

When it rains, students are permitted to wait on the veranda outside Rooms 1-3.

Class Times:   8:55am    –   3:00pm

Morning Interval: 10:40am   –  11:00am

Lunch Eating: 12.25pm   –  12.35pm

Lunch: 12.35pm   –    1.20pm

Skateboards are banned from the school property because of the damage they have inflicted on the buildings and their surrounds.

The school has a ‘No Smoking’ policy and, in the interests of health and safety, no smoking or vaping is permitted by law on the school site.

The school provides a range of sporting opportunities for students. School organised sporting opportunities are available to students as they become older (usually from Year 4 and above).  While it is always the intention to include as many students as possible when teams are selected, criteria for selection are based on merit and fair play. Notices informing students of sporting opportunities are placed on CBTV and in the school newsletter.

The school will again work to provide as many opportunities for students to participate in sporting activities. Opportunities for students to be involved in sport tend to increase as they become older, although there are opportunities for the younger students to be involved in touch rugby and netball. Waterwise will continue to be available for our Year 6 students.

During the school year students also participate in a variety of sports through class programmes.  This includes activities such as athletics, cross country, swimming, gymnastics, and a range of sporting experiences provided by people the school employs to give students a ‘taste’ of a sport such as  miniball,  tennis and badminton.

We are able to provide all these opportunities thanks to the efforts of parent and teacher volunteers. In other words, students have the opportunity to be selected and to participate because of the dedication of these volunteers.  Without the volunteers there would be no such opportunities for the students.

Our teacher and parent volunteers are, therefore, our greatest assets when it comes to providing opportunities for our students to participate in sporting programmes.  We must look after them.  While working with students is an immensely rewarding experience it can also have drawbacks.  The biggest drawback can be in the form of a parent who actively disagrees with a decision made by the adult volunteer.  This can be very upsetting to the volunteer and can, quite literally, put them off giving of their time, skills and energy for the benefit of the students.

Of course, there will be cause for some disagreement from time to time and mistakes will be made.  This needs to be seen in the context that our adult helpers are all volunteers and that we are talking about primary school sport. Tolerance and understanding should be the bywords.

For further information on sporting opportunities at Campbells Bay School please contact the school’s teacher in charge of sport Keri Maunder  [email protected]

Being a Sun Smart School

Campbells Bay School is working with the Cancer Society to become accredited as a Sun Smart School. Because of the harsh nature of New Zealand’s sun, we recognise the importance of having a policy and procedures around sun safety.

Students are in school when ultraviolet (UV) radiation levels are at their peak, and when the sun is the most dangerous. Schools are uniquely placed to provide a sun safe environment for our kids. The Sun Smart programme educates students about sun protection behaviour and helps reduce the risk of skin cancer in our kids.

As a Sun Smart School, Campbells Bay:

  • Is committed to protecting students, staff and parents from the risks of UV radiation
  • Is raising awareness of the need for skin protection amongst our community
  • Promotes the school as an institution committed to the health of our students
  • Has a sun protection policy that meets Cancer Society criteria
  • Promotes positive behaviours like wearing hats and sunscreen


The policy is that all students must wear a hat when outside in Terms 1 and 4. Students will be unable to take part in outside activities if they do not have a sun hat. For more information about the Sun Smart programme, visit

Sweets, lollipops, chocolate and gum are not to be brought to school.  We also request no cakes or lollies for birthdays. This is especially important at the end of the year.  Please, rather than bringing candy canes, bring Christmas cards.

Please do not bring any food to share with other students unless it is for an official school shared lunch.

To avoid conflict, lost or stolen precious items. These are best left at home, as are trading cards and other fads.

Bicycles / Scooters

A bicycle shed is provided for the storage of bikes at school. The responsibility for a student riding to and from school lies entirely with parents.  Scooters may be brought to school.  Scooter parking is also available.  


School Bus 042.  Route 042 is a one stage fare.

