CBS Heritage

CBS School Hall Refurbishment Donor Wall

Located directly opposite the main entrance to the hall is the donor wall. Each brick in this wall names a donor who contributed to the school hall refurbishment project in 2000-2001. The school remains grateful to these supporters, without whom the project could not have been completed.

CBS 75th Jubilee (1925-2000)

Campbells Bay School opened, with 16 students, in 1925. The original classroom, pictured above, still exists, but has been incorporated into the structure of the main office block and new entrant classes.

As the area has undergone massive urbanisation and change over the years, CBS has remained a premier educational institution. To mark the 75th Jubilee celebrations in 2000 a commemorative magazine was produced.

Heritage of our Local Region

Our Community Forest

The forest on our school grounds is an important part of our New Zealand heritage and is an excellent educational resource for the students.

One corner of the property, running alongside the Peter Terrace Walkway, is occupied by a large section of native bush. This bush is regenerating, slowly, after years of being strangled and overgrown by introduced species, weeds and rubbish.

Sometime between the 1980s and our Jubilee celebrations in 2000, the school undertook to rescue this little corner of natural New Zealand. Now we have a forest populated with cicadas, tui and kereru. There is even a small patch of wetlands.

Except for the Rimu Track, the entire area has been laid with raised wooden boardwalks. Access is available all year round to check out the plants in various stages of growth, and more plantings take place every year.

Taking care of the forest has been incorporated into our school curriculum. Members of Forest and Bird and the Centennial Park Bush Society provide invaluable assistance and advice. We welcome and encourage visitors to walk through our forest, help with the weeding or make donations of native plants.

Campbells Bay School Community Forest History

From Small Seeds

From 1.5 – 2.0 hectares of school land heavily overgrown and infested with invasive weeds as well as a row of pine trees alongside the Peter terrace walkway in the mid-1990s, emerged a regenerating native forest by the end of the 1990s that continues to evolve with careful nurturing.

In August 1995 the CBS Board of Trustees committed $500.00 to seed the start of the regeneration project encompassing the unused and largely derelict tract of land.   In July 1996 the Board adopted a management plan for the regenerating land, to be named The Community Forest. The plan included a description of the land as well as suggested species for planting and the design of wooden tracks to provide for all-weather access to much of the forest. While the Board retained full governance responsibilities for the forest, the day to day operation of the forest was assigned to the Community Forest Committee.

This committee drove the implementation of the vision of having an accessible native forest. Aside from the Board, who held overall governance of the project, the forest had many champions and friends. The management plan was developed by Fiona George, a parent of the school. This plan was an essential guide for volunteers to follow. Richard Hursthouse, also a parent of the school, and Fiona became champions of the forest as they guided countless volunteers in the all-important implementation phase of the management plan. Many weekends were taken up by a band of volunteers who planted, cleared invasive weeds and constructed wooden walkways. As well as Milford Rotary, who supplied volunteers and money, sponsors included Maddren Timber, Projex, Placemakers and Stevensons. Project Crimson provided many pohutukawa trees, most of which were planted on the edge of the forest that borders the field, while the Lotteries Board provided $10,000 in funding. Given the cost of materials such support was invaluable, particularly as the Board was also raising funds to extend the school’s hall.

As time went on, Fiona left the area and Richard continued as the champion of the forest. Although now also committed to North Shore Forest & Bird and to the restoration of the habitat of nearby Centennial Park, Richard continues to provide time and guidance to the development of the forest.

During the years there have been key ‘on the ground’ supporters of the forest aside from those already mentioned. These include Anne Tyas and Rosemary Wilcox, parents of the school, who provided countless hours of leadership and volunteer labour. Jenny Hunter (then assistant principal) and more recently as a former member of staff and a grandmother of children at the school created and implemented a management plan for regular weeding of the forest floor as well as labelling many of the trees. Jenny continues to this day to provide educational tours of the forest for groups of students of the school.

The wooden walking tracks have proven to be invaluable as they have provided for all weather access to much of the forest. The walkways involved the placement of 1,734 planks of wood making the track system, in its time of development, almost a project of national significance!

In 1997 the Ministry of Education invited all school boards to consider the sale of land surplus to requirements, with each board being able to retain half the proceeds of such sales. After consideration the Campbells Bay School Board decided against selling any land, including the developing Community Forest. A considered and wise decision.

On 21 September 2000 Professor Geoff Baylis (1913 – 2003), a foundation student when the school opened on 31 August 1925, opened the forest as a jubilee gift to the community. He was helped by Taryn la Grange, the then youngest student at the school. Professor Baylis planted an extremely rare tree discovered by Professor Bayliss in the Three Kings Island: Pennantia Baylisiana.

Pennantia Baylisiana is an extremely rare tree and was discovered in the Three Kings Island by Professor Baylis when he was Professor of Botany at Otago University.

The Community Forest continues to an inspiring legacy and a wonderful resource for the community that will be maintained by the school and friends of the forest.

Research was carried out by Campbells Bay School students under the guidance of the school’s librarian, Sharon Purchase. Full interviews can be found by going to the Living Heritage website.

An Interview of Fiona George: Forest Champion

I have a daughter, Sam, at the school and I wanted to help. I have a Diploma in Environmental Management so I was able to make a big plan for the next five years for the school.  Mr McGowan helped get parents to work at the working bees and we got started. I wrote a very detailed proposal of 80 pages and the Board of Trustees decided to adopt the proposal as the jubilee Project for the 75th anniversary of the school in 2000.

There was a lot of rubbish in the forest including shopping trolleys, timber, plastic, glass and school litter. We started to plant in 1995. At that time there were hardly any birds

In 1998 there was a big slip in the forest and a whole section of the field sank down into the forest. It washed all of the walkway and the plants below the field. It was like a river of mud. Then new drainage was put in the field. (The site of the slip is now marked by a very substantial retaining wall.)

