Getting Involved

The school relies on volunteers to provide additional programmes and support for our students. All volunteers must be police vetted. CBS currently runs community and fundraising events based on ‘projects’. This means parents can get involved in activities that are of interest to them. It also means we do not exhaust one group of parents for every event/fundraiser. For example, we had a keen group of parents supporting the organisation of the school disco. We have an amazing group of parents supporting the organisation of Book Week. And the infamous first school ball was organised in the same way. We place a representative from the school to manage the event and they advertise in the newsletter for keen parents to help assist. Keep an eye out.

We are always looking for additional support and parent help and in particular we need your help in the following areas:

Waterwise – our Year 6 programme cannot run without a minimum number of volunteers.

Plant to Taste – Year 3 and 4 – relies on volunteers to help in the garden and kitchen.

Learning Hub – requires help to organise books.

ESOL – our programme is always looking for parents to work alongside students reading/talking and supporting them.

Class Trips – all rely on a minimum number of parents to support our students.

Coaching and Managing Sports – no sport team can be registered without a volunteer for coach and manager for each team.

Parent help in the classroom – this is class and teacher dependent, but pop in and see your teacher, sometimes they need support with reading programmes, resource making etc.