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To the following students who have started at Campbells Bay School

Rosie Rm 8, Harry Room 6O, Xinya 5P, Zara Rm 11, Cormac Rm 5, Chloe Rm 1, Ida Rm 5, Connor Rm 37, Caitlyn Rm 33, Mason Rm 37, Noah Rm 37, Zabelle Rm 37

Message from the Principal

Kia ora koutou,

A big welcome back to you all to term two! I hope the children had a great break, ready to start the new term. This morning there were many tales from our students of road trips, holiday programmes, relaxing at home, visiting whānau and friends and other adventures. That is what it is all about.

Thank you for your participation in the Zoom Next Step Meetings. We hope they provided you insight of the learning that happened last term for your child. Here’s hoping that this will be the last zoom catch up and we will return to face to face meetings for the next round.

We have returned to school with new procedures under Orange of the Covid-19 Protection Framework. I have summarised these new settings below for you. It is important to note that while we now can do certain activities, it does not always mean we should. Risk assessments of various activities considered high risk will be undertaken throughout the term. There are still community cases and our role is to ensure we have taken all reasonable steps to reduce opportunities for transmission within school. For instance, while we will resume team assemblies (in well ventilated spaces), we will not resume full school assemblies, yet.

A very special welcome to new teachers Sacha Gerrie and Kelsey Stevens to the Campbells Bay School staff. This week we farewell Allieschen Crafford as she awaits the arrival of her baby. We wish Allie all the very best for the exciting chapter of motherhood ahead of her!

Have a great week ahead.

Ngā mihi nui

Rachael Taylor

Campbells Bay School under the Orange Setting

The orange setting requires individuals and organisations to make decisions about the health and well being of everyone. Term two looks very much as close to ‘normal’ as we have been for some time. With these reduced restrictions, comes great responsibility. Always an abundance of caution will be taken. Should transmission rates increase in our community/school, some activities and procedures will be reviewed.


  • Continue to keep your children home from school if they are unwell. Particularly as we know that this winter will bring many strains of cold and flu viruses.
  • Please still inform the school if your child is COVD-19 positive or a household contact. The school will continue to alert parents via email of a case that has been in class or multiple cases in their child’s class.
  • The seven day isolation period still applies.


  • Face masks are recommended and supported but no longer required by any staff, student or visitor.
  • At times, risk assessments will be made for certain activities that may require students (year 4+) or staff/parents/visitors to wear a mask unless they have a mask exemption.


  • Parents and visitors are welcome back on the school site and inside buildings at pick up and drop off times as we have done so in the past. We recommended that you wear a mask.
  • Visitors entering the school beyond drop off and pick up times must sign in at the office, as usual.
  • Face to face parent meetings with the teacher can resume. We recommended that you wear a mask.


  • Most curriculum events may go ahead, such as camps.
  • Gatherings of the whole school will still be avoided.
  • Team gatherings will be able to go ahead, such as team assemblies and team sport.


  • Students will return to play anywhere at lunchtime (with the usual exception of year grouped playgrounds).
  • Collaborative learning across classes, buddy classes, peer mediation and lunchtime activities will all resume.
  • All music, choirs and cultural activities can resume. With social distancing and well ventilated spaces.
  • Ezlunch and Sushi orders will resume.
  • All extra-curricular after school activities will resume, this includes music lessons and sports trainings.
  • Risk assessments will determine if large scale activities can go ahead.


  • School gates still open from 8.30am (this is not a new rule) – this is a health and safety issue as there is no adequate supervision for students arriving before this time. If you need to drop your child off earlier, please register them for Before School Care with SKIDS in our school hall.
  • No students should be playing on the playgrounds before school starts (due to no supervision).
  • No vaccination passes are required.
  • No scanning is required, the usual visitor register for parents coming on site beyond pick up and drop off times is required.


  • Handwashing and sanitising.
  • Surface disinfection
  • Stay home if unwell
  • Keeping shared spaces well ventilated – In colder weather, ventilation is easier to achieve. This can be achieved by having windows open a little (with heating on) and then refresh the room by opening all doors and windows, during break times. CO2 monitors will continue to measure class ventilation throughout the season’s changes.

Term 1 Showcase of Learning

Below is a copy of the ‘showcase video’ of some of our classes across our school for you to enjoy.  We are so proud of our resilient tamariki who certainly make the most of every opportunity.

Term 1 Showcase Video

Plant to Taste – Volunteers needed

Do you have any time to spare?

We are looking to expand our team of committed and enthusiastic parents and caregivers who are our Champions of Plant to Taste. This team of parents, caregivers and grandparents volunteer their time to help keep our programme running. They help to oversee the kitchen. We rely on our team of volunteers, and without them Plant to Taste will not happen.

