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Principal Message

Kia ora e te whānau,

Class placements letters will come home with your children today. On Friday at 11.15am students will meet their new classroom teacher and class for 2023.

Plenty of time and thought has gone into the organisation of CBS for 2023. You will notice some slight changes to our leadership structure to best meet the needs of our students and staff. More information can be found below as well as all the 2023 school organisation. Happy reading!
Our Christmas Concert is next Tuesday 13 December. It starts at 4.30pm with the Junior School, they will need to meet at 4.15pm in NE Central. The Senior School sing at 5pm and they will meet at 4.45pm under the canopy by the hall. Please be mindful that due to construction the school has limited access points (and narrow) if possible use the field gate to get access to the concert. Thank you.
Come along with your picnic blankets to the field and enjoy! More detailed information will be shared in next weeks newsletter.
Ngā mihi nui,
Rachael Taylor


School Office 2023


Between 9:00am – 3:00pm

Thursday 26 January

Friday 27 January

Monday 30 January: CLOSED Auckland Anniversary Day

Tuesday 31 January: First Day of School

Monday 6 February: CLOSED Waitangi Day 

Getting to Know You Interviews Before School Starts

Parent / Teacher ‘Getting to Know You’ Meetings Thursday 26 January February  9.00am – 5.00pm.

A great opportunity to meet your child’s teacher for 2023 before school starts. Use this time to build connections and share any information you think would be useful to the teacher to help your child during the year.

The meetings will be held in the new classroom and will be for 12 minutes.

Make sure you book online first!

using code w4rmf

First Day of School for 2023

Tuesday 31 January 2023, school starts at 8.55am as normal.

2023 Classroom Organisation

Finishing on 15 December 2022
  • Erica Mackie
  • Kirsty Adair
  • Amandine Petit
  • Hanlie van Vuuren
  • Sandra Troughton
  • Gaynor Hockin
  • Fenella Aitken

On Parental Leave or Leave

  • Rachelle Meller
  • Nicola Hart
  • Charlotte Borowski
  • Kesley Stevens

2023 Leadership Structure Changes

In response to a number of challenges and opportunities the leadership structure of CBS has been adjusted. We have made these tweaks to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Timely and clear channels of support for parents, teachers and students
  • Smaller more effective teams that are led by one person
  • Opportunities to be flexible across the school and build consistent and clear pathways of learning for our students
  • Alignment with the new ‘progress outcomes’ coming in the NZ Curriculum Refresh
  • A full-time SENCO (with additional senior leadership responsibilities), will continue to enhance our ability to meet the changing and growing needs of our learners post-COVID


Special Education Needs Coordinator
After some research into other schools and with the growing demands of our students and the needs that they have, we have decided to prioritise this role. Deputy Principal, Patricia Meder, will forgo her specific year 3 and 4 leadership responsibilities to have across school leadership in SENCO. This will provide greater time for her to observe students, advocate for resources and interventions, train staff and focus on PB4L Tier 2. She will also have several other portfolios as well.

Our Middle Leaders – Learning Leaders

Our middle leaders have been leading across two teams with a very specific focus. Curriculum leadership or teacher inquiry (focussing on student achievement). We have seen that leading up to 14 teachers at one time in one specific area, while incredibly focussed, has its challenges. We note that 12 -14 teachers is often the size of the entire staff at other schools. 

Cohesion across the school is a goal for next year. Ensuring consistency across all year levels and a clear pathway of learning. Combining roles and responsibilities for these middle leaders, alongside reducing the number of teachers that they lead will ensure that their leadership is targeted, timely and effective. Less teachers also means less students that they are responsible for. We know that this will enhance their ability to know the specific needs of the students in their year group, and ensure planning, teaching and assessment enhances the outcomes for their students successfully. 

We are so excited for 2023!

Google Drive – Student Files

Kia ora whanau,
If your child is leaving CBS at the end of the year and would like to take the contents of their google drive with them to their next school please find instructions on how to do this.
This will need to be done by 12:30pm on the 15th December as the google accounts will be suspended for the holidays and accounts will be deleted after that.
Joe Lanning
IT Leader/Manager

Coming Up This Week

Thank You Morning Tea – Save the Date

You are invited to a special morning tea in the Performing Arts room at 10am on Tuesday 6 December. This invite is extended to all those parents who have volunteered at CBS in 2022. Pop this event in your calendar. We look forward to seeing you there!


