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Message from Rachael Taylor

Kia ora koutou katoa,

The signs of winter are here. A much cooler morning this morning! Winter sports have begun and so have the sniffles. If your child/ren are sick please try to keep them at home.

We are always looking for ways to increase our shared play space particularly during the rainy season. In 2019, the school spent considerable time upgrading the field drainage system, which means it can withstand some wet periods and we hope to have it open much of winter. We are also excited that this week our basketball court canopy, adjacent to the school hall, will begin to be installed. From Wednesday, fencing will be placed around the court to secure the site so that the foundation can be put in place. At the end of the week the fencing will come down and the court is back in use while we wait for the concrete to cure. The week starting the 28 June, the fencing will be reinstalled and the poles and canopy roofing will go up. The canopy should be completed by the last week of this term. Just in time for the wet season!

The canopy will look similar to this.

COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area) Canopies | Shade Systems NZ

A quick update from last week. I met with the team replacing the wastewater pipes along Beach Road. The works are scheduled to start this week, although no word yet…The first part of the replacement will start at the intersection of Aberdeen Road and Beach Road. Best to avoid this area at busy times for the next couple of weeks. They will then work their way down to Castor Bay in sections.

Two friendly reminders. If you know you will be late to collect your child/ren after school. Please phone and let the office know or arrange supervision for them at the school through sKids. Please do not ask your children to wait unsupervised on the playground. No students should be playing on the playgrounds unsupervised waiting to be picked up. All students can be collected from the bus bay between 3.10pm (once the school bus departs) and 3.25pm. All students should wait at the bus bay until they are collected.

Yellow lines, bus bays, driveways and u-turns. Eek! Parents and staff on duty continue to report illegal driving around the school pedestrian crossing and drop off area. Please do not use driveways or yellow lines to double park and drop children off. The bus bay is supervised at busy times, and often free flowing as a safe place to drop off and pick up. We have even added additional duty on the bus bay to help the flow of traffic and people! Using driveways, pavements and yellow lines causes congestion, dangerous overtaking and puts pedestrians at risk. The NZ Police are working with us, we will continue to report plate numbers of those who are breaking traffic laws. Please be kind, be patient, and follow the road rules.

Have a great week!

Year 4 Pink Shirt Day

Year 4s did a fantastic job of highlighting Kōrero Mai, Kōrero Atu, Mauri Tū, Mauri OraSpeak Up, Stand Together, Stop Bullying!
Some classes made videos, others role played and others chanted – Stop Bullying!

Well done Year 4s for your awesome efforts.

National Simultaneous Story from Space

Wednesday Campbells Bay students listened to astronaut Shannon Walker read – ‘Give me Space’ – in SPACE.

CBS and lots of other schools across New Zealand and Australia watched simultaneously the astronaut read from the Space Station up in space. It was amazing and lots of questions were asked by those students watching in the Learning Hub at lunchtime.

To prove she was up in Space, we watched Shannon float up and the book float in front of us at the end of the story. To read it at home, click on this link

Book Week 2021

Book it in your diary: Monday 29 November – Friday 3 December.

We will have lots of events happening during this week; Authors, Special visitors and guests, Grandparent Day, late evening shopping opportunities, competitions, wish list, class Wall displays and of course our CBS Book Parade.

Watch this space for more information over the next few months.

Weekly Second Hand Uniform Sales

Reminder that there will be second hand uniform for sale on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1.30pm – 3.30pm in Room 38.

Please support our wonderful volunteers who have given up their time to make these sales happen.

Weekly News Roundup

Weekly News Round Up week 3 term 2


  • Junior Stardome visit
  • Room 27 Cooking
  • Tech with year 4

Campbells Bay School Disco

Jammies in June

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates

2021 dates – meetings held in the school conference room at 7.30pm

  • Tuesday 25 May – week 4
  • Tuesday 22 June – week 8
  • Tuesday 27 July – week 1
  • Tuesday 24 August – week 5
  • Tuesday 28 September – week 10
  • Tuesday 26 October – week 2
  • Tuesday 30 November – week 7

