Our curriculum is an enriched version of the NZ Curriculum. Currently it is under review and will be shared soon. The review includes moving it to online, having progressions accessible to family and staff, and aligning with the NZ Curriculum Refresh.

For academic and whole child development Campbells Bay School provides:

  • A full-time teacher dedicated to participation and contribution for students in sport.

  • A full-time Literacy and Information Technology teacher to manage the recently expanded and upgraded library.

  • Extension programmes for students with special abilities.

  • Programmes for students with special needs, including reading recovery.

  • Education Outside the Classroom experiences.

  • A visual art teaching team and art room.

  • A specialist music teacher, purpose-built music room, an orchestra, choirs and keyboards.

  • ESOL classes.

Extra Curricular

We aim to provide a range of experiences for our students during their time at CBS.

  • Chess Club

  • Kapa Haka

  • Waterwise

  • Robotics

  • After-school sports

  • A range of lunchtime clubs

  • ICAS Australasian Exams, Tournament of Minds


The school is aware that some parents have accessed private tutoring or extra classes for their children outside of school hours. To support our community as best we can with these types of decisions the school has the following advice.

  • Outside tutoring or additional academic classes are not expected of students.
  • We acknowledge that this is a family choice first and foremost.
  • If families are looking to enhance their child’s development and experiences outside of school hours, we recommend activities that promote well being and holistic development, and are appropriate for primary aged children. Some examples of this could be for students to take up a musical instrument, join a sports team or have a playdate.
  • If you feel your child’s learning needs are not being met, or that they require additional support beyond the classroom programme please contact your child’s teacher in the first instance.
  • If you would like to discuss this topic further please feel free to contact your child/s Associate Principal or myself directly, [email protected] 

A Useful Resource

What does progress look like – We have a presentation that may be useful to you for more information on how learning occurs through the NZ Curriculum.