An Interview of Sam George, daughter of Fiona and a CBS student

I think I planted three trees: a pohutukawa, a kauri and a kowhai. When the adults were working most of the kids helped – many of them planted trees or helped with the weeding. I loved working in the forest. I have always liked making things grow and I really want to see how far the forest has come. Since leaving the school, sadly I haven’t had much of a chance to come back and see CBS.  I loved Campbells Bay School. It was one of the most beautiful schools I’ve seen and I think you are very lucky to still be there.

If there was one thing I could say about Campbells Bay School it would be to enjoy your time there. You don’t realise how fun primary school is until you’re doing exams. So don’t take it all for granted – saviour every moment.

An interview with Anne Tyas: Forest Champion

Mrs Tyas, her husband, and children Ben and Sophie, have spent many, many hours working in our forest.  She is in charge of it now with Mrs Wilcox – they are the forest caretakers.

What kind of things were in the forest before it was done up?

There were weeds, old rubbish, newspapers, old tyres, glass and plastic and all sorts of bottles. There was also a lady’s hand bag (some body decided they would steal a lady’s bag and hide it in the Community Forest). In 1996 when most of the rubbish was cleared away, the people (mostly the fathers) made the board walk what it is today.

How has the forest changed?

We (all the people who worked on the forest) got rid of some noxious weed and wandering willy. Noxious weeds are weeds that are not good for the forest. We have planted kauri trees, putaputa weta trees, toi toi plants, puriri trees, mahoe, cabbage trees, flax bushes, pohutakawa trees, native plants, native bushes and many more native trees.

Who are some of the lovely people who have worked on the forest?

Mrs Rosemary Wilcox, Mrs. Fiona George, Mrs. Jenny Hunter, Mr. John McGowan, Dr. Richard Hursthouse and many others over the years.

What kind of birds are there in the Community Forest?

There are fantails, blackbirds, sparrows, wax eyes, rosellas, tuis and wood pigeons. We have more birds now than there used to be.

What insects are there?

There are spiders, worms, earwigs, cockroaches, bees, lizards, grasshoppers, cicadas, ladybirds, caterpillars, wetas and all sorts of insects.

An interview with Rosemary Wilcox: Forest Champion

How do you help the forest?

I help a lot with the weeding, planting and growing from seeds.  I have been helping for about six years now and I am amazed at the wonderful growth that has happened during that time.  I think our forest will look really special in 50 years’ time.

Why did you want to help the forest? 

To leave something behind for future generations and because it was a project I believed in for the North Shore.

What types of trees can we plant to get lots of birds back? 

Natives that flower.

What is your favourite type of bird?

The tui.

Have any other people in your family helped in the forest or been to this school?

Yes, my father-in-law Ron was a very keen worker at the school, and his father John Wilcox was the Headmaster here.

What are the plans for the forest in the future?

To nurture the forest for the future, we plan to plant more and fill in the gaps. A personal goal would be to propagate another Pennantia Baylisiana.  We only have one and they are either male or female, you cannot tell until they flower.  Ours is growing very well now and when it flowers I hope to be able to buy a mate to plant near it.  Oratia Nurseries are growing some now – that could be good.

What are the problems you face managing the forest?

Weeds, weeds, weeds and vandals.  Unfortunately some very silly people try to ruin our good work, but now many of the trees are getting too big to be damaged.

Do you need more helpers?

Yes, we would be happy to have help from parents, children, neighbours or anyone in the community who loves forests and birds.  They could just call the school office and they will be put in touch with one of the forest organizers.  We would welcome helpers, plant or money donations to continue our work.

Would you like the school to have a greenhouse to help grow seeds? 

Yes, that would be a real asset and great to teach the children how to grow plants.

Do you use compost in the forest?

We use a lot of mulch.  We have it donated usually, and the volunteers spread it around to keep the moisture in the plant roots.

Do you do anything to the trees that were planted years ago? 

Just try to keep them free of weeds and vines.  Some of the big trees near the walkway might have to be trimmed soon as they are really growing large.

An interview with Jenny Hunter, assistant principal and forest champion

What job do you do for the Community Forest?

I do teacher liaison work between a committee of parents and school staff.

What responsibilities do you have that relate to the Community Forest?

I encourage teachers to use the forest for programmes in science, art, language, technology and social studies. It is my job to make sure that the children are involved with the forest. Each classroom checks on the trees in their own working area. 200 trees were donated by KERP (Kaipatiki Environmental Restoration Project) and planted by students during the 2003 school year. KERP is an organisation that donates trees to schools to help restore parts of the North Shore to its former bush state.

How long have you had this responsibility?

Two years.

How has the Community Forest changed through the years?

The children do more of the work in the forest now. In the early days the parents did all the work in the working bees which were held regularly.

What do you think is best about the Community Forest?

I think it is wonderful. The native forest is great for the children. They can grow up learning to appreciate the forests around them more, and they can learn to help the environment.

How do you think the students benefit from having their own forest?

They learn about the environment. They see the benefits of keeping the forest clean. As the forest is being restored, we (the school community) can practise environmental skills and ensure that in the future, as adults, we can appreciate and contribute more.

What is planned next year for the forest?

Next year we hope to get a glasshouse so that we may grow seeds and other plants in the garden. We also look forward to planting flax and other trees too.  If we can grow enough seeds, we can donate some to other forests like Centennial Park or to the Council to plant in parks.  Students need to practise what they learn about, and those interested could join a club dedicated to improving our school environment.

We also hope to start an organic garden so the children can learn to grow their own vegetables etc.  We need to have future citizens who are aware of, and can contribute to, a healthy environment.

