We are prepared and very excited for the return of our students to school. Having students back on site before the end of the year is a fantastic opportunity to reconnect and reengage them in all the benefits of school life.

I understand a lot of information has been sent through pertaining to the return to school plan. This email is to outline the most critical operational procedures before the first day.

If you are like me, at information overload, then refer to the blue checklist at the end!

If you have decided to keep your child/ren home from school for the remainder of the year, please inform [email protected]. You will only need to inform us in writing once.

If your child is not attending school on their allocated day/s for any reason please inform [email protected] as usual.

Arriving at School
School starts as usual at 8.55am. Students can arrive from 8.30am but not before. They are to go straight to class as soon as they enter the school grounds to avoid intermingling.

If you are using the bus bay to drop your child off, please ensure that they can get out of the car without assistance. The bus bay will be supervised but only in a socially distanced way.

Leaving School
All students must leave the school grounds immediately after the bell. School gates close for all students and parents from 3.15pm. There should be no students waiting on the school grounds to be collected.

If you are collecting students from the bus bay after school, usual procedures apply, the bus bay will be free for cars from 3.10pm.

We have a new procedure in place. If your child is late to school, they must go straight to class and register their absence with their own teacher. If they are Y2 and older, please avoid coming on site to bring them to class.

Mask Wearing
Mask wearing is required for all students from Year 4-6 and staff. Students in Y0-3 can choose to wear a mask if they wish. All visitors on site must wear a mask.

There are no lunch orders for the rest of the year. Please pack your child’s lunch each day.

School Bus
The school bus will be back in operation from Wednesday.

Adults on School Grounds
Unless critical – avoid entering the school grounds. Any parent wishing to come onto the grounds must be masked, keep 2M away from other people and sign in using the QR codes. No parent is allowed in classrooms or cloak bay/corridors.

Using the Office
If at all possible, phone the office for queries rather than popping in. If it is essential that you come to the office, there is a strict one in and one out system. Please wait socially distanced outside while someone is in there.

First day Back at A Glance

  • Pack your child’s lunch and water bottle.
  • Pack a mask and a spare one! (Y4+).
  • Pack the school hat!
  • Say your goodbye’s outside of the school grounds where practical.
  • Students go straight to their classroom in the morning no earlier than 8.30am.
  • Make a meeting place outside of the school or collect your children on time.
  • Most importantly – stay home if you are unwell.

I cannot believe that we will get to see your wonderful children this week. The more you read and understand the procedures for alert level three at school, the better prepared students will be for when they are on site. It will be a shock to the system for some, for even us as adults. We are going to step forward into schooling gently, ensuring students have wonderful days to recount to you when they get home. Looking forward to seeing you all, I will have a smile from ear to ear behind my mask!