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To the following students who have started at Campbells Bay School

Kalani Ashton, Brady Ashton, Lincoln Richmond, Harper Biggins, Sienna Biggins, Justin Tang, Eddie Mao, Tony Yuan, Jacqueline Ouyang, Ellie Chen, Ari Trendall, Ho Ching Chu, Elijah Gandar, Allen Zhang, Harper Yu, Connor Drew, Arthur Pilkington, August Nelson, Giuliana Salmon

Principal’s Message

Kia ora koutou katoa,

Welcome back to Term Two. I trust everyone had a safe and wonderful break reconnecting as a family. Welcome to our new families whose children started school today!

There has been a lot of media attention recently about how mathematics is taught in New Zealand following a decline in international achievement results. I have more questions than answers, however any debate around curriculum delivery and effective education is a debate I welcome. We must always challenge the status quo and continue to advocate for the best outcomes for all of our learners. During my reflection I was compelled to answer what I could only guess is a question on your mind…so what does this mean for my child at Campbells Bay School?

At Campbells Bay School mathematics is an area of ongoing professional development to ensure our mathematics curriculum delivery is effective. We have been using the expertise of Lucie Cheeseman from Maths Matters for a number of years now. Lucie comes in regularly to work with new staff, beginning teachers and also to run whole staff development meetings on areas we see as requiring more focus. Lucie also observes and co-teaches alongside our teachers to provide them critique and feedback on their teaching of mathematics. In addition, teachers and teams track and monitor student progress in mathematics regularly, placing additional support or resources in areas we identify as needing more support.

We know that this focus has resulted in mathematics being the area of overall strength across the school year after year. In 2020, 87% of our Year 6 students achieved the expected level or exceeded the expected level before they went to intermediate school. With just over 80% of the whole school achieving at or above their expected level.

Our mathematics programme, as with all of our curriculum programmes, is built on evidence-based research. Such as the OECD Nature of Learning, and effective assessment for learning practices. At Campbells Bay School we always err on the side of caution when embarking on new initiatives particularly those that suggest to completely change or overhaul current practice. We like to take the best evidence and apply it to improve on the good mahi we already do. This aligns with the work of Professor Viviane Robinson in her latest book, Reduce Change to Increase Improvement.

The numeracy project (2000) has received a lot of criticism for being too concept based, or even too fluffy. However, from my experience the numeracy project is often misunderstood and in fact it is balanced between acquiring and practicing mathematical knowledge and understanding and applying this knowledge. It is important to highlight here that I do not think it is full-proof if it sits in isolation as the only teaching tool to use. The best part about the numeracy project is that the resources provide a clear progression for mathematics achievement (so teachers know exactly what to teach and when) and a key outcome of the project was that it actually improved the mathematical ability of teachers. Campbells Bay School used the resources available from this project to enhance the mathematics programme but did not participate in the initiative.

One misconception from the debate is the belief that countries who do better than New Zealand in their mathematics results must use rote learning techniques and drilling to learn how to solve mathematical problems. When you do look at curricula across the globe, it is evident that some of the best performing countries use a mix of strategies for students to not only build their knowledge but also to apply this knowledge to a range of contexts. Campbells Bay School sees the importance of both the fluency and recall of practicing basic maths knowledge and the application of this knowledge to solve more complex problems within number and algebra as well as statistics, geometry and measurement.

You may want to find out more. A great place to start is this ‘Best Evidence Synthesis’ on effective mathematical teaching. This first link takes you to a brief summary or you can click on the full report if you wish to:

If you would like to have a further discussion about mathematics at Campbells Bay School. The Associate Principal’s and I are here to help. We love to chat about teaching and learning and we welcome you to come on in. Please get in touch with the school office and they will direct you to the best person.

Have a great start to Term Two!

Rachael Taylor

IMPORTANT – Next Steps Parent/Teacher Interviews

This Thursday and next Tuesday evening are our Next Steps Parent Teacher Interviews. This is the second formal opportunity for you to connect with your child’s teacher and this time to discuss progress in learning. We look forward to seeing you there!