CBS Graduation Awards

Campbells Bay School Parr CupAwarded for: Best All Round Boy
Instituted: 1937
History: This cup was donated in the name of Sir James Parr, then Minister of Education, who had a summer cottage at Crown Hill. Sir James arranged the purchase of four acres of land for Campbells Bay School, and personally opened the school on August 31, 1925.
Recipients: W Limbrick (1937), M Merry (1938), N Page (1940), B Greves (1941), B Burrow (1942), N Quintal (1943), M Scrimgeour & R Turnbull (1944), D Adams & I Robinson (1945), G Whitcombe & K Cordes (1946), W Fredricson & R Tebbs (1947), P Bowers & P White (1948), P White & J White (1949), A Rutherford & J Summerville (1950), M Patterson & N Grey (1951), J White & R Hipkins (1952), K Stone (1953), S Ross (1954), P Philpotts (1955), G Sowden (1956), D Yearly (1957), P Montgomery (1958), A Howden (1959), A Benson (1960), K Hennessy (1961), W Jenks (1962), G Van Slyke (1963), K Bailey (1964), J Crowe (1965), B Farquaharson (1966), Paul Griffin (1967), Colin Dyer (1968), E Bryant (1969), Paul Tidswell (1970), Andrew Ferguson (1971), Mark Edmonds (1972), Steven O’Leary (1973), Andrew McGaughey (1974), Derek Skinner (1975), David Fuller (1976), Luke Marchant (1977), Darrin Kennedy (1978), Nicholas Glanfield (1979), Christian Heap (1980), Dean Ogilvie (1981), Callum Wilson (1982), Craig Foote (1983), Allan Roberts (1984), Bradley Hawthorne (1985), Andrew D Marshall & David Pierce (1986), Hamish Dackers (1987), Craig Peirce (1988), Nicholas Kingston (1989), Dean Pethers (1990), Luke Baxter (1991), Jason Lin (1992), Sebastian Van der Zwan (1993), Andrews Gits (1994), Gene Rollinson (1995), Matthew Harris & Chae Blewitt (1996), Jacob Simpson (1997), Michael Hoverd (1998), James Hodges (1999), Nicholas Etherton & Jason Donnelly (2000), Conor O’Malley (2001), Jordan Stanley (2002), Hamish Thomson (2003), Michael Bell (2004), Jack Becroft (2005), Brynn Engbers (2006), Sam Brotherton (2007), Matthew Beasley (2008), Riley Noonan (2009), Logan Rainey (2010), Hunter Pethers-Boak (2011), Joshua Coe (2012), Blake McGlashan (2013), James Houliston (2014), Taylor Ford (2015), Lyri Posimani (2016), Josh Ford (2017), Travis Findlay (2018), Ewan McKone (2019), Harrison Frankham (2020)

Campbells Bay School herbert smith boys cupAwarded for: Boys’ Sport
Instituted: 1940
History: Donated in 1940, this cup celebrates success in any of the sports available to Campbells Bay School students from soccer to softball, chess to cross country, swimming to sailing.

Recipients: K Allan (1940), P Garlick (1941), P Wheeler (1942), M Henderson (1943), D Mackay (1944), R Tonge (1945), P Mackay (1946), R Joyce (1948), B White (1949), O Kay (1950), E Brusewitz (1951), J Currey (1952), R Taylor (1953), D Ward (1955), K Prime (1957), Michael Hunter (1968), S Grimshaw (1969), Timothy Snape (1970), John Porteous (1971), Dean Aitken (1972), Blair Williams (1973), Grant Murray (1974), Adrian Snelgrove (1975), Rhys Evans (1976), Alex O’Dowd (1977), Mark Robinson (1978), Martyn Kimber (1979), Matthew Fitzgerald (1980), Robert Butler (1981), Michael Butler (1982), Alistair Robertson (1983), Stephen Dil (1984), Jeremy Roberts & Greg Lewis (1985), Christopher Glackin (1986), Brendan Robertson (1987), Mark Dodds (1988), Richard Vaughan (1989), Michael Dixon (1990), Nicholas Evans (1991), Matthew Kingston & Gregory Tunnicliffe (1992), Max Allen (1993), Josh Broederlow (1994), Sam Kingston (1995), James Upton-Birdsall (1996), Matson Broederlow (1997), Alex Kingston (1998), Elliot Thorstenson (1999), Shaun McCan (2000), Michael Lee & Nicholas Leydon (2001), Frazer Wickes & Scott Campbell (2002), Jake Darwen (2003), Sam Quinn (2004), Liam Anderson & Oliver Kirk-Smith (2005), Cameron Hogg (2006), Yanni Wetzell & Harrison Cutfield (2007), Liam Padley (2008), Keegan Russell (2009), Angus Garnham (2010), Oliver Charlesworth (2011), Ronan Wynne & Jarryd Russell (2012), Sam Charlesworth (2013), Rhys Pattimore (2014), Luke Old (2015), Cameron Maunder and Jed Barlow (2016), James Charlesworth (2017), Jamie Maunder & Travis Findlay (2018), Jacob Humphries (2019), Caleb Maunder (2020)

Campbells Bay School herbert smith girls cupAwarded for: Girls’ Sport
Instituted: 1940
History: Donated in 1940, this cup celebrates success in any of the sports available to Campbells Bay School students from soccer to softball, chess to cross country, swimming to sailing.

