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To the following students who have started at Campbells Bay School

Hannah Jorgensen, Marc Jorgensen, Zac Liu, Bree Collett, Marcus Li, Martin Li, Xavier Osborne, Jacob Zhang, Jack Woodward, Alex Fan, Godric Cui, Imogen D’Anvers, Alexandria Matthews, Julia Marti Mendez-Nunez

Message from the Principal

Nau mai, hoki mai! Welcome back to term three!

The school has been a hive of activity over the term break. The canopy over the basketball court is almost complete, the team have experienced a raft of delays but fingers crossed they will have the canopy roof up this week. This will be a great addition to all weather play space for our students! We had roof, gutter and building washing, tree trimming. The most exciting activity was the preparation of the site for our new classroom block.

You will see that fencing starts at the bottom of our field and covers the top netball court. The site is declared a separate compound and it is separate to the school. This means no one is to enter the site without meeting the project manager and abiding by their very strict health and safety regulations. All students will be instructed by their teachers about the expectations of the site and staying behind the fence. Although I am sure a number of students will enjoy seeing the diggers and crane activity throughout the building process!

The access gate to the field has now been repurposed as a driveway and access point for the entire site. What is great about this is that all vehicles and trucks will be off the road and moving in and out of the school away from busy pedestrian areas. The field access gate is no longer accessible to pedestrian traffic. Pedestrians can continue walking up to the main school gates instead. Most of the field is still open to play on.

The first job for the team was to prepare the site over the school holidays. They were busy building the driveway, and demolishing our bike shed. A new bike shed will be installed as part of the build, but not until the end. The proposed time of the build is 16-18 months.

This is a Ministry of Education civil works project. The school will continue working closely with them and their very experienced project team. We expect the Ministry to provide us updates to communicate to you regularly on progress. They are also installing a time lapse camera, so that we can watch the builds progress. Next week this should be up and running and I will insert the link in our school newsletter.

With the bike shed now gone, you will be able to find lost property in the Rainbow Room (the small classroom by the junior playground at the front of the school). It is in the cupboard to the left. All lost property is kept there and once a week it is sorted by our amazing office staff. Those items that are named are given back to your child’s teacher for collection. Road patrol signs and items can also be found in the cloak bay of this room. Bikes and scooters have been relocated to the area under the climbing tree.

Change can be disruptive at times. The new construction will offer some challenges to the school but we will respond and solve them as proactively and quickly as possible. The short term compromises during construction will have long term benefits for generations to come. To have a new building in the school provides our students a purposeful design and thoughtfully created space to complement the teaching and learning programme. A new classroom block also provides the benefits of any new building such as double glazing, light and sound design and improved building specifications.

If you have any questions about the build, please get in touch with me, [email protected].

With Sadness

It was very sad to read that the wonderful Vale Betty Gilderdale passed away on Friday 9 July. She was just days short of her 98th birthday. We send our condolences and thoughts to her wonderful family and friends, forever connected to our school.

We were honoured to have Betty as our most special guest at the opening of our Learning Hub. Every new entrant student starting CBS still receives her book the “Little Yellow Digger Goes to School” which both John McGowan and I both have had such delight in reading to the classes over the years and the story never gets old! Scholastic NZ note that “with over half a million Little Yellow Digger books in print, the original picture book stands out as one of New Zealand’s all-time bestselling children’s picture books, a wonderful legacy to leave to the world of children’s publishing. It is a legacy that is being continued by their son Peter, who has taken up the mantle of writing new books in the series.

Next Steps Interviews

Our next Parent/Teacher Interviews will be on Tuesday 17 and Thursday 19 August for all teachers.

  • Go to
  • Enter the school code 3u2rj
  • Enter your email address. Your email address is used to send you confirmation of your bookings.
  • Enter your name
  • Select the number of students you want to make bookings for, and fill in their names.
  • Press the green “Go” button to go on to the next page.
  • Select a year from the first box, then select a teacher from the second box.
  • Press the green “Go” button to go on to the next page.
  • Choose the time(s) you want.

You should leave time to get from one booking to the next if booking with more than one teacher.

Please note that the online booking program will be opened at 9:00am Wednesday 28 July and closed at 3:00pm on Thursday 12 August.

Please try and make your booking within this timeframe as it isn’t always easy for teachers to add you in at the last minute as they need to prepare.

Year 6 parents, please be aware when making your booking, that there is an MBIS Parent Information Evening scheduled for Thursday 19 August, 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations to the following children who received Principal’s Awards at a special presentation on Monday 5 July.

Stella Tang (Room 1), Piper Morris (Room 2), Ryan J Zhang (Room 3), Chelsea Nel (Room 4), Anna Chung (Room 5), Ada Zhao (Room 6), Rebecca Li (Room 7), Rita Dixon (Room 8), Monica Zhou (Room 9), Lochlann Smith (Room 10), Gwen Saunders (Room 11), Nathan Wen (Room 12), Autumn Jiang (Room 13), Rosie Reen (Room 14), Leo Ding (Room 15), Jonty Gardner (Room 16), Elaine Wu (Room 17), Dylan Yee (Room 24), Felix Zhang (Room 25), Mia Li (Room 26), Coco Lene (Room 27), Anika Patel (Room 33), Judd Wiltshire (Room 36), Rory Ikonen (Room 37), Julian Wang (5B), Darcy Kirton (5G), Mila Turnbull (5O), Andrew Mao (5P), Finn Lewis (5R), Ginny Gao (5S), Chloe Bryce-Borthwick (5Y), Amelia O’Grady (6B), Carina de Koster (6G), Brian Jin (6G), Eva Liu (6G), Luke Wilson  (6O), Galileo Zhu (6P), Cindy Liu (6S), Ben Zhang (6S), Layla Downey (6Y)

Tony Ebert Kiwi Spirit Award

Congratulations to our Kiwi Spirit recipient Schalk de Wet (6Orange). Well done Schalk 🙂


A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our fundraiser so far! It is not too late to sign up and get sponsors. Your child will do the STEM-A-Thon quiz sometime next week, their class teacher will be in touch with you to let you know when this is.

Here are some stats ( as at 9.00am Monday 26 July):

  • Total Raised: $15,401
  • Fundraisers signed up: 326
  • Active Fundraisers: 60% (those with a donation against their page)
  • Average Donation: $31.73
  • % of school population signed up: 33% (based on Education Counts roll size info: 982 students)
  • Student leading with the most donations: Piper Morris
  • House winning with the most donations: Kawau

If you need a copy of the quiz, then get in touch with your child’s class teacher and they will email it to you. Students, keep an eye out on CBTV for spot prizes!

Message from Constable Murray

Constable Murray updating you from my corner of the world with views and news from your community

What’s important and why!

Constable Bryan says …

I am a little tired of having to tell parents this while I am on patrol  …….

Parents please don’t tell your children that the Police will lock them up or catch them out if they are being naughty.

We want children to come to us if they are scared, lost or in danger and for them not to run away from us.

Kids – 😊 if you are lost or in trouble or scared please remember, don’t be scared of us, we are all good guys and gals and are here to help you. We will protect you and keep you safe. Please remember when we are out on patrol driving our Police cars around your community make sure you give us a wave or if we are walking around come and say hi.

Sneaky Driveways, the view from our children’s perspective

(A sneaky driveway is a driveway where drivers may not be able to see anyone crossing)

It goes without saying that we love our children and other peoples children and we love the community in which we live.

It saddens me that I have to report that in our communities in which we live there are more and more “near misses” occurring in and around our driveways.

You may or may not be aware but just recently we had two near misses where a child has been on a footpath and a vehicle has hit them.

Here is a link for an incident that occurred outside a Christchurch driveway….

The mother stated that her son was riding his scooter home from school when a vehicle drove out of a driveway and knocked him over on the footpath, she stated “Its up to the adults to take the safety precautions” because “kids will be kids”.

People need to slow down and creep over the footpath, don’t rely on your reversing mirrors, make sure you can see the people on the footpath from your drivers window, if you have poor visibility, get out of your car and ask someone to guide you out “especially if it around busy times such as school times”.

It’s important that drivers of motor vehicles are responsible and extra vigilant, but parents also need to tell their kids to be careful when crossing driveways says Safe Kids Director Ann Weaver.

ZARA the Zebra at the new pedestrian crossing near Belmont School. Always remember to cross over the road at the safest place and don’t forget if you are with your parent hold their hands. 😊

Who is the guy on the jetski or jumping from the plane? Could it be Constable Murray in his outdoor pursuits?

The young ones at Campbells Bay School always up for the press up challenge, whew, these guys and girls are impressive.

It’s fantastic interacting with our community 😊                      

Look who I found in my travels? We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful community, with such diversity and friendships.

Welcome Room 34

Student Success

Gerayn Chow from 5Yellow participated in the Hamilton City Gymnastics Winter Festival competition.