Meeting at 9am tomorrow in the staffroom. The key topic is drafting calendar events for 2023.

Nutty Scientists

On Tuesday 6 December just after 3pm, The Nutty Scientists will be doing a fun science demonstration for any students and parents to watch. Head to the covered court just outside the hall for a fun few minutes. Learn something new and if you like what you see ask about their after school science programme starting in 2023 here at CBS!

See their website here:

Sports News

Important Sporting Dates for the Calendar 2022

Sunday 11 December– Year 3-6 Flippa ball finishes
Monday 12 December– Year 1-6 Summer hockey finishes
Thursday 15 December–  Year 1-6 Touch rugby finishes
Return of Spring Netball Bags:
Well done to all our spring netball teams that played in the spring netball leagues/ competitions this term. Thank you to all the wonderful parents who volunteered to coach or manage a team. We appreciate your help with these roles. Now that all spring netball leagues are finished, could you please return all team netball bags and gear to the office or sports office this week. Thank you for your help with this.

Gymnastics results are in!

Apologies for this delay.
Well done to the team and the individuals who competed so well! Special thanks to Mrs Haslemore and Mrs Brown for their coaching!

North Harbour Gymnastics Competition 

In Week 4, 89 CBS students competed at the North Harbour Primary School Competition at North Harbour Gym, the largest group we have ever had representing the school. We had a very successful two days and for the fourth year in a row (minus 2021) were awarded 1st overall. It was a fantastic achievement by our competing gymnasts, they should all feel very proud of themselves! We were awarded a number of individual and team placings. 

There was also a separate trampolining competition in which we took part and received placings.


1st Place Year 2 Boys: Aaron Tutty, Harrison Clark, Cody Fu

2nd Place Year 2 Boys: Liam Visser, Zac Garrett, Fred Dixon, Dylan Welson

3rd Place Year 2 Boys: Hiram Kwon, Justin Horton, Daniel Hou

1st Place Year 2 Girls: Harper Lanning, Ivy Burnett, Daniela Bittencourt-Gualberto, Becca Ajygin-Waked

1st Place Year 3/4 Boys: Jeremiah Ross, Jarvis Geelen, Jamie Nian, Jono Irvine

2nd Place Year 3/4 Boys: Max Kadlec,Alex Crooks, Harry Lloyd, Oscar Murray

1st Place Year 5/6 Boys: Iann Jeong, Jack Jay, Kian Scott, Jamie Daniels

3rd Place Year 5/6 Boys: Oscar Dunn, Liam Crooks, Hugo Welson

3rd Place Year 5/6 Girls: Lily Woodside, Lulu Hogan, Hannah Clark, Leila Murray 

1st Place Competitive: Matthew Wilson, Callum Orman, William Handley


Year 2 Boys 

Harrison Clark: 3rd equal Floor, 2nd equal Pommell, 1st Vault, 1st Bar, 1st All-Round