Recipients: M Kay (1940), A Aitken (1941), Z Rooke (1942), Z Rooke & F Kendall (1943), S Jensen (1944), L Mowbray (1945), D Tonge (1946), J Hipkins (1948), A Rutherford (1949), T Rutherford (1950), A Rutherford (1951), M Marshall (1952), M Marshall (1953), V Walker (1955), W Senior (1957), Sally Mansfield (1968), Lisa Evans (1969), Louise Tanner (1970), Cynthia Thomas (1971), R Barlow (1972), Joanne Early (1973), Gabrielle Mika (1974), Claire Heslop (1975), Ruth Sanders(1976), Tui James (1977), Rebecca Sharp (1978), Nicola Budd (1979), Nicole Grant (1980), Stephanie Pinder (1981), Keryn Grant (1982), Fleur Tingley (1983), Sarah Frizzell (1984), Nikki Struthers (1985), Monique Ogilvie (1986), Ngaere Duff (1987), Chantelle Urquhart (1988), Kelly Rigden (1989), Kate Joyce (1990), Megan Murdock (1991), Melissa Holmes & Rachel Blair (1992), Lisa Saikonen (1993), Kendall Tunnicliffe (1994), Rachael Aitken (1995), Lisa Cochrane (1996), Suzi Judson (1997), Kylie Leydon & Tahlya Stick (1998), Leah Stanley & Sarah Cochrane & Kate Bilkey (1999), Nicole Thornton (2000), Cassie Kenworthy (2001), Rachel Lee (2002), Clio Hartdegen (2003), Caitlin Lopes Da Silva (2004), Danielle McKenzie (2005), Nina Gailer (2006), Kayla McKenzie (2007), Sarah Wardenburg (2008), Kate Jenkins (2009), Georgia Sanderson (2010), Rose Luxton (2011), Samantha Good (2012), Samantha Robertson (2013), Isabella Gaze (2014), Emma Houliston (2015), Ruby Luxton and Charlie Twose (2016), Daniella Hall (2017), Lena Turnbull (2018), Alexandra Twose (2019), Indiya Mackenzie (2020)

Campbells Bay School DP Andrews ShieldAwarded for: Boys’ Citizenship
Instituted: 1941
History: This shield was donated by a Milford doctor whose two sons attended Campbells Bay School.

Recipients: P Garlick (1941), J Andrew & K McDermott (1942), A Mowbray (1943), C Morgan (1944), R White (1945), S Carr & D Woodward (1946), W Stacey (1947), D Bacon (1948), A Hardcastle (1949), O Kay (1950), B Turner (1951), B Burgess (1953), S Ross (1954), J Frater (1956), K Prime (1957), J Swinton (1958), B Brennan (1959), L Brice (1960), A Bloodworth (1961), K Wilkie (1962), G Thompson (1963), P Drinsden (1964), R Wilks (1966), Wayne Etherton (1967), Garth Denney (1968), N Dugdale & R Morton (1969), Jeremy Sharp (1970), Phillip Heron (1971), Brian Haxell & Philip Winstanley (1972), Craig McCullough (1973), Jeffrey Taylor (1974), Malcolm Thompson (1975), Grant Chandler (1976), Neil Fowler (1977), Graeme Rayner (1978), Kent Hutchings (1979), Jonathan Cain (1980), Martin Roberts (1981), Matthew Watson (1982), Christian Fougere (1983), Stefan Knight (1984), Sasha Witten–Hannah (1985), Scott Winstone (1986), Kent Rich (1987), Matthew Comer (1988), Timothy Balgarnie (1989), Sam Hunter (1990), Nicholas Divers (1991), Robert MacDonald (1992), Simon Ferguson (1993), Loic Ifrah & Tony Stout (1994), Alastair Driver (1995), Stuart Miller (1996), Cameron Wallace & Christopher Hudson (1997), Aaron McLean (1998), Thomas Frankish (1999), Ali Tahir (2000), Christopher Syddall (2001), Kyle Myburgh (2002), Thornton Munro (2003), Hamish Mouat (2004), Joshua Wilkins (2005), Riley Wilson (2006), Jacob Corbett (2007), Nicholas Jarrold (2008), Antoine Ellis (2009), Oliver Ray-Chaudhauri (2010), Edward Walters (2011), Luke Elliot (2012), Blake Parker (2013), Isaac Sands (2014), Flynn Logan (2015), Jack Gascoigne (2016) Jamie Hanton (2017), Luke Nauer (2018), Rikutaro Watanabe (2019), Daniel Beskhyroun (2020)

Campbells Bay School florence mowbray shieldAwarded for: Best All Round Girl
Instituted: 1943
History: In 1943, Florence Mowbray donated this shield to be awarded to a girl displaying all round excellence. Up to this time most awards were only given to boys.

Recipients: L Matthews (1943), F Kendall (1944), L Mowbray & M Guinness (1945), P Casbolt (1946), E Hogwood (1947), L A Davies (1948), B Wilkinson (1949), V Keys (1950), L Ostermann (1951), J Brown (1953), J Bowie (1954), V Walker (1955), B Johnston (1956), M Greville (1957), S Richardson (1958), Ward (1959), S Hall (1960), C Harrison (1961), S Brice (1962), B Ruck (1963), M Parnaby (1964), A Foote (1965), L Wood (1966), Lindsay Jones (1967), Janet Moodie (1968), H Ferguson & L Porteous (1969), Rosalind Kelly (1970), Helen Palmer (1971), Robin Donnell (1972), Koa Thompson (1973), Fairlie Milne (1974), Margaret Hardwick-Smith (1975), Susan Hardwick Smith (1977), Joanna Leary (1978), Kirsten Newall (1979), Jennifer Watson (1980), Pauline Pinder (1981), Leigh Gorringe (1982), Helen Beatson (1983), J Gordon & M Fougere (1984), Shelley Munn & Elke Finkenauer (1985), Katherine Costain (1986), Melissa Crawford (1987), Imogen Fowler (1988), Gabriella Evans (1989), Vicky Holmes & Maria Vendetti (1990), Aimee Comer (1991), Suzanne Morris (1992), Elizabeth Sowden (1993), Ruth Quartermaine (1994), Renee Jaine (1995), Victoria Stiebel & Vicky Irwin (1996), Catherine Bell & Rachel Lory (1997), Abby Foy (1998), Leah Stanley & Katie Davis (1999), Nicola Hoverd & Hannah Gaskin (2000), Amber Davis (2001), Alex Newlove (2002), Lucy Forrester (2003), Maddie Dillon & Holly Thomas (2004), Alice Le Marquand & Alice Thomson (2005), Alice Howes (2006), Jessica Chong (2007), Emily Duckett (2008), Emily Sanderson (2009), Sophie Mashlan (2010), Isabella Sheild (2011), Emma Bercich (2012), Sophie Anderson (2013), Lucy Thorne (2014), Lucy Leith (2015), Isabella Drummond (2016), Satsuki Watanabe (2017), Jody Rawstron (2018), Arabella Neville & Kayla Maskell (2019), Lila Poppelbaum (2020)

Campbells Bay School AK Greeves QEII Coronation ShieldAwarded for: Girls’ Citizenship
Instituted: 1953
History: The Coronation Shield was given to the school in 1953 by the chairman of the school committee, in honour of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The shield was carved by hand by Archibald Kirk Greves, from a single piece of kauri from Centennial Park. Mr Greves was a friend of the school best known for his appearances as Santa during the school’s Christmas Parade.

