Kia ora e te whānau,

As promised, here is the plan for Campbells Bay School reopening from Wednesday 17 November. Before reading the plan below, I ask that you keep in mind that Auckland is still working within alert level three. These restrictions remain the same at school. They also mean that while we have the ability to reopen and return to school in some capacity, what it looks like has certainly been limited within the level three regulations.

Returning to school in a part time capacity will be a sigh of relief for some and excitement for others. It may also create mixed emotions and apprehension. We acknowledge for some families and students it will be a big change to be around so many people and a change of environment. Our staff will be focussed on ensuring students feel safe and secure to be at school, while providing a richness of learning experiences to make returning to school worthwhile. We have been ready and waiting for our students to return for some time, and we are excited to see you!

A new system of onsite learning and distance learning will begin from next week. To allow teachers time to re enter their classrooms, there will be no class zooms on Tuesday 16 November. Distance learning programmes will still be available as usual.

There is a lot of information that we ask you to take the time to read and understand. Reopening safely is not something we take lightly. We appreciate your time and support to make sense of the information.


The Ministry of Health has deemed it safe for primary schools in Auckland to open with the following key procedures in place.

●     Anyone who is feeling unwell, must stay at home and get tested.

●     No non-essential visitors should be on the school grounds.

●     Mask wearing for some.

●     Robust contact tracing processes.

●     Vigilant hand washing and hygiene practices.

●     All staff meeting the public health vaccination mandate. Including a recent negative Covid-19 test.

●     Well ventilated classrooms and outdoor learning where possible.

●     Reducing the number of people on site (particularly adults).

●     Limiting congestion, congregation and intermingling.

●     Adults adhering to the usual level three protocols when out in public, social distancing of 2m from strangers and mask wearing.

●     Keeping students and staff in stable groups.

Returning to School Plan and Procedures

While there is some theoretical flexibility in the model that may be implemented to meet Ministry of Education guidelines for a part-time return to school, in practice, only the ‘Staggered Days’ model we outline below is practicable for our school. Student well-being has been at the centre of decision making. Where possible, we want students to come to school with their own teacher, in a classroom they are familiar with, and peers they will be excited to reconnect with. In any other model, we could not offer this. We also want to provide students with a system that ensures we can keep learning at the forefront by being able to offer the distance learning programme on days they are not on site.

Our plan is outlined below. Unfortunately, we do not have any room for flexibility or exceptions to this plan. This is a consequence of the sheer size of our school and to ensure we can deliver a quality hybrid programme (in school and distance learning) in the safest possible way.

Reducing the Risk – Less Students and Adults on Site
The school has been split into two groups: GREEN SCHOOL and BLUE SCHOOL.












Each class has been designated two days on-site a week, plus alternating Fridays. It is vitally important that children only come to school on their allocated days. To meet Ministry of Education guidelines, we have specifically selected the days and the classes based on their proximity to each other so we can spread students and staff out. Where possible, every second class is vacant. These days will be the same each week until the end of the year, or until another announcement is made.

Spreading classes out across the school reduces overcrowding in hallways, bathrooms, drop off and pick up times and play times. Student play times will be managed via staggered breaks and specific areas for those classes only. Teachers will be arranging their own break times with the class alongside their neighbouring classes. Any intermingling between groups of students in different areas will not be permitted. We will have a minimal number of staff on site. Teachers will teach on the days they are on-site with their students and on the other days they will continue with the class distance learning programme as normal from home.

Current Bubble Children of Essential Workers Who Require Daily Supervision

We are not allowed to have students move from a bubble class to their usual class. So, if your children are already enrolled in bubble school, they can remain as a bubble school. This is important for our bubble families who require additional supervision, beyond their two days. More information will be emailed through to bubble school families today. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any further bubble school student enrolments at this time due to space and staff capacity limitations.

Siblings Attending on Different Days

We know that one of the biggest issues with any staggered approach is siblings attending on different days. 200 of our families have more than one child at Campbells Bay School, the variables for keeping siblings together, while staffing and maintaining stable groups that do not intermingle is not possible to work within the Ministry of Education guidelines. We acknowledge that this will not be ideal for families who have students attending on different days but we hope that any return to school will be useful.

Students Not Returning to School

Students will continue to access their classes’ distance learning programme. There will be no zoom sessions on the days that their teacher is on site. Please contact the office as usual [email protected] to register their absence.

Mask Wearing 

The Ministry of Education has instructed schools to follow specific mask wearing procedures. While we are aware there are mixed opinions for mask wearing, we must support these regulations to safely reopen. Mask wearing is required for all students in Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6. All staff are also required to wear a mask, with the exception of teachers of Year 0-3 whereby it is optional. Mask wearing extends to all parents choosing to enter school grounds. We understand there will be students and whānau who are exempt from wearing a mask for various reasons and they will be supported to return to school regardless. No proof of exemption is required.