Some students will be released from different parts of the school in order for our teachers to prepare prior to 3.00pm.

Thursday 6 May

  • Year 0-2 from their own classrooms
  • Year 3 from the Performing Arts (PA) room
  • Year 4,5,6 from the hall

Please note that the online booking program will be closed tomorrow at 3:00pm. Please try to make your booking before this time as adding late requests may not always be possible.

  • Go to
  • Enter the school code gq3xt
  • Enter your email address. Your email address is used to send you confirmation of your bookings.
  • Enter your name
  • Select the number of students you want to make bookings for, and fill in their names.
  • Press the green “Go” button to go on to the next page.
  • Select a year from the first box, then select a teacher from the second box.
  • Press the green “Go” button to go on to the next page.
  • Choose the time(s) you want.

You should leave time to get from one booking to the next if booking with more than one teacher.

Learning at Home – Information Sessions

Tuesday 11 May 3:30pm and 5:30pm in the Learning Hub

Come and meet the Associate Principals: Nathan Janes, Patricia Meder and Christie Birkhead for an informative session about how you can help your child’s learning at home. The two sessions will share the same information and will last approximately twenty minutes.

The sessions will share how you can help with reading, writing and maths at home. This information could also be beneficial if we ever enter another lockdown and your child participates in distance learning.

At the end of each session, the Associate Principals will be available to answer any questions you have.

Please complete the Google form to register your interest Learning at Home

We look forward to seeing you there.


Teacher Only Day

Please pop this date into your calendar. We have a Teacher Only Day Scheduled for Friday 4 June. This means the teachers are working at school but the school is closed for instruction.

Friends of the Parents – Cup of Tea Event

A reminder for your calendars, next term! The Friends of the Parents first event will be held in the staffroom on Thursday 13 May at 8.30am. Tea, coffee and refreshments will be provided. If you are new to Campbells Bay School, or an existing parent wanting to connect with others, you are invited to join us. We will facilitate a few ways for you to connect, but overall we see this an informal social occasion just for you.

Join the Parents of Campbells Bay School facebook group. This group is closed and only for current parents of the school. We hope it provides a platform for asking quick questions, networking with other parents  but most importantly, making connections. We understand that there are all sorts of platforms currently in use, and we wanted to provide an inclusive place for all parents to use. It has been set up by the school in order to support the admin components and the screening process but it will be monitored by our FOPs (friends of the parents) group. Please search Parents of Campbells Bay School on Facebook and join! Or click here 

Caretaker Assistant Vacancy

We are looking for an additional support person to pick up a few hours a week assisting our caretaker with the property needs in the school.

If you are interested please contact, [email protected]

Staff Success!

One of our amazing teachers, Ms Anna DeLong is to be congratulated for her appointment as coach to the 2021 New Zealand University Rowing Women’s team. Find out more about her team, background and success, here

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations to the following children who received Principal’s Awards at a special presentation on Friday 16 April.

Olivia Villarreal Flores (Room 1), Gerlyn Chow (Room 2), Qian Yi Gao (Room 3), Roy Li (Room 4), Shenique Jordaan (Room 5), Ariel Wan (Room 6), Annaliese Lowe (Room 7), Paxton Mace (Room 8), Sadie Anderson (Room 9), Katrina Sun (Room 10), Terry Kim (Room 11), Lucas Wu (Room 12), Ethan Tang (Room 13), Carly Elrick (Room 14), Katherine Ma (Room 15), Tom Howett (Room 16), Luka Jackson (Room 17), Ella Fitzpatrick (Room 24), Megan Woolgar (Room 25), Austin Huang (Room 26), Ella Sun (Room 27), Dylan Welson (Room 36), Amanda Ji (Room 37), Grace Milne (5B), Jackson Powles (5G), Mia Stoddart (5O), Yigu Ye (5P), Isabella Zhang (5R), Otto Boulton (5S), Joanna Wu (5Y), Luke Manley (6B), Sophia Matthews (6G), Madeline Tong (6O), Charlotte McCarthy (6P), Natalie