Recipients: G Jackson (1953), P Rackett (1954), L Copeland (1955), B Littin (1956), J Green (1957), S McIntyre (1958), P Hall (1959), P Sanders (1960), L Thexton (1961), M McKenzie (1962), L Saunders (1963), Linda Ross (1964), J Buchanan (1965), R Tanner (1966), Judith Lyons (1967), Vicki Senior (1968), V Hope-Pearson (1969), Cherie Fort & Bronwyn Jansen (1970), Cynthia Thomas (1971), Michal Heller (1972), Kathleen Turner (1973), Leonie Hart (1974), Sarah Taylor (1975), Juliet Greenaway (1976), Linda Gray (1977), Karen Walshe (1978), Mandy Lyon (1979), Robyn Cammell (1980), Debbie Howse (1981), Anna Fougere (1982), Kylie Wilson (1983), L Koegler & N Winstone (1984), Callie Dixon (1985), Megan Wilson & Amy Palmer (1986), Justine Wylie (1987), L Spriggens & T Spriggens (1988), Hannah Tunnicliffe (1989), Susanna Medemblik (1990), Jacqueline Armstrong (1991), Yvette Russell (1992), Courtney Webb (1993), Olivia Russell (1994), Kirsty McDonald (1995), Nicola Bolton (1996), Helena Sorensen & Shannon Notter (1997), Kate Coughlan & Emily Staples & Rachel Irwin (1998), Amy Renwick & Claire Philp (1999), Nicola Ford & Anushi Bigwood (2000), Justine Montague & Peta Horlor (2001), Helen Best (2002), Catherine Bell (2003), Kendall Moses (2004), Victoria Grieve (2005), Rayna Phillips (2006), Isabella Garnham (2007), Sophie McLean (2008), Saffron Nixon (2009), Veronica Lush (2010), Taylor Finley (2011), Sorrel Nixon (2012), Danielle Meek (2013), Isabella Gaze (2014), India Charlesworth (2015), Jessie Jamieson (2016), Freya Smith (2017), Miriam Alshaar (2018), Miya Stott (2019), Elisha Cristobal (2020)

Campbells Bay School music awardAwarded for: Excellence in Music
Instituted: 1989
History: This award is presented to a member of the school’s orchestra or choir who displays exceptional musical ability. We hope it encourages individuals to show their talents and continue to develop them as they progress in their education.

Recipients: Nicholas Kingston (1989), Pascal Roggen (1991), Jason Lin (1992), Christine Partridge (1993), Jenny Hung & Sarah McCallum (1994), Nicola Headley & Michelle Fox (1995), Lisa Chou (1996), Catherine Bell & Laura Martin (1997), Cameron Stanley (1998), Nicholas Campbell (1999), Theresa Murphy (2000), Emma Sherratt (2001), David Housley (2002), Chrystal Choi (2003), Frances Ash (2004), Cho Rome Ham (2005), Andrew Bian (2006), Amy Gailer (2007), Ciara Bernstein (2008), Tenwei Liu (2009), Celia Tsang (2010), Cameron Shaw (2011), Irene Wu (2012), Gordon Chen (2013), Paris Chen (2014), Rosa Troughton (2015), Kevin Tian (2016), Randal Yao (2017), Callum Keer Keer (2018), Rikutaro Wantanabe (2019), Shawn Zhou & Julian Langbein (2020)

Campbells Bay School trustees cupAwarded for: Performing Arts
Instituted: 1992
History: This cup was donated by the Board of Trustees. With many performing arts activities at Campbells Bay School, there are plenty of opportunities for students to show skills and talents worthy of receiving this award.

Recipients: Daniel Ripley (1992), Rhian McDonnell (1993), Sarah McCallum (1994), Abigail Boyle (1995), Philippa O’Rourke (1996), Joseph Greer (1997), Teri Donnelly (1998), Mia Ayoub & Michael Ewing (1999), Rebecca Teague (2000), Elliot Herzog & Laura Davie (2001), Grace Neale (2002), Nicola Gill (2003), Kimberley Bell (2004), Annabelle Cray (2005), Liam McEwan (2006), Olivia Hadlow (2007), Jenna Bernstein (2008), Grace Masters (2009), Matthew Bruce (2010), Thomas Burns (2011), Jessica Dickson (2012), Sophie Anderson & Jessica Slater (2013), Sophie Hepper (2014), Tessa Rouse (2015), Georgia Aitken (2016), Ruby O’Sullivan (2017), Chloe Dowson (2018), Vydella Tamihana (2019), Lyla Carrancho & Jasper Scott (2020)

Campbells Bay School margaret crosby art cupAwarded for: Excellence in Art
Instituted: 1993
History: This cup was a donation from Margaret Crosby, who taught at Campbells Bay from 1971 until 1993.