Plant to Taste provides a wonderful opportunity for our Year 3 and 4 students to learn basic gardening and cooking skills. The students use our two gardens to learn about planting and caring for vegetables; and use our kitchen in the Hall to prepare, cook and transform the vegetables into tasty creations.

The programme runs on Tuesday (Year 4) and Thursday (Year 3) mornings from 9:00am until 12:30pm

If you are interested in joining our team of Champions please email Patricia Meder at [email protected]

CBS Families – Homemade ANZAC Poppies

Please continue to bring in your handmade family poppies this week – poppy making templates and videos are easy to find online. You can attach your poppy to the wreath by our school front gate during school hours, or alternatively you can ask your child to pass it to their class teacher.  The class teachers will ensure it makes its way to the Community ANZAC wreath.

The last day to attach your poppy is Thursday 5 May.

The school will lay your community wreath on our field of crosses as a show of respect to our fallen soldiers and those that served for us.

If you do have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know – [email protected].

NZSL Week 9-15 May

Next week we are supporting NZ Sign Language Week.  We are fortunate to have a number of staff and children learning and using NZSL within our school.

We will continue to grow our tamariki’s confidence of understanding why and how to use New Zealand’s official sign language.

If you would like to try some things at home with your tamariki next week, please have a look at the wonderful website:
Their theme this year is “NZSL is Essential.”

Second Hand Uniform Sales

Under the orange settings we are able to start selling our second hand uniforms again.

Sales will take place in Room 38 from 2.00pm – 3.30pm on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers for organising this. We have plenty of good uniform items for sale.


We expect students to wear the correct school uniform. We understand there are times that items can be outgrown, lost or damaged and require replacement and an interim solution. However, the expectation is that students do wear the correct uniform.

This includes shoes and socks. Completely black or navy shoes, and navy socks only. Please support us by ensuring your child wears the correct items to school, if you are unsure of our requirements please refer to our website

ICAS Results 2021

Congratulations to Joshua in 5Blue for achieving 100% in the Year 4 ICAS 2021 Mathematics assessment last year.

This is a very prestigious award with only a limited number of students achieving such high results.

Joshua has received a medal for his accomplishments.

We are looking forward to Joshua continuing his success at Campbells Bay School this year.


Well Done Year 6

We are very proud of our group of year 6’s at Campbells Bay School who contributed to our ‘flamingos playing twister project’ now being exhibited at Milford Mall outside The Warehouse .

Can you believe it? Well done everybody!

Art Room Requests

Our Art Room is in desperate need of old newspapers.

If you have any or know of anyone who has some they could spare, please deliver to the school office.

Ezlunch Mother’s Day Promotion


Weekly classes re-start on THURSDAY 5th May at lunchtime starting 12:25pm in Room 31.

Every chess ability including beginners catered for. We will have NZCF tests in terms 2&4 and a school championship in term 3. If your child is an absolute beginner it is essential to attend EVERY class in term 2.

Most sessions are half instruction by former NZ co-Champion Leonard McLaren and half playing.

If your child would like to enrol please send his/her details to email: [email protected]

The fee is $80 per term or $200 for the whole year. This can be paid in class to Mr McLaren or to Westpac Onehunga 03 1308 0065112-00

Any questions, comments or requests for partial refunds for overpayments last year please contact Leonard McLaren at the above email address.

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates

2022 dates – meetings are held in the school conference room at 7.30pm or via zoom dependent on Covid-19 Protection Framework guidelines.

  • Tuesday 10 May
  • Tuesday 31 May
  • Tuesday 28 June
  • Tuesday 26 July
  • Tuesday 30 August
  • Tuesday 27 September
  • Tuesday 25 October
  • Tuesday 29 November

Sports News

Date Event
Wednesday 4 May Year 5&6 Winter Netball starts at Netball North Harbour
Sunday 8 May Year 3-6 Flippaball starts
Monday 9 May Year 2 Winter Netball starts at Netball North Harbour
Monday 9 May
Year 3-6 Winter Hockey starts at North Harbour Hockey
Saturday 14 May Year 3&4 Winter Netball starts at Kidzplay
Monday 13 June Year 4-6 Super Cluster Cross Country (selected students only)
Wednesday 15 June SAVE DAY  Year 4-6 Super Cluster Cross Country (selected students only)
Wednesday 22 June Year 6 Netball Field Days Tournament at Netball North Harbour
Tuesday 28 June Year 6 Boys and Year 5&6 Girls Super Cluster Soccer Tournament (selected students only)
Thursday 30 June
SAVE DAY  Year 6 Boys and Year 5&6 Girls Super Cluster Soccer Tournament (selected students only)

Year 3 Flippaball – Extra players needed

Flippaball is a junior version of water polo. We are looking for four more year 3 students to join our year 3 flippaball teams.

If you are interested in joining a team or finding out more about flippaball, please contact Keri Maunder on [email protected] 

Community Notices