CBS Sports Overview

As a school we recognise that sporting opportunities provide our students with rich learning experiences. Participation in sport and physical activity by students and staff has positive benefits for the individual, the school and the community.

We strive for excellence in providing and supporting the best sporting opportunities and environments in which our students can participate, learn and grow. Positive sporting experiences and opportunities inspire on-going participation and an enjoyment of physical activity and sport for life.

The sporting opportunities at Campbells Bay School provide all students with a variety of sports to participate in, develop skills and achieve personal success. We are constantly working to do this in an environment that has a healthy balance between participation and competition. With all our sporting opportunities, winning is not our intended outcome. Participation for all, healthy habits for life and extending students with talents is our focus.

Click on the link below to see  which weekly competition sports teams are available to which year groups and when they are available during the year.

Weekly Team Sports Overview 2023

Slide show presentation from our Sports Information Session in March 2023:

Sports Information Session 2023

Sport Guiding Principles

To provide a variety of sporting activities which enable and encourage student participation in the sporting life of the school.
• All students will be encouraged to be involved in sport regardless of their ability.
• Each student will be encouraged to achieve personal success.
• To promote the attainment of sporting excellence.
• To support and provide guidance to all volunteers involved in sporting opportunities for our students.
• To create an environment that recognises and encourages physical activity and lifelong participation and enjoyment of sport.
• Fair and positive play and sportsmanship are regarded as paramount at all times.
• To maintain in sport the high standards of behaviour, uniform and conduct that is expected across all areas of the school.
• To promote positive attitudes in all aspects of sport (i.e. participation, refereeing, administration, commitment and support).

Click on the links below to view our participation in sport policy and our CBS sports codes of behaviour:

CBS Participation in Sport Policy

CBS Player, Parent and Supporters Code of Behaviour

CBS Coaches and Managers Code of Behaviour

Sports on offer

1. Weekly sports teams and competitions:

Students can play in a school team that represents Campbells Bay School in locally run, weekly competitions. The five sports for these weekly competitions, supported by our local sporting associations, are:

  1. Flippa ball (junior water polo)
  2. Hockey
  3. Miniball (junior basketball)
  4. Netball
  5. Touch Rugby

These sports are available to different year levels at different times during the school year.

The majority of these sports teams are for students in year three through to year six, however some of these sports are available to students in the junior school (years one and two). All children who are keen and registered by the announced date are able to play. All students are able to participate in weekly sporting competitions. Everyone can play!

Team selections for the teams in the junior school and the middle school (years three and four) are not trial based. They are mostly based on friendships and classmates. The emphasis is on participation and enjoyment. As students move into the senior school (years five and six), teams play in graded competitions and for most of these sports, trials are part of the selection process for teams. The year five and six teams are trialed where possible by neutral sporting code representatives.

All other sports can be played weekly through your local club (football, rugby, cricket, swimming). We also are mindful to not double up – often clubs would like us to participate in additional school competitions, however we believe at this age, having a club experience is sufficient and we want to free up other parts of the year for students to be able to play other sports. We have to make decisions every day about what competitions we will participate in, resourcefully and logistically there can be constraints. 

Communication regarding registration dates and trials are through the school newsletter, daily news (CBTV) and information letters sent home with interested students. Information letters will also be available through the sports pages on the school website.

Coaches and managers: The successful running of these sports teams at Campbells Bay School relies on parents to volunteer to help with the coaching and managing of teams. Each team will need a parent volunteer to coach the team and a parent volunteer  to help manage the team. Please note that in accordance with the Vulnerable Children’s Act 2014, the Board of Trustees has adopted a procedure whereby that from the start of 2017 only adults (all persons 18 years of age and over) who have undertaken a police vet with acceptable results can be selected to manage/coach a school sport’s team. If you would like to volunteer to coach or manage a team, please go to the school website to ‘police vetting’ and complete the form as per the instructions. You will not be able to coach or manage a sports team if you have not completed this police vetting process.

Term 1:
Flippa ball Year 3-6
Miniball Year 1-6
Term 2 and Term 3:
Flippa ball Year 3-6
Miniball Year 1-6
Winter Hockey Year 3-6
Winter Netball Year 2-6
Term 4:
Flippa ball Year 3-6
Miniball Year 1-6
Summer Hockey Year 0-6
Spring Netball Year 2-6
Touch Rugby Year 1-6


2. Zone, Cluster and Interschool Sports Days

As an additional sporting opportunity the Mid-Bays cluster of schools and some local sporting organisations, arrange one off zone days and interschool days. These are mostly organised for the top teams of each school to participate in a one-day tournament. A variety of sports are organised for this competition and mostly it is year five and six students, who will participate in these days.

Each school in the Mid-Bays cluster is in charge of organising a zone day event. This means the number of teams we are able to enter, the style of the competition, age of students, location and organisation can change each zone day. We always enter as many teams as we are allowed. Students are trialed with teacher/parent experts within the school or if the competition is formed from a current weekly competition, we enter existing teams. The trial process for these teams is based on merit and fair play. If your child does not make these zone day teams, all of the sports can be played at a weekly competition through the school or through a club.

Communication regarding trials for zone days and interschool teams is through the daily news (CBTV). These trials are not advertised through the weekly school newsletter or information letters.

Equity: While increased participation is one of our goals, in regards to zone days, we are limited by the constraints of the criteria set by each school or local sporting organisation. For example, while it would be great to take 20 runners per race for cross country, each school can only enter 8 runners per race. However, it is important to note that we are not usually limited with the numbers of teams entered in weekly competitions, and all children who are keen and registered by the announced date are able to play.

Term 1:
Tennis Year 4-6
Cricket Year 4-6
Swimming Year 3-6
Term 2:
Badminton Year 5-6
Cross country Year 4-6
Soccer Year 5-6 Girls & Year 6 Boys
Netball Year 6
Term 3:
Miniball Year 5-6 Girls & Year 6 Boys
Hockey Year 5-6
Netball Year 5-6
Term 4:
Touch rugby Year 5-6
Athletics Year 4-6
Gymnastics Year 2-6

Inter School and Zone Day Sports Dates 2023

Extra Sporting Opportunities

During the school year other interschool and zone day sporting opportunities arise. Sports like T-ball (junior softball) and rugby festival days are often on offer from the local sporting organisation. Decisions regarding these sorts of days are accessed and made on a yearly basis.

The school also encourages and provides opportunities for students to participate in big, community run sporting events. These events have a small element of competitiveness but the main focus is on participation, ‘giving it a go’ and the enjoyment of being involved in a physical and sporting activity. These are events like:

  1. Weetbix Kids Tryathlon
  2. Beach Series
  3. Shore to Shore Fun Run

CBS Sports Uniform

Children participating in CBS sports teams and representing the school at sport are expected to wear the correct school sports uniform at all times. The school sport uniform can be purchased from:

NZ Uniforms Auckland
19A Douglas Alexander Parade
Phone: +64 9 477 6300
Free Phone: 0800 698 643
Email: [email protected]



All of our Uniforms are sold from NZ Uniform at 19A Douglas Alexander Parade, Rosedale 
Phone: 09 477 6300
Email: [email protected]

The hours for the uniform shop over December will remain as they currently are 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday – Friday and 9.00am – 4.00pm Saturday.
Please note: The shop will be closed from 1.00pm Friday 23 December 2022 reopening at 9.00am Wednesday 4 January 2023. For January and February 2023 the hours will be as follows:
9.00am – 5.00pm Monday – Friday
9.00am – 4.00pm Saturday