Recipients: Gemma McKay (1993), Monique Robins (1994), Stacey McKay (1995), Jetse Lenting (1996), Bomi Kim (1997), Chelsea Bowey (1998), Thomas Duffy & Catherine Phillips (1999), Nicholas Etherton (2000), John Shen (2001), Janet Chang (2002), Stephanie Ahn (2003), Jasper Ballantyne (2004), Ellen Galle (2005), Caitlin Harvey (2006), Oliver Clarke (2007), Amelia Vincent (2008), Jay Ok (2009), Georgina Trifunovich (2010), Amanda Dai (2011), Eimme Wu (2012), Abdulrahman Adil (2013), Jasmine Foley (2014), Belle Li (2015), Jade Findlay (2016), Alina Jin (2017), Bella Zhai (2018), Ekaterina Perepelkina & Cartrena Gao (2019), Jay Guo (2020)

Campbells Bay School ASB Speech TrophyAwarded for: Excellence in Formal Public Speaking
Instituted: 1993
History: Presented by the ASB, this trophy is awarded to a student who has performed at a high level in formal speech competitions.

Recipients: Christine Partridge & Courtney Webb (1993), Karla Allnutt (1994), Patricia Whitfield (1995), Victoria Stiebel (1996), Rachel Comer (1997), Sarah Beattie (1998), Ruth Grbic (1999), Georgia Birch (2000), Samuel Cutfield (2001), Kent Teague & Joe Collins (2002), Issac Shin (2003), Chloe Archer (2004), Bryn Thomson (2005), Brynn Engbers (2006), Olivia Hadlow (2007), Madison Bullock (2008), Grace Masters (2009), Matthew Bullock (2010), Cameron Shaw (2011), Emma Bercich (2012), Grant Zent (2013), Charlotte Ronalde (2014), Benjamin Dickson (2015), Caleb Stephens (2016), Portia Drummond (2017), Lachlan Hutton (2018), Kayla Maskell & Ewan McKone (2019)

Campbells Bay School Waterwise Sailing boys trophyAwarded for: Champion Boy
Instituted: 1996
History: Donated in the name of Heather and John Drucker. Mrs Drucker was a member of the Board of Trustees. This award recognises excellence in the Waterwise Sailing programme.

Recipients: Scott Balgarnie (1996), Luke Barnes (1997), Chris Dawson (1998), Cody Logan (1999), Christopher Titter (2000), Matthew Jones & Daniel Wilcox-Silverberg (2001), Matthew Lee (2002), Scott Barnes (2003), Nicholas Sherratt (2004), William Cobb (2005), Blake Taylor (2006), Greg Alheit (2007), Joshua Harden (2008), Oscar Gunn (2009), Logan Rainey, Aidan Elliot & Marcus West (2010), Finn Drummond (2011), Luke Elliot & Oscar Worrall & Liam Wong-Toi Knight (2012), Blake McGlashan & Zac Shirley & Sam Charlesworth (2013), Matthew Leith & Rhys Pattimore (2014), Zachary Manning & Rensei Shimoyama & Cameron Kemp (2015), Lucas Day, Cam McGlashan & Lyri Posimani (2016), Jayhunn Seo, Edward Caisley & Tom Akers (2017), Joe Leith, Oliver Day & Kai Yu (2018), Alexander Bartlett, Henry Rossaak & Liam Minhinnick (2019)

Campbells Bay School Waterwise Sailing girls trophyAwarded for: Champion Girl
Instituted: 1996
History: Donated in the name of Heather and John Drucker. Mrs Drucker was a member of the Board of Trustees. This award recognises excellence in the Waterwise Sailing programme.

Recipients: Sarah Drucker (1996), Shalini Bigwood (1997), Clare Quartermaine (1998), Kate Bilkey (1999), Rebecca Upton-Birdsall (2000), Kelly Barnes (2001), Anna Wilcox-Silverberg (2002), Charlette Preest (2003), Gemma Jones (2004), Alice Thomson (2005), Mikki Metz (2006), Helena May-Stanley (2007), Kate Hursthouse (2008), Charlotte Cowie (2009), Brianna Reynolds-Smith (2010), Sophie Hursthouse (2011), Sorrel Nixon & Sophie Logan & Charlie Hines (2012), Xanthe Price (2013), Julie Dalum & Adele Jury (2014), Lucy Leith & Freya Caisley & Zoe Meacher (2015), Sarah Son (2016), Satsuki Watanabe, Ruby O’Sullivan & Daniella Hall (2017), Skye Meldrum, Becky Bartlett & Alison Shen (2018), Jessica Handley, Gretel Satterwaite & Natalie Teasdale (2019)

Campbells Bay School Waterwise Kayaking trophyAwarded for: Champion Boy
Instituted: 1997
History: The Waterwise complex at Lake Pupuke was opened in 1983 by the late Princess Diana and his royal Highness Prince Charles. Since then thousands of students have learned to sail and kayak on the lake, and other Waterwise centres have opened throughout the country based on this model. This award recognises excellence in the kayaking programme.

Recipients: Joshua Van Der Vorst (1997), Marc Janssen (1998), Kieran Chadkirk (1999), Samuel Fraser (2000), Douglas Jones (2001), Jared McEwen (2002), Aaron Reynolds-Lovegrove (2003), Sung-Un Kim (2004), Matthew Corbett (2005), Antonio Garguilo (2006), Jordan Wedlock-Aston (2007), Liam Padley (2008), Ryan Dawson (2009), Jamie Vickery (2010), Corban Wedlock-Aston (2011), Tom Hett (2012), Henry Searle (2013), Josh Christie (2014), Benjamin Brighouse (2015), Jed Barlow (2016), Jordan Burbidge (2017), Dylan Henderson (2018), Dylan Bryce-Borthwick (2019)

Campbells Bay School Waterwise Kayaking Girls TrophyAwarded for: Champion Girl
Instituted: 1997
History: The Waterwise complex at Lake Pupuke was opened in 1983 by the late Princess Diana and his royal Highness Prince Charles. Since then thousands of students have learned to sail and kayak on the lake, and other Waterwise centres have opened throughout the country based on this model. This award recognises excellence in the kayaking programme.

