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Message from the Principal

Kia ora whānau,

It is hard to believe that we are in the final week of term one. It has been a whirlwind of a term. We have managed to make it through without a full or partial school closure. This is a huge triumph and a credit to the staff, who have remained vigilant following our procedures. Staying separated from each other, masked at all times and not having the usual comforts of the staffroom, events or meetings together. This has been to ensure we reduce staff to staff transmission to remain open and it has worked.

During our most challenging staffing periods, our staff have stepped up to support each other, showing adaptability to cancel programmes to cover classes that needed a teacher. We also have a dedicated group of amazing regular relievers who have worked tirelessly this term to keep us open. A big thank you to our amazing Campbells Bay School staff!

While we are still faced with new COVID-19 cases across the school, a big thank you to you, for keeping your children home when they were unwell and being so proactive to get a test. Thank you for your support of our procedures. At times we can all feel the fatigue of these settings, but they do make a difference and this term is evidence of that.

Since my last newsletter we have had seven positive student cases and 12 students isolating as household contacts.

This week the year five students have their two day MERC experience. A fantastic opportunity for them to get outdoors and enjoy the adventures and activities that education outside the classroom can offer.

A reminder that the last day of school for the term is Wednesday. The teachers have been busy preparing for the next step zoom meetings this coming Thursday. These are a snapshot of student learning over the past 11 weeks. A great way for you to discuss what your children are working on and celebrate what they have achieved already! A lovely way to end the term!

A very special farewell to Mr Nathan Janes. Nathan has spent the best part of 18 years connected to the CBS community. Starting with Claire, his wife, teaching at our school, his children attending CBS and of course being a teacher, a learning leader and more recently one of our amazing Deputy Principals. Nathan has shown a true commitment to our school community by keeping our students at the heart of everything he does. Nathan is a natural leader, his ability to connect with people to help them be the best they can be is a real strength. He will be missed by us all. We know that he will make a wonderful Principal, bringing with him all of these skills and qualities to the Mairangi Bay community. Thank you Mr Janes for everything you have done for our school. We wish you all the best!

Kia hora te marino
Kia whakapapa pounamu te moana, 
Kia tere te kārohirohi i mua i tō huarahi

I hope you all have a great Easter break and we look forward to seeing you back on Monday 2 May to kick off term two!

Ngā mihi nui

Rachael Taylor

CBS Families – Homemade ANZAC Poppies

At the beginning of term two we are asking for your help by contributing to a special CBS Community wreath.

Through the holidays, if your family has time, it would be amazing if you were able to work together to make one paper poppy flower (one per family).  In the first few days of next term, there will be a wreath attached to our school gate for you to pop your poppy on to this. We hope this fills up with lots of wonderful poppy creations from each family.

Near the end of that week, the school will lay your community wreath on our field of crosses as a show of respect to our fallen soldiers and those that served for us.

Poppy making templates and videos are easy to find online.  If you do have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know – [email protected]

Room 9 Thank You

Kia ora CBS whānau,

Room 9 would just like to extend our gratitude to the CBS community for the atawhai shown last week for Project Give. Thank you to all that donated – we are incredibly grateful for your support and contributions.

We have been in contact with a group called Mahi for Ukraine who are supporting families that are relocating to Aotearoa and they are really keen to link together with our Project.

Also a big thank you to Mr Walker and Mrs Jarrold who gave their time to help us with our sorting and Mrs Apperley for lending us a space

We hope you all have a safe and happy holidays~

Aroha nui, 
Room 9 

ICAS Results 2021

Congratulations to Wendi Liu for achieving 100% in the ICAS 2021 Spelling Bee assessment in 2021.

This is a very prestigious award with only a limited number of students achieving such high results.  Wendi received a medal for her accomplishments.

We are looking forward to Wendi continuing her success at Murrays Bay Intermediate School this year.


