School Facilities


Although the school opened with just one classroom, Campbells Bay now has 40 fully-equipped teaching spaces. Some of these have become special-purpose rooms, while the rest operate as multi-functional homeroom classes. The school has a range of flexible and single-cell classroom and uses collaborative teaching and learning practices in all, appropriate to the spaces and students. The school is developing a 14 classroom block to replace the temporary classrooms on the field.

Art Room

This is a creative facility in the school which all classes can use for art work. Students work in a range of media including painting, sketching and clay sculpting.

Learning-hub Library

The Learning-Hub Library has been extensively re-modelled and reopened in May 2015. The school has two trained teachers throughout the week who do a fantastic job managing this beautiful new facility, and run a number of programmes designed to get students interested in reading, e-learning, STEAM and extension programmes.

Learning Hub hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 3:15 pm. For more information visit our Learning Hub page.

Performing Arts Suite

Opened in 2004, the Performing Arts Suite is a flexible facility with an excellent sound system and expansive space. Classes for music, dance and drama are held here, and this is where the orchestra and choir hold rehearsals. Year group assemblies also take place in the Performing Arts suite as well as Singing Assemblies on a Friday afternoon.

Hall and Gymnasium

The hall is the heart of the school, and holds many great memories for the Campbells Bay School community. It was refurbished and expanded in 2000-2001, and then again in 2019 as well as an additional extension equating to about another third was added. With an addition of a functional, spacious kitchen which is used for a range of programmes. The hall is used for anything from discos to robotics, basketball to plant-to-taste,prize-giving to gymnastics, folk dancing to production.

Thanks to the donors from all of our school fundraising initiatives leading up to this point who made the refurbishment possible, the hall will serve as a vital part of the school.

The hall is not currently available for hire or private use.

Hard Courts

Campbells Bay School has three, large, marked hard-surface courts that serve as play areas, ball courts, game boards and meeting grounds.

The largest of the three contains several full-size netball/mini ball and volleyball courts located right next to the hall.

An all purpose weather turf is planned to be developed in the corner of the field to increase our play areas in all conditions. This will be developed in conjunction with our new build, completion estimated for open 2022.

Play Structures

We have a wide range of playground options for our students. Three purpose-built adventure playgrounds are available. Playgrounds remain a popular morning interval and lunchtime activity, they offer a range of fun and challenging tasks and are a great way for kids to have fun and be active. In 2019 a further playground was opened as part of ‘New Entrant Central,’ a cluster of classrooms that form a U around an area of a soft fall surface with wonder equipment for our younger students to enjoy.

Playing Fields

The Campbells Bay School sports fields are popular with students both during and outside school hours. Major sports are catered for with an AstroTurf cricket pitch and a long-jump pit for athletics. The fields have had a new drainage system installed (February/March 2019) with the intention being this will improve accessibility to the fields during the wetter months of an Auckland winter. It is anticipated an all weather multi sport surface will be installed during 2019 to further improve accessibility to playing surfaces during wet weather.

Our fields are a main gathering place for many school functions, and they boast a stunning view of the Rangitoto Channel.

Use of the fields at weekends is permitted by the school, as long as rubbish is removed when you leave. Fields are off-limits when the ‘FIELD CLOSED’ signs are up.

Community Forest

Not every school has a forest full of native trees, but at Campbells Bay we have exactly that privilege. Growing throughout our school you can find kowhai, rimu, totara, pohutukawa, manuka, flax, cabbage trees, puriri and titoki.

The forest borders one edge of the field, continues along the Peter Terrace walkway and to the far seaward edge of the grounds. It contains a large number of native species and raised wooden boardwalks, and is beautiful all year round. This is an ongoing school project and students play a crucial role in its care and upkeep.


A large recreational sandpit with a shade sail was opened at the school in 2005. Class groups share time at the sandpit to ensure everyone has a fair turn.

In 2012, a second sandpit was opened to provide a larger play area for this very popular activity. The second pit is intended for the younger children to use.

Swimming Pool

Our pool has been upgraded, with extra length added to both the pool and surrounding area. Solar heating is a new feature of the pool to help take the cold edge off the water.

The pool has separate male and female changing sheds and a separate toilet, as well as a room of pool equipment.

Due to updated health and safety and pool policy requirements the pool is no longer available to the community during out of school hours.

Waterwise Programme

Waterwise is a water safety programme that uses yachting and kayaking to assist students to become more confident and safe in the water.

Campbells Bay School runs a Waterwise programme operates from the Lake Pupuke Waterwise Centre at Milford School. Under the leadership of Sheryl Rogers, supported by Catherine Hines and a crew of trained instructors, Year 6 students are taken through various water safety techniques. Preparations for this start in the final term of Year 5.

Full details are provided to parents and caregivers before the programme begins.

Bike/Scooter Shed

At the front entrance of the school is a large, covered bike shed with space for more than 40 scooters and bikes to be locked securely. Students are taught road safety, which is reinforced with annual skill and control classes.

Onsite Car Parking

Parking on school grounds is reserved for staff only, as we have a limited number of spaces available. Visitors to the school are asked to park on the road, and then come to the office to check in.

Bus Bay

The bus bay sits between the front pedestrian entrance and main carpark entrance on Aberdeen Road. During drop off times, 8:00-8:55am, and pick up times, 3:10-3:30pm, parents are requested not to park in this zone but are welcome to drive through to drop off and pick up children.

School Bus Service 042

Morning bus services commence at 8:10am and the afternoon bus service departs at 3:10pm. Visit our Travelwise page for more information.

Walking School Buses

CBS Wise Walkers is the official name of the Campbells Bay School walking bus. This is a great opportunity for kids to keep fit by walking, help cut down the traffic jam at school, and to socialise with the other kids from the area. Parents assist, creating an enjoyable walk to school along four routes. Visit our Travelwise page for more information.

Patrolled Pedestrian Crossing

Trained road patrol monitors from Year 6 are on duty before and after school to ensure safe passage across Aberdeen Road. They work alongside parents or a teacher. Road patrol monitors are essential as the road is always busy.

Speed Limited 40 km/hr Zone

A 40 km/hr speed limit is in place from 8:25-8:55am and again from 2:55-3:15pm. The zone is clearly marked by electronic signs, and is actively policed to ensure compliance and the safety of our students. We are very grateful to Auckland Council and to the Police for their support of this programme.