Recipients: Melissa Robinson (1997), Kate Coughlan (1998), Jody Forbes-Dawson (1999), Eleanor Sturrock (2000), Allison Hutchison (2001), Lauren Smale (2002), Emily Hunt (2003), Ashley Boot (2004), Tegan McCullough (2005), Katie McNair (2006), Jessica Chong (2007), Antonia Harrison (2008), Te Ohorere Williams (2009), Holly Luxton (2010), Ella Williams (2011), Emma Bercich (2012), Danni Jones (2013), Olivia Kelly (2014), Emma Houliston (2015), Jade Findlay (2016), Nicole Wang (2017), Summer Stephenson (2018), Alexandra Twose (2019)

Campbells Bay School grant peter robinson memorial cupAwarded for: Vocal Enthusiasm
Instituted: 1998
History: This cup was donated by the Robinson family in memory of their son and brother, Grant Robinson. Grant was a former Campbells Bay Student and his father, Peter, was chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Recipients: Scott Penberthy & David Harris (1998), Jacinta Hallowes (1999), Laura McDonnell (2000), Simon Warren (2001), Anna Irwin (2002), Jonathan Sumpter (2003), Bryony Williams (2004), Aaliyah Hall (2005), Taryn La Grange (2006), Jodie Bell (2007), Lauren Gell (2008), Hope Christie (2009), Juliette Lyons (2010), Grace Poloai (2011), Michaela Ryan Lenti (2012), Jessica Slater (2013), Sarah Penny (2014), Sophie Morley (2015), Savannah-Eve Martin (2016), Sienna Burton-Waring (2017), Meadow Mauger (2018), Grace Kelly (2019), Sophie Knight (2020)

Campbells Bay School oldham awardAwarded for: Exemplary Attitude
Instituted: 1999
History: This award was donated by Lynne Oldham, who taught at Campbells Bay School for many years until leaving in 1998.

Recipients: Leon Marshall (1999), Jeremy Harrison (2000), David Hursthouse (2001), Kate Lee & Allanah Jury (2002), Stephanie Millar (2003), Sarah Landry & Amelia Jull (2004), Daniel Houzet (2005), Nicholas Forrester (2006), Scott Jarrold (2007), Selina Cheng (2008), Cooper Green (2009), Courtney Reynolds Smith (2010), Miryam Ali (2011), Jayden Scott (2012), Alex Jarrold (2013), Sophie Hepper (2014), Aimee Klapf & Hannah Finley (2015), Danielle Pattimore (2016), Hanneke Hectors (2017), Cooper Hulme (2018), Rosa Morris (2019), Izzy Hall (2020)

Campbells Bay School Barbara Anderson TrophyAwarded for: Excellence in Creative Writing
Instituted: 2002
History: This trophy was donated by Barbara Anderson in 2002, when she left the school after 25 years of teaching. Students that win this award consistently produce writing of a high standard that displays individual flair, creative expression and a deliberate choice of language.

Recipients: Stephanie Corkin (2002), Jaimee Berkahn (2003), Holly McGlynn (2004), Ellen Mason (2005), Isabel Trifunovich (2006), Chris Hagan (2007), Molly Pottinger-Coombes (2008), Beatrice Zajkowski (2009), Sophie Levestam (2010), Isabel Ray-Chadhuri (2011), Amy Crawford (2012), Sheryn Walker (2013), Oliver Xu (2014), Lucy Jobbins (2015), William Hays (2016), Isobel Baden (2017), Ruby Meder (2018), Conor Baden (2019), Chloe Yu (2020)

Campbells Bay School excellence in literacy cupAwarded for: Excellence in Literacy
Instituted: 2003
History: Acknowledging the importance of literacy in our curriculum, this cup is awarded to one student who has displayed exceptional abilities in that subject.

Recipients: Shannon Closey (2003), Charlotte Jobson (2004), Jocelyn Ho (2005), Candice Elder (2006), Jessica Chong & Jason Watling (2007), Rebecca Hoverd (2008), Jessica Finley (2009), Shae Wong-Toi Knight (2010), Paris Whitehead (2011), Liam Wong-Toi Knight (2012), Emma Tucker & Cameron Giles (2013), Amy Smith (2014), Eliza Ferguson-Dudding (2015), Vanessa Burmeister (2016), Sophie Lin (2017), Angel Zhang (2018), Charlotte Lin (2019), Isla Murray (2020)

Campbells Bay School Excellence in mathematics cupAwarded for: Excellence in Mathematics
Instituted: 2003
History: Acknowledging the importance of mathematics in our curriculum, this cup is awarded to one student who has displayed exceptional abilities in that subject.

Recipients: Marko Zutic (2003), Rebecca Shin (2004), Georgia Price (2005), Samuel Blake (2006), Jeffrey Choy (2007), Marrick Lip (2008), Isaac Sohn (2009), Alex Hassell (2010), Vili Alo Tuipulotu (2011), Jayden Choi (2012), Abdulrahman Adil (2013), Imogen de Zwart (2014), Britta Keer Keer (2015), Zakariyya Rachmadi (2016), Andre Sun (2017), Alanah Barwick (2018), Jannet Cho (2019), Sieun Chang (2020)

Campbells Bay School overall academic excellenceAwarded for: Overall Academic Excellence
Instituted: 2003
History: This award recognises students who consistently excel in a broad range of academic subjects and disciplines, over an entire school year.

Recipients: Maika Phillips & Joshua Willemse (2003), Jonathan Tsang (2004), Samuel Wrait & Timothy Jones (2005), Jake Thomas (2006), Jason Watling (2007), Haru Yasutomi (2008), Jay Ok (2009), Emma Wu (2010), Jessica Gans (2011), Dave Walton (2012), Friederike Voit (2013), Gabriel Wright (2014), Michael Peng (2015), David Beskhyroun (2016), Arlo Feeney (2017), Chloe Seo (2018), Sararh Alshaar (2019), Wen Yao Zhong (2020)

Campbells Bay School principals not self but service awardAwarded for: Service to Others
Instituted: 2004
History: Each year this award is given to the student who best personifies the Campbells Bay School motto – not self, but service. First awarded by Principal John McGowan in 2004, it recognises students who put others before themselves and find opportunities to help both in and outside the classroom.

