Police Vetting

In accordance with the Vulnerable Children Act 2014 and recommended Ministry of Education best practice, the Board of Trustees has adopted a procedure whereby that from the start of 2017 only adults (all persons 18 years of age and over) who have undertaken a police vet with acceptable results can be selected to manage/coach a school sport’s team, help in the classroom with parent help assistance or attend school trips or an overnight camp.

Please click on this link to download the form:

Police Vetting for Volunteers at Campbells Bay School

If you would like to be a volunteer at Campbells Bay School, please complete all sections of the attached form.

We must also receive two forms of identification, one Primary, one Secondary.  Some of the choices are:

Primary ID:

  • Passport (NZ or Overseas)

  • NZ Full Birth Certificate

  • NZ Citizen Certificate

  • NZ Certificate of Identity

Secondary ID:

  • NZ Drivers licence

  • NZ 18+ card

  • Community Services Card

  • Inland Revenue Number

  • NZ Employee Photo ID Card

Please note at least one of these must contain a photo.

  • Evidence of name change: If your two identity documents have different names, evidence of a name change must be sighted such as marriage certificate or statutory declaration.
  • Overseas Passport: If you do not hold a NZ or Australian Passport, we will require of copy of your Visa or Permit.

Please write your child’s name and your email address on the back of the police vet form and bring this, together with your original forms of identification into the school office to enable us to complete a visual verification.

  • Please note a police vet remains current for three years after the date of issue by the police.
  • The application will then be made online to the NZ Police and may take 4 to 6 weeks for a result to be received.  We will email you when a result from this application has been received by the school.  All applicants with satisfactory vet results will be posted on a school document accessible to teachers, management and sports personnel.
  • Should a police vet produce a result that is cause for concern the applicant will be notified, in confidence, by the principal. They will not be posted in the document accessible to teachers etc. Only the principal and the designated person in the school office will be aware of any police vets that are of concern and will be kept strictly confidential.  Please note that ‘of concern’ would be information contained in a police vet that would indicate any form of risk to children.