Aaron Tutty: 1st Floor, 1st Pommell, 3rd Bar, 2nd All-Round

Liam Visser: 3rd equal Floor, 3rd All-Round

Fred Dixon: 2nd Floor, 5th equal All-Round

Dylan Welson: 2nd Vault, 4th All-Round

Zac Garrett: 2nd equal Pommell

Justin Horton: 3rd Vault

Cody Fu: 2nd Bar

Hiram Kwon: 5th equal All-Round

Year 2 Girls

Harper Lanning: 3rd equal Vault, 2nd Bar, 3rd All-Round

Ivy Burnett: 2nd equal Vault, 1st equal All-Round

Becca Ajygin-Waked: 1st Vault, 3rd equal Floor, 4th All-Round

Daniela Bittencourt-Gualberto: 1st equal Floor, 6th All-Round

Amelia Biddle: 3rd equal Vault

Year 3/4 Boys

Jeremiah Ross: 1st equal Floor, 1st Bar, 2nd All-Round

Oscar Murray: 3rd equal Pommell, 3rd equal Vault, 4th All-Round

Jono Irvine: 1st Pommell, 5th equal All-Round

Max Kadlec: 3rd equal Vault, 3rd All-Round

Jarvis Geelen: 2nd Bar, 5th equal All-Round

Zac McCoy: 2nd Vault

Year 3/4 Girls

Kendall Martin-Williams 3rd Vault

Rosie Wallace 1st equal Vault

Harper Cope 2nd equal Bars

Year 5/6 Boys

Iann Jeong: 1st Floor, 2nd Pommell, 2nd High Bar, 2nd All-Round

Kian Scott: 3rd Floor, 3rd equal Pommell, 3rd All-Round

Jack Jay: 3rd High Bar, 5th All-Round

Arthur Hannan: 1st Vault, 4th All-Round

Hugo Welson: 3rd Vault

Year 5/6 Girls

Tia Zhang: 3rd equal Vault

Aila Barr: 3rd equal Vault

Hannah Clark: 2nd equal Vault 

Lily Woodside: 1st Floor


Matthew Wilson: 1st Floor, 1st Pommell, 1st Rings, 1st Vault, 3rd P/Bars, 1st High Bar. 1st All-Round

Callum Orman: 2nd Floor, 3rd Vault, 2nd equal P/Bars, 3rd High Bar, 3rd All-Round

William Handley: 3rd Pommell, 2nd equal P/Bars, 5th All-Round

Trampoline Competition

Year 2 Boys:  Dylan Welson 1st,  Zac Garrett 2nd, Hiram Kwon 4th, Liam Harrison 6th

Year 2 Girls: Tayla Fitzpatrick 4th All-Round, Becca Ajygin-Waked 5th

Year 3/4 Boys: Jeremiah Ross 1st, Oscar Murray 2nd, Rio Saffer 5th, Zac McCoy 6th

Year 5/6 Boys: Arthur Hannan 1st, Oscar Dunn 5th, George McCarthy 6th


CBS Athletics Team Shine at Inter School Athletics Event

On Friday 25 November, a team of thirty-eight students from year four to year six travelled to AUT Millennium to compete in the Super Cluster Inter School Athletics Meet. This athletics event is between the eight schools of Mairangi Bay, St Johns, Sunnynook, Browns Bay, Pinehurst, Pinehill, Murrays Bay and Campbells Bay. The last time this event was held was in 2019! It was so good to be back on the track again. 

There were four track events on offer- the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m. The four field events on offer were- discus, shot put, long jump and high jump. Athletes were allowed to enter the team relays and a maximum of three individual events each- one field and two track events OR one track and two field events. Our athletes competed throughout the morning in their individual events and the day ended with the excitement of the 4x100m relays. 

The CBS athletics team attended a few focused training sessions in the lead up to this event. Hard work pays off and CBS had many athletes placing in the top eight of the various events, contributing points towards the team’s overall score. The combined efforts and results of all our athletes helped the CBS team to finish with the highest school score, winning the title of top school for 2022! What a fantastic team effort! Congratulations to all our athletes.

There were some amazing displays of determination throughout the day and all athletes can be proud of how they competed. Thank you to all the teachers and parents who came along to help on the day and to all the family members who supported and cheered us on.

Congratulations to the following athletes who placed in the top three in their various events:

Year 4 Girls:

Laura H- 3rd Discus

Year 4 Boys:

Jaxson L- 3rd Discus, 1st Shot put

Jono I- 2nd Long jump, 2nd 100m, 1st 200m

Lochlann S- 3rd High jump, 1st High jump

Alex C- 2nd 400m

Ethan V- 1st 800m

Year 5 Girls:

Gwen S- 1st Long jump, 3rd High jump, 1st 400m

Aila B- 1st 100m, 1st 200m, 

Year 5 Boys:

Charlie L- 3rd Discus

Austin L- 1st Long jump, 2nd 200m

Callim O- 2nd Long jump, 

Matthew W- 3rd 400m

Year 6 Girls:

Gerayn C- 3rd Shot put, 3rd 400m

Holly D- 3rd Long jump

Grace H- 2nd High jump, 2nd 200m, 1st 400m

Neeva H- 1st 800m

Year 6 Boys:

Liam C- 3rd Long jump, 1st 100m, 2nd 200m

Kanjiro W- 2nd Long Jump, 2nd High jump

Josh B- 1st 400m, 3rd 800m

4x 100m Relays:

Year 5 Girls- 1st (Brooke H, Gwen S, Annalise L, Aila B)

Year 5 Boys- 2nd (Matthew W, Callum O, Lachlan R, Austin L)

Year 6 Girls- 2nd (Hannah C, Grace H, Gerayn C, Neeva H)

Year 6 Boys- 1st (Oscar F, Lincoln G, Liam C, Josh B)

Overall School Points:

1st place– Campbells Bay School- 542 points

2nd place– Murrays Bay School- 519 points

3rd place– Browns Bay School- 386 points

Tennis Event

Super Cluster Inter School Tennis

Last Monday 28 November, our CBS tennis team competed in the Super Cluster Tennis Tournament. This was held at the Campbells Bay Tennis Club courts. Six local primary schools attended this event, and each school could enter four girls and four boys.

There were two competitions on the day, a singles competition, and a doubles competition. Two boys and two girls from each school entered the singles competition and two boys and two girls played in the doubles competition.

All our tennis players gave of their best in all their matches and there was some very good determination and tennis on display. Both our girls’ and boys’ teams played exceptionally well, and we ended the day with some outstanding results. CBS took out the title for the boys’ singles, boys’ doubles, and girls’ doubles competitions. It was a very close competition in the overall top school championship. Our team managed to win the Top School Award by one point! Congratulations to all our players for their efforts on the day!

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported us on the day. 

Championship Results
Boys’ Singles Harry W- Winner
Boys’ Singles George Mc- Runner Up
Girls’ Doubles Grace L and Rita D- Winners
Boys’ Doubles Hyeon-seo B and Henry B- Winners
Overall School Points and Placings:
1st Campbells Bay School- 82 points
2nd Pinehurst- 81 points
3rd Mairangi Bay- 64 points


 CBS Pink Basketball Team vs MBIS

Last Wednesday, our year five and six CBS Pink basketball team went to MBIS at lunchtime, to play against one of the year seven and eight MBIS girls’ teams. Our girls were a little nervous at first, however they stepped up to the challenge and enjoyed the opportunity to play against a new opposition. The CBS Pink team displayed good basic skills and played very well as a team, passing the ball around nicely. It was an exciting game to watch, with a lot of end-to-end play. Our CBS Pink team fought hard right to the end, winning the game 20-18. Well done to Neeva H, Ruby G, Emme P, Miller M, Ava M, Grace M, Holly D, Annabel G and Neve F! Thank you to Andrew M for his coaching expertise and guidance with this team on Wednesday and throughout 2022!

Community Notices


Guitar and Ukulele Lessons are available at school next year, with Dave Gatman from Musiqhub.  If you would like more information or register your interest for lessons in Term 1 2023, please contact Dave on 021 2221456 or [email protected].

Jazz School, Christmas Big Band workshop

This will be an exciting two day school holiday workshop where year 6, 7 and 8 students will learn to play in a Jazz Big Band and then perform a concert for family and friends on the final afternoon. The Big Band is for Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone and Clarinet players plus Electric Guitar, Piano, Bass and Drums. The music we play will range from jazz versions of Christmas favourites to modern pop classics with an emphasis on having fun while producing music at a high standard. This workshop will be run by Drew Hutchinson. Students must be playing at grade 2 level or higher, or have had two years of lessons. The workshop is on December the 15th and 16th from 9am – 3pm at King’s School, 258 Remuera Road, Remuera. To register for the workshop please visit or email [email protected] for more information.

Jazz School, Christmas Big Band workshop

This will be an exciting two day school holiday workshop where year 6, 7 and 8 students will learn to play in a Jazz Big Band and then perform a concert for family and friends on the final afternoon. The Big Band is for Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone and Clarinet players plus Electric Guitar, Piano, Bass and Drums. The music we play will range from jazz versions of Christmas favourites to modern pop classics with an emphasis on having fun while producing music at a high standard. December the 15th and 16th. Please visit or email [email protected] for more information.

Best Regards,
Drew Hutchinson