Water Safety Descriptions – 6O

I fell back into the water in a glimpse of an eye. The water wrapped around me like a cosy blanket as I fell down and bobbed back up. The water was warm and fresh and it was really deep. The water gently pushed me up, it was like there was someone there pushing me up very carefully. In the water I could hear everything but in a muffled voice. The current of the water pushing me up was as fast as a lion catching its prey. Coming up off the water I could see a glimpse of the fast current bursting me up to the surface of the water. After the current disappeared softly back into the swimming pool and I lightly came up to the surface.

Chloe K

I felt the warm aqua blue water engulf me as I sank into the pool but as soon as I went in I went out since the life jacket tugged me up to the surface as it did that it also happened to the other people. I rushed to help Julian up onto the boat and then Freddie, as they started to pull people up I helped by pushing them up from behind. After that, they pulled me up and Freddie moved over so I could help Julian eventually everyone got on the boat. After that we sat down and had a quick chat about what we did, then we went into a small huddle and we aborted the ship and got changed.

James P

I quivered as I leapt into the brisk cool water. The water splashed and splurged in my face. The water shook and rumbled like strong saltwater ocean waves. The mini-sized waves were as microscopic as an eraser. The water was a rumbling vortex. I sniffed out the smell of chlorine in the aqua-blue water. The lemon-yellow life jackets were as sparkling as a gigantic star in the enormous night sky. I gazed at the reflection of sunlight in the azure-blue water.

Rayed I

I took a deep breath in, grabbed my florescent lemon coloured life jacket and with my other hand I had my nose tight then I walked into the crystal clear water. The pool was a refreshing warmth that rapped my body up tight as I gripped the smooth wall. It was so smooth with little flakes of texture. As we started our first buddy activity we kicked back as light as a feather gently reversing while we glided through the pool.

Rapidly we found our groups to make a human chain sideways and set off as quick as lightning making a path for us, when we reached the human doc we stretched up on to the grey slippery tiles we headed to the light grey dingy to practise safety. We balanced our weight cautiously. They slid on the boat and did a  manoeuvre called scuba, or you could just slide off and fall in gently.

Imogen E

Then we got into a big chain as long as an enormous snake. We all worked together and kicked carefully so we didn’t kick the person in front of us we jumped off the diving boards as tall as a  giraffe then we swam back and bounced to the changing room with goosebumps all around my body. As I walked out I could smell the scrumptious subway calling me.

Ava I

There in front of the dark flooded aqua seats where we sat, was a white boat that looked like a miniature-scale version of the average lifeguard boat; it has grey pillars that felt like they were inflated, to be honest it was pretty warm like the sun willingly shared a small portion of it’s extreme warmth with it. Some of us ( including me ) decided we wanted more thrill, so we did the ( what the instructor called it ) “scuba diving position”. We blocked our nose tightly as if our life would depend on it and dropped into the water like dead fish. The life jacket acted, lifting me above the now warm water that was exposed onto my skin ordering it to become even more wrinkled than before. The rest of the group who had enough thrills shyly slid off the boat that felt inflated. Then we got the strongest of the group, he climbed up the slimy sideways grey “inflatable” pillar and started to help pull people up.

After this, we were allowed to scuba dive back into the bubble infested water. We dived into the chlorinated water, feeling the warmth of it once again. Everyone raced to the wall as the next class were ready to have the fun we had.

Liam C

My brain slowly began ordering me to have a brain of their own legs to anti run across the slippery icy floor that you could slip even when there was no sign of friction monsters invading the natural earth. I became a sloth and slo-mo walked towards the edge of the arctic icy pool’s eyes, looking at my reflection gleaming on its eye. The responsible instructor began sending signals into my brain, telling me to jump/step carefully into the able to freeze humans pool that was as titanic as the ocean itself. Thinking this sentence made my nose catch the smell of a salty breeze sailing throughout the air, aiming away from eerie citizens from their perspective and reluctantly avoiding getting sudden death. I took a gasp of air that could make a dent into the grubby earth, and then launched myself into the pool.

