Pastoral Care

Providing pastoral care is an important service provided by Campbells Bay School to our international students. Our pastoral care team assists with enrolment and helping new students, and their families, settle into New Zealand and the Campbells Bay School community.

The Director of International Students will meet with parents once a term for formal meetings to share and discuss information about each student, including parent-teacher interviews and school reports. A translator is provided by the school, as well as afternoon tea, and parents and agents are invited. This is also a good chance for the families of international students to meet and get to know each other.

Providing English language support is also an element of pastoral care. Lessons are held for 30 minutes, four times a week, and are conducted by a specialist ESOL teacher with the help of a teacher aide. These lessons strengthen the oral and written language taught in the classroom, and additional reading and writing material is provided for students to work on at home.

International student trips have been arranged twice a year, and give these students a chance to experience different aspects of New Zealand. In the past this has included visiting a working New Zealand farm, and a cruise around the Auckland harbour. Parents, siblings and agents have been invited on these trips.