Recipients: Hayley Williams – gymnastics (2004), Nicholas King – improvement in attitude & achievement (2005), Alexandra Jones – application of ICT (2006), Rory Harvey – outstanding school service & Ryan MacMillan – application of ICT (2007), Leo du Preez & Aidan McEwan – outstanding school service (2008), Katie Hunter (2009), Eve Sullivan (2010), Jacob Crean (2011), Katie Beasly (2012), Darcy Frank (2013), William Spicer (2014), Badyn Dixon (2015), Samuel Rea-Rankin (2016), Georgia Fraser-Mackenzie (2017), Lachlan Mole (2018), Kaitlin Rogers & Jakson Cunningham (2019), Lola Walker (2020)

Campbells Bay School PTA award trophyAwarded for: Excellence in Drama
Instituted: 2007
History: Drama is a popular subject at Campbells Bay School, with students encouraged to take place in the Year 5 and 6 musical which is produced every second year. In 2008 we performed Seussical Junior, in 2006 Aladdin Junior, in 2004 Annie Junior, and in 2002 Oliver. This award recognises success in this and other areas of drama.

Recipients: Carl Ruwhiu (2007), Madison Bullock (2008), Te Ohorere Williams (2009), Jolene O’Sullivan (2010), Isabella Howarth (2011), Daniel MacMillan (2012), Sophie Anderson (2013), Tyler Jamieson (2014), Isis Quin (2015), Ella Simonsen (2016), Maya Copus (2017), Nick Yang (2018), Samuel Pates (2019), Blake Hulme & Jago Cleghorn (2020)

Campbells Bay School excellence cupAwarded for: Excellence in Application of ICT
Instituted: 2008
History: This award acknowledges students who have shown a high level of critical and creative thinking in their application of ICT across the school curriculum.

Recipients: Simon Barnes (2008), Robbie Blount (2009), Kip Watson (2010), Kale Townsend (2011), Clarissa Chan (2012), Vasu-Naryan Bains (2013), James Jury (2014), Benjamin Akers (2015), Rowan Welsh (2016), Aidan Rothery (2017), Blake Inglis (2018), Vaughan Malcolm (2019), Cooper Coulter (2020)

Campbells Bay School excellence in numeracy cupAwarded for: Excellence in Numeracy
Instituted: 2008
History: This was award was donated by former Campbells Bay School associate principal Jenny Hunter, upon her retirement in 2008. It recognises excellent attainment in the curriculum area of numeracy.

Recipients: Jillin Yan (2008), Greg Park (2009), Ceila Tsang (2010), Ju Eun Kim (2011), Caton Silibiger (2012), Thomas Hack (2013), David Heng (2014), Rensei Shimoyama (2015), Tongsheng Wu (2016), Shimpei Yumiba (2017), Oliver Day (2018), Hugo Tan (2019), Thomas Chen (2020)

Campbells Bay School excellence cupAwarded for: Consistently Achieving Goals
Instituted: 2009
History: The name of this award changes each year, based on the motto of the Year 6 camp selected by that group of students. The award is given to students that have consistently achieved their learning goals and made significant progress in all areas of Mathematics and English.

Recipients: Euan Grigor (“If It’s Going to Be, It’s Up to Me” 2009), Saria Houkai (“Fun Forever, Now or Never” 2010) Joshua Robertson (“Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow” 2011), Matthew Riches, Ellie Blount (“No Pain, No Gain” 2012) Falepaini Afu (“Kia Kaha” 2013), Claire Snelling (2014), Daniel Walker (2015), Cam McGlashan (2016), Noah Barr (2017), Mikey Gambitsis (2018), Mila Morles (2019)

Campbells Bay School Railbird award trophyAwarded for: Outstanding Stewardship of CBS’s Heritage and/or Inquiry Learning
Instituted: 2009
History: This award was donated in memory of Mary Edith Irons, nee Rainbird, who emigrated to New Zealand from England in 1963. Mary and her family settled in Castor Bay, and her youngest child attended Campbells Bay School while she worked as a teacher aide. Several of her later descendants also attended CBS. In memory of the contribution Mary and her extended family made to the CBS community, through artwork, support with the gardens and Community Forest and through commitment to the WasteWise programme, this award recognises the importance of maintaining the CBS spirit and heritage. The trophy itself was hand-turned from a piece of pohutukawa off the school grounds that blew down during a storm.

Recipients: Antoine Ellis & Kate Jenkins (2009), Natasha Lip (2010), Poppy Sutton (2011), Alek Ristic (2012), Grace Penberthy & Ari Asraf (2013), Matthew Leith (2014), Xieden Urlich (2015), Cruz Erdmann (2016), Deeja Urlich (2017), Stella Walker (2018), Francesca Feeney (2019), Angela Zhang (2020)

Campbells Bay School prue fagg cupAwarded for: Progress in Literacy
Instituted: 2010
History: This cup is presented to the student or students who have shown the greatest progress in literacy throughout the school year. Prue Fagg, a teacher at Campbells Bay School, has been one of the driving forces behind the success of the school’s literacy programme.

Recipients: Simon Weng (2010), Isabella Crossland (2011), Samuel Won (2012), Marie Karczewski (2013), Katie Clark (2014), Benjamin Strawbridge (2015), Se Se Wong (2016), Adam Qiu (2017), Tamaki Ogasawara (2018), Lisa Li (2019), Claire Yu (2020)

Awarded for: Acknowledges students who have exemplified the school values of kindness, respect and resilience.
Instituted: 2019
History: First awarded in 2019 by John McGowan, former Principal 1993 – 2019. The bowl of the trophy was carved from a branch of a pohutukawa tree in the school grounds that broke during a storm.

Recipients: Poresha Yee (2019), Zara Hayward (2020)