Kia ora e te whānau!


We did it! Reopened the school last week albeit for a few days! The playgrounds and classrooms were filled once again with the chatter, laughter and squeals of our students. It was wonderful!

The anticipation of reopening was evident across staff, families and students. It was great to see the plan finally in action. I have been pleased to see the amount of space students have to learn and play safely in. This sense of space really does create an additional sense of safety for everyone on site.

I want to say a massive thank you to our community for sticking to our procedures, particularly around avoiding entering the school grounds, sticking within the school opening times and ensuring your children head straight to class in the morning. This made for a really low risk drop off and collection of students. Thank you.

We have had good attendance. It was quite a statistical coincidence that we reached 66% attendance on both days. Green school had 312/472 students and blue school had 313/473 students. We anticipate that these numbers will grow by the end of the year. Today we have received nine additional families back to school.

Please note: school is open every day, including Fridays until 3.00pm. The only 12.30pm finish we have is on the last day of school for the year, Friday 17 December. 

Mask wearing guidance

All staff are required to wear a mask indoors. With the exception of Y0-3 teachers who can choose. All year 4-6 students are required to wear a mask indoors. All visitors to the school, including parents who enter the school grounds must wear a mask whether inside or outside.

Our contractors on the new building site are not required to wear a mask unless they cross over the site boundary. The building site is deemed separate from the school. However, the construction staff are all included in the vaccination mandate, and they all are fully vaccinated.

Bus Bay

For the rest of the term you can turn in and out of the bus bay both left and right. The reduced numbers each day has made a significant reduction in traffic on the road.

Road Patrol

We only have a teacher on road patrol duty each day. This is because our lovely year six patrollers are all in on different days. Having one adult on road patrol duty and no lollipop signs will carry on for the start of next year. This is because our fabulous community constable is currently working in the Covid-19 response team and is not able to train any students in preparation for term one.

No Office Phone on Wednesday Afternoon

Our school is lucky enough to be upgrading our wifi hardware. Our Huawei system is no longer supported. We have managed to squeeze this in before the end of the year, but it does mean that for Wednesday afternoon this week, the phones will not be in service temporarily. We have been told this should be no more than two hours between 12.30pm and 2.30pm. Any disruption is not ideal, but we hope that this will be short lived. We will have access to email via hotspotting, so please contact [email protected] if you need to get in touch with us during that period of time.


Class and individual photos that were ordered some time ago will be sent home soon. Keep an eye on your child’s bag for your order. If your child is not at school, please hold tight and we will let you know the plan to get your order to you. This will be something resembling a click and collect timeslot.

Returning Library Books

It is that time of year when we hope to get all outstanding library books back to school for the stocktake. I know it has been a while, but if you have any CBS books at home, pop them into your child’s bag for returning back to school.

Not coming back to school?

The team is designing a plan to ensure you get access to your child’s belongings, as well as the class placement letters, organisational booklets and end of year reports due in the final two weeks of the school year. We will communicate the process for this soon.

Returning Devices

We want our devices to stay with those families who need them for as long as possible. A procedure will be shared soon about when and how to return these in the final week of the school year.

Additional Information

I have created a Frequently Asked Questions document outlining the process of our decision making for reopening school in 2021. The reopening plan that was shared with you last Friday was five A4 pages to print! This additional information was left out to leave room for you to digest the most critical health and safety messages for reopening. Now that the dust has settled and our plan is in action, the background is available for those interested.

As always, if you want to get in touch, please contact me [email protected]