Students/staff are not required to wear a mask outdoors or when eating but can choose to if they wish. We recommend that you pack spare masks for your children and it would be ideal to pack a ziplock bag so they can store their masks when not in use.

Drop Off and Pick Up Times for Students Remain Unchanged

School start time and end time is as normal.

  • School is open from 8.30am to drop students off and school starts at 8.55am as normal.
  • Students must go straight to their classroom, there is to be no playing around the school grounds before the start of school to reduce intermingling of groups. Having this 25 minute window to be at school will reduce congregating and congestion.
  • School finishes at 3.00pm. This poses the greatest risk for congestion, please maintain social distance from others.
    You must collect your students on time, it defeats our health and safety processes if students are congregating outside the school gates waiting for you to collect them.
  • Biking, walking and scootering are ideal ways to come to and from school. It means students can leave straight away.
  • Please do not ask your children to wait on the school grounds or playgrounds for you.
  • All students and whānau must be off-site and gates will be locked at 3.15pm. This again, is to prevent intermingling of groupings on school grounds.
  • The bus bay will be available for pick ups as usual. We ask students who are waiting for you to stay socially distanced, this will be supported by a teacher on duty.
  • If your child is late to school, they must go straight to class (not the office) and their lateness will be registered with the teacher. Usual processes apply, parents avoid coming onto the school grounds even when children are late.

School Bus

We have been informed by Auckland Transport that our school bus will start to run again as normal from Wednesday 17 November. All students catching the bus must wear a mask. A teacher on duty will collect a register of students on the bus each morning and afternoon for contact tracing purposes.


Unfortunately, there is still no after school care supervision available while at alert level three.

Sun Smart

Term four is a hat term, never more so important than when teachers will be choosing to do outdoor learning more often. Please remember to bring the school hat. Sunscreen is available in classrooms, it will be useful to apply sunscreen before school as an additional precaution.

Students Presenting COVID-19 Symptoms

Usual medical room procedures will take place, however students will be isolated in a room while waiting for parents to collect them. If in doubt, please do not send your child to school.


Effective from Tuesday 16 November all adults on school grounds who are working alongside students must meet the new public health order for vaccinations in schools. This includes all staff and you can also be assured that it extends out to all specialist teachers, after school activity groups, Ministry of Education staff (OT, Psychologists, SLT), Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB). In addition, it includes all contractors, such as electricians, plumbers, builders who work during school time and it includes all construction staff working on our new classroom block.

What Happens When We Have a Case at School?
The Ministry of Health has adjusted their process and designed the response to be much more individualised. You will receive notification of the school closure and advice from us directly from the Ministry of Health on what our actions should be. The school closure is initially to identify the risk and close contacts. From here actions will be determined by the Ministry of Health and the school will implement those public health orders. How much time the school needs to be closed is unknown.

Our best action is to stay home when we are unwell and get tested. Should you or your children find out that you have Covid-19, the health officials will advise you on what to do, and they will get in touch with the school.

Entering CBS Grounds – please read and adhere to the procedure for coming onto the school site.

We are making conditions to enter the grounds as user-friendly as possible while ensuring everybody is safe. Staff are not required to police these regulations, however should we find it difficult to maintain these procedures, the school can and will choose to keep parents off-site completely. We ask you to respect these requirements as you have done in the past. These processes apply to everyone, whether vaccinated or not.

Simply put, avoid entering the school grounds unless it is absolutely essential.

All adults who do need to enter the school grounds must:

  • wear a mask
  • use hand sanitizer
  • sign in by using the QR codes available at each of the school entrances
  • upon arriving at school, parents must drop off students and leave immediately
  • parents/caregivers must not enter classes or cloak bays. If you require time to talk with your teacher, please arrange it in advance. The teacher will share with you the appropriate protocols for the meeting
  • Avoid the office and give us a call instead. (The office poses the most risk with so many adults congregating together). However, if you have no other option but to enter the main office there is a one in and one out system. Please wait outside (socially distanced) for the person to come out before you go in.

Thank you so much for your support. We want to be back at school. And we want to know we have done everything we can to support your child/ren to keep safe and well. Please help us to help keep schools open and a safe place to be.

Your Associate Principals will be in touch before the return to school with a welcome video for your child/ren. We hope this will help them get excited about coming back to school and brief them on anything important for that first day back and what it will look like.

For a change in pace, we have the next staff video compilation. This one is Guess the Teacher. I am not sure why, but it looks like the staff and I have aged a bit over this lockdown!!

Any questions or concerns, as always please contact me. Rachael Taylor, Principal [email protected]