By Yigu

Travelwise News

Greetings from Campbells Bay Walking School Bus Team!!

Hi Everyone

Our Campbells Bay Walking School bus has made some excellent achievement in Term One. Even though the Omicron has imposed some challenges over the term. But our walking school bus has never stopped our operation! To delivery such a consistent high-quality service and care, it comes down to the super team!

Thank you so much for your great contribution to our walking school bus in Term One! I am so proud to be your Walking School Bus Coordinator (Herbert Sima) this year!

A big thank you to our Walking School Bus “Driver/Leader”:

  •  Jade Scott from Channel View Rd/Beach RD Route
  • Cynthia Huang from Forrest Hill Route
  • Louise Daniels from Eastcliffe Rd/Castor Bay Rd/Peter Terrace route

In addition, I would also love to thank our parent helpers. With your support, we can run our walking school bus on a daily basis!

Thanks all our parents who have encouraged your children to walk and join our walking school bus.

Of course, we would love to thank our beautiful passengers/our children. You guys are incredible! It was a joy to see you guys walking with a smile facing! Thank you for your hard work!

A big thanks to Victoria Huck, Campbells Bay Travelwise Leader, Louise Cameron from Auckland Transport. You guys are always here to support us.

In term 2, we would love to encourage more children to walk to school. To create a safe and fun environment for our children, we would love to establish some more walking school bus routes. If you are Interested in joining/starting one? Please complete the details below and email to:

[email protected]


Contact number:




Weekly classes re-start on THURSDAY 5th May at lunchtime starting 12:25pm in
room 31.

Every chess ability including beginners catered for. We will have NZCF tests
in terms 2&4 and a
school championship in term 3. If your child is an absolute beginner it is
essential to attend
EVERY class in term 2.

Most sessions are half instruction by former NZ co-Champion Leonard McLaren
and half playing.

If your child would like to enrol please send his/her details to email:
[email protected]

The fee is $80 per term or $200 for the whole year. This can be paid in
class to Mr McLaren or to
Westpac Onehunga 03 1308 0065112-00

Any questions, comments or requests for partial refunds for overpayments
last year please
contact Leonard McLaren at the above email address.

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates

2022 dates – meetings are held in the school conference room at 7.30pm or via zoom dependent on Covid-19 Protection Framework guidelines.

  • Tuesday 10 May
  • Tuesday 31 May
  • Tuesday 28 June
  • Tuesday 26 July
  • Tuesday 30 August
  • Tuesday 27 September
  • Tuesday 25 October
  • Tuesday 29 November

Mathletes of the Week

Junior Mathletics Class of the Week Room 25
Senior Mathletics Class of the Week 6Silver
Junior Mathlete of the Week Benjamin M Room 10
Senior Mathlete of the Week River J 6Orange

Sports News

Date Event
Tuesday 5 April Year 3 Flippa ball registrations open
Thursday 28 April Year 3 Flippa ball registrations close

Community Notices


Guitar and Ukulele Lessons are available at school, with Dave Gatman from Musiqhub.  If you would like some more information, or to enrol your child, please contact Dave on 021 2221456 or [email protected]

Takapuna AFC Holiday Programme

With the season just around the corner get the kids back into football with our fun football holiday programme at Takapuna AFC. Girls and boys from 4 to 13 are welcome. The week is full of exciting games and tournaments. Our team of highly qualified staff will ensure your kids have a ball in a positive and safe environment.

Holiday Camp Details


Takapuna AFC, Taharoto Park, Taharoto Rd, Takapuna, 0622


Week 1: Tues 19th to Fri 22nd April

Week 2: Tues 26th to Fri 29th April


– 9am to 12pm $29 per day

– 9am to 3pm $49 per day

Register Your Child:

Go to

Queries: Contact Chris Bryson on [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you soon!