Morning Route departs 8:10am, Beach Road near Inga Road (by Milford Marina via Beach Road, Castor Bay Road, East Coast Road, Selwyn Crescent, Marsh Avenue, East Coast Road, Richards Avenue, Ravenwood Drive, Kenmure Avenue, East Coast Road, Forrest Hill Road, Manutara Avenue, Woodstock Road, Blakeborough Drive, Forrest Hill Road, Manutara Avenue, Woodstock Road, Blakeborough Drive, Forrest Hill Road, East Coast Road, Kowhai Road, Beach Road, Aberdeen Road, Campbells Bay School, arrives 8:40am

Afternoon Route departs 3:10pm,   Campbells Bay School via Aberdeen Road, Beach Road, Kowhai Road, East Coast Road, Forrest Hill Road, Manutara Avenue, Woodstock Road, Blakeborough Drive, Forrest Hill Road, East Coast Road, Kenmure Avenue, Ravenwood Drive, Richards Avenue, East Coast Road, Selwyn Crescent, Marsh Avenue, East Coast Road, Castor Bay Road, Beach Road near Inga Road, arrives 3:40pm

An additional 052 bus is also available in the afternoon.

Note:  This service is ‘hail and ride’ meaning the driver will pick up or set down passengers at any suitable and safe location on the route.

For more information, contact Auckland Transport on 366 6400 or visit 

See also: Walking School Bus.

Uniform is compulsory for all students.  

Uniforms are available from: NZ Uniforms Auckland, 

Unit F, 19 Orbit Drive, Albany

Opening Hours: Weekdays 9:00am – 5:00pm

Saturdays 9:00am – 1:00pm

Phone: 09 477 6300

Freephone: 0800 698 643

Information on the compulsory school uniform is available by going to the home page of the school’s website.  Information includes:  rules, ordering and purchasing details, sketches, fabric descriptions and costs of uniform items.  

Please note: all garments should be clearly named.


Shoes need to be appropriate and fitforpurpose at school. All shoes must be lowheeled.

The daily uniform allows:

  • BLACK or NAVY lace ups, Velcro, tbar or buckled
  • BLACK or NAVY sports/running/sneakers
  • BLACK or NAVY sandals, must have back strap


  • crocs or similar
  • jandals
  • balletstyle shoes
  • boots


  • ankle or knee length NAVY socks
  • Girls: NAVY tights may be worn in Terms 2 and 3 (winter)

Socks are not required by students wearing sandals.

Sports Shoes:

When representing the school while participating in sporting events, specialist sport shoes of other than school colours may be worn.

We are able to treat minor cuts and scratches that occur but we cannot hold unwell students in our medical room for long.  It is our policy to contact parents or the emergency contact and have the student collected if they are too ill to return to class.  

In case of an accident we contact parents and, if necessary, an ambulance.  Please ensure your contact details are current.  

If a student requires medication during the school day written permission will need to be provided before the staff can administer any medication.  A copy of this form can be downloaded as a separate attachment  (Permission to Administer Medication) or be completed at the school office.

Please Note: Office staff are first aid trained only.

Use of School Grounds  

We encourage parents and students to use the grounds outside of school hours but parents should be aware that they are responsible for the actions of their children. Permission is required for organised clubs and groups to use the school’s grounds.  

This can be obtained by contacting Edwina Lin in the school office.

Use of School Hall

Bookings can be made by contacting the school office.

Use of the School Pool

Due to health and safety requirements the pool is not able to be used/hired by the public.

Parents/caregivers are always welcome to assist with a range of tasks at school, all volunteers must be police vetted. You can help by working at school or by taking work home. Get in touch with the Deputy Principal or your child’s teacher. You can also keep an eye on the newsletter for calls for help for certain needs and events throughout the year. 

  • Vehicles should not be bought into the grounds via the main entrance to set down or pick up students at any time.
  • Vehicles may use the bus bay for the purposes of dropping students off, provided the vehicle is parked for only as long as it takes for the students to alight. Parking is banned in the bus bay before 9:00am and after 2:45pm.
  • Vehicles may use the bus bay to collect students in the afternoon after the scheduled bus has departed at approximately 3:10pm.

Note: Because of the number of staff vehicles, there is no room for parking of non-staff vehicles in the school grounds.