New Classroom Build 2021

Time-Lapse Camera

  • 14 classrooms + bike shed + play space

  • 16-18 months

  • New turf to replace the netball court

  • Classrooms to be removed from field

  • Secure building site


In 2013 when I arrived at CBS, roll growth took off and was the number one challenge we faced. The challenge to ensure the school’s infrastructure could meet the needs of the growing numbers of students and staff.

The classrooms on the bank were first to arrive, to help house the students from the library, and then ‘tin can alley’ was plopped on our field, and now our click set classes that form New Entrant Central. That is 14 temporary classrooms in eight years. With extra resourcing from the board and the hard work of the teaching team we managed to make these spaces attractive and user friendly for teaching and learning. No small feat!

It has been a long road to reach this milestone. This new building is critical to improving our school and our ability to focus on what our core business is, teaching and learning. Being able to focus on what is most important is not to be taken lightly. In fact, from the MOE’s own research findings in 2016, “higher quality buildings and facilities are linked to better student achievement and engagement outcomes.” For too long we have been teaching students in temporary classrooms that are not fit for purpose. I could not be more excited to know that soon our students will have a learning environment that complements the teaching and learning programmes and I cannot wait for the day that the excited hum of learning can be heard from these classrooms!

The design team has worked tirelessly to consider the many generations of students who will come and learn in these classrooms. Thank you for your ideas, input, contributions and time. I would like to acknowledge the school board, who had to navigate a multitude of dilemma’s while still keeping students at the forefront of decision making. The board and previous boards, spent considerable time and energy advocating to the MOE for our school to have fit for purpose classrooms. It is a special moment today, to know that this hard work is finally being rewarded.

It is with trust and gratitude that I wish the project team all the very best bringing this design to fruition.