Mathletes of the Week

Junior Mathletics Class of the Week Room 4
Senior Mathletics Class of the Week 5Yellow
Junior Mathlete of the Week Juliana Wuson (Room 5)
Senior Mathlete of the Week Theodor Yao (5Blue)

Sports News

Date Event
Thursday 27 May Year 5&6 North Shore Primary Schools’ Badminton competition (selected students only)
Friday 28 May Year 4-6 Competitive Cross Country/Inter School Cross country team trial run (registered students only)
Monday 31 May SAVE DAY Year 4-6 Competitive Cross Country/Inter School Cross country team trial run (registered students only)
Tuesday 8 June Year 4-6 SuperCluster Inter School Cross Country (selected students only)
Thursday 10 June SAVE DAY Year 4-6 SuperCluster Inter School Cross Country (selected students only)
Tuesday 22 June Year 6 Boys SuperCluster Soccer Tournament and Year 5&6 Girls SuperCluster Soccer Tournament (selected students only)

Year 4-6 Inter School Cross Country Trial Run Friday 28 May

Today is the last day to register for the year 4-6 inter school cross country trial run. Registrations are via the school online payment portal and only registered students will be allowed to attend. Please note that late registrations will not be accepted. To avoid disappointment, please register before the end of today.

Sports Information 2021

All information about sport at CBS for 2021 can be found under the Sports tab at the top right hand side of the homepage of the school’s website. The CBS Weekly Sports Yearly Overview 2021 link will show you a table with what sports are available to the different year groups and when they are played during the year. There are also links to inter school and zone day dates for the year and a link to the sports information letters, which are sent home when registrations for the different weekly sports teams are open. The different sports pages will be updated as sports become available during the year. Please have a look at the Sports tab and its pages if your child is keen to play sport this year.

An outstanding achievement for the CBS swim team!

On Tuesday 13 April, our CBS Swim team competed in the North Shore Primary Schools’ Swim Competition at the National Aquatic Centre at AUT Millennium. Twenty-five primary schools from across the North Shore competed at this swim meet. We took thirty-two swimmers from across year three to year six. All our swimmers were exceptionally focused on the day. They gave their very best both in and out of the pool. CBS were the defending champions from the last five years. Every single one of our swimmers contributed towards our accumulated points, helping us towards taking out the title of top school for the sixth year running. This is an outstanding achievement! All our swimmers are to be congratulated on how well they worked together as a team. Their support for each other and the team was very noticeable. Thank you to all the supporters who came along on the day to support us and thank you to Sarah Geelen who did a superb job as team manager. A big thank you too, to all the parent helpers who gave up their time to take on a duty role and contribute to the smooth running of the event.

The overall points for the top three schools were as follows:

1.    Campbells Bay School     1,455.5 points

2.    Murrays Bay Primary        1,143.5 points

3.    Kristin School                     843 points

Individual Results:

Congratulations to the following swimmers who placed in the top ten in their individual races:

Girls 8 & Under:

Flora Chen 4th 50m breast; 5th 25m fly; 4th 50m free

Eva O’Grady 7th 50m breast; 1st 50m back; 9th 25m breast

Xinyue Wu 4th 25m free; 9th 50m free

Ava Gluga 3rd 50m back

Boys 8 & Under:

Austin Sun 1st 50m breast; 1st 25m breast; 1st 50m free

Jihyo Park 4th 50m breast; 9th 25m breast

Hyeon-Seo Bang 5th 25m back; 7th 25m free; 2nd 50m back

Austin Lumsden 5th 25m free; 4th 25m fly; 3rd 50m free

Yigu Ye 5th 50m back; 8th 50m free

9 Year Old Girls:

Gerayn Chow 2nd 50m breast; 6th 100m free

Ruby Gilberd 8th 25m back; 10th 50m back

Chloe Bosch 9th 25m free

Ada Ding 8th 50m free

9 Year Old Boys:

Michael Yang 1st 50m breast; 2nd 100m free; 2nd 50m free

Grayson Coulter 1st 100m free; 1st 50m back; 1st 25m fly

Oscar Wu 6th 25m back; 9th 25m free; 7th 25m breast

Oscar Dunn 4th 50m back; 3rd 25m breast

10 & Over Girls:

Sarah Chen 4th 50m breast; 4th 100m free; 4th 25m fly

Charlotte McCarthy 6th 50m breast; 3rd 25m free; 3rd 25m breast

India Vaughan 4th 50m back; 5th 25m fly; 4th 50m free

10 & Over Boys:

Luke Wilson 7th 50m breast; 7th 25m free; 5th 25m breast

Daniel Yates 10th 50m breast; 10th 100m free

Luan Maritz 4th 25m back

Brian Jin 8th 25m back, 7th 50m back

Team Relay Results:

Our relay teams put on an incredible performance on the day. Well done to the following relay teams who placed in the top three in their races.

4 x 25m Medley Relay:

Girls 8 & Under:

2nd  Ava Gluga, Eva O’Grady, Flora Chen, Xinyue Wu

Boys 8 & Under:

1st Austin Sun, Austin Lumsden, Jihyo Park, Hyeon-Seo Bang

Boys 9 & Under:

1st Oscar Dunn, Michael Yang, Grayson Coulter, Oscar Wu

Girls 11 & Under:

1st  India Vaughan, Charlotte McCarthy, Sarah Chen, Hayley Han

Boys 11 & Under:

2nd Grayson Coulter, Michael Yang, Luke Wilson, Daniel Yates

4 x 25m Free Relays:

Girls 8 & Under:

1st Ava Gluga, Eva O’Grady, Flora Chen, Xinyue Wu

Boys 8&Under:

1st Austin Sun, Austin Lumsden, Jihyo Park, Hyeon-Seo Bang

Boys 9 & Under:

1st Oscar Dunn, Michael Yang, Grayson Coulter, Oscar Wu

Girls 11 & Under:

2nd India Vaughan, Sarah Chen, Charlotte McCarthy, Hayley Han

Boys 11 & Under:

3rd Michael Yang, Luke Wilson, Grayson Coulter, Lachlan Roset

Community Notices

Dear Parents,

With Campbells Bay school closed on Teacher only day 4th of June Friday, please be advised that sKids will be open and will run a full day programme.

Please book under Special Day.  We will have a Full day, and Short day session.

Thank you

Team sKids Cbay”

Kind regards,

Jeff and Tess Tecson
sKids Campbells Bay
mob 022-3675011/ email [email protected]

Portia the babysitter.

Year 10 at Westlake Girls High School, ex Campbells Bay School student.

Lives in Castor Bay

References available.

$12 per hour

Ph Portia 0210 8806 156

Touch New Zealand Foundation Coaching Course – Practical Workshop

Location: Takapuna Grammar School, 210 Lake Road, Belmont.

Date: Monday, 31st May 2021 6:30pm – 9:00pm (approximately, may finish earlier)

Cost: Free

Pre-Requisite: TNZ Foundation Online Course (

Note: You will need to sign up to a free account if you do not have one pre-existing.

Register for this course by clicking here

Our course is open to teachers, parents, players, and the wider community. This is a great opportunity to develop leadership, communication, and organisation skills, give back to the community, as well as build life-long relationships within the Touch whānau. It is also heaps of fun and a friendly/relaxed environment.

Georgia Fraser Mackenzie, a 14 year old Rangitoto College student is looking for some sitting work.

Georgia was at Campbells Bay from 2012-2017 and is caring, responsible and fun. She has volunteered at Murray’s Bay Child Care over the holiday to get some experience.

Her contact details are: 021 623 003 or [email protected].

House Available

Do you, or someone you know need a house in Castor Bay for 6 months?

Our family are heading away on a small adventure overseas and are renting our house while we’re gone. Our house is on the cliff side of Beach Road opposite Aberdeen. It’s a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom 230 sqm meter house with office space, amazing sea views and light open feel. Just a short walk to school. We have a back yard and plenty of off-street parking. Fully fenced and we’ll leave it fully furnished. Perfect if you’re doing renovations or need somewhere to stay in the short term.

Available from August 2021 – late February 2022 (we have a little bit of flexibility, (can do early July)  if needed on dates.

If you are interested, or if you know someone interested please contact Jo on 021 2770292 or Will on 022 5221939 to talk through details or arrange a viewing.