She was awarded first overall in her level and age category.

Student Success

Mila Shan 6Orange, competed at the North Island Artistic Swimming Competition held in Tauranga on July 2nd – 4th with the 12U team and placed 2nd!

Weekly News Round Up Term 2 Week 10

Weekly News Round Up Term 2 Week 10


  • Forest with Room 36
  • Plant to taste Room 27
  • Year 5 and 6 Basketball
  • Year 6 Beach water collection
  • Room 6S forest walk

TNIS Enrolments 2022

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates

2021 dates – meetings held in the school conference room at 7.30pm (please note the changes in Term 3)

  • Monday 26 July
  • Monday 23 August
  • Thursday 30 September
  • Tuesday 26 October
  • Tuesday 30 November

Mathletes of the Week

Junior Mathletics Class of the Week Room 4
Senior Mathletics Class of the Week Room 14
Junior Mathlete of the Week William Fan (Room 27)
Senior Mathlete of the Week Oliver Sun (Room 14)

Sports News

Date Event
Thursday 29 July Primary Schools Rugby Festival Day (selected students only)
Tuesday 3 August Primary Schools Rugby Festival SAVE DAY (selected students only)
Wednesday 11 August Year 5&6 Basketball Inter School Zone Day (selected students only)
Saturday  31 August Kidzplay Netball Competition Starts (selected teams only)

Semester One Miniball Superstars

Congratulations to all of our Miniball teams who competed in the NZ Breakers and North Harbour Basketball leagues. Every player went onto the court each week showing great sportsmanship, skills, respect and resilience. It is incredible to see so many of our students participating in and enjoying miniball in 2021, and to see so many of our teams making finals in Semester 1.

Our awesome miniball teams and CBS students achieved some fantastic results throughout the season. Campbells Bay is very proud of the way you represented CBS, demonstrated kindness and positive attitudes and showed great kindness to other teams and officials.

Semester One Miniball Final Results

CBS Strikeforce – NZ Breakers

Finished in first place, winning their finals match. Special congratulations for winning every game during the tournament thanks to their grit and determination on the court each week. Great work!

CBS Rockets

Our CBS Rockets team played their hearts out all season, proving to be an extremely competitive side in the Mixed League Red. Well done on making it all the way to finals and winning the division. Fantastic job team!

CBS Purple

Congratulations on a fantastic season girls, you showed great sportsmanship and grew so much as a team together. You played some absolutely awesome basketball and showed kindness and integrity each time you stepped on the courts. What an achievement to win the Year 2-4 Girls League. Amazing work girls!

CBS Silver

Well done for finishing in first place winning your final in the Year 5-6 League 3, you fought hard and played incredibly well all season. Your skill, understanding of the game and respect for other players and the referees was noticed throughout the season by officials and teams. Super effort boys!

North Harbour Netball Mid Season Tournament

On the last Sunday of the school holidays CBS Team 5/1 entered into the North Harbour Netball Mid Season tournament. First up we played Belmont and we won 13-0. The next game was a lot tougher, against Glamorgan but we managed to win 5-3. Then we played Dairy Flat and secured a 5-1 win. The last game and the one that would determine if we made it into the final was against Vauxhall, who we defeated 10-6. In the finals we were up against some tough competition from the Torbay Donkeys but our team kept up their winning momentum and beat them 9-5. The girls all played really well, especially as we had no subs, so everyone was pretty tired after 5 games of netball!. The girls all demonstrated the CBS values of kindness, respect, and resilience.

CBS 5/2 also participated in the tournament and played extremely well, winning 3 out of their 4 games. What a fantastic achievement girls, CBS Sport is very proud of the way you played and represented Campbells Bay School.

CBS 5/1 Team: Maggie Venter, Emme Poppelbaum, Neeva Harvey, Lilly Burke, Chloe Bosh, Grace Hogan, Mila Turnbull (Varavara Mikheeva & Grace Milne absent). Coached by Erin Venter.

Sports Information 2021

All information about sport at CBS for 2021 can be found under the Sports tab at the top right hand side of the homepage of the school’s website. The CBS Weekly Sports Yearly Overview 2021 link will show you a table with what sports are available to the different year groups and when they are played during the year. There are also links to inter school and zone day dates for the year and a link to the sports information letters, which are sent home when registrations for the different weekly sports teams are open. The different sports pages will be updated as sports become available during the year. Please have a look at the Sports tab and its pages if your child is keen to play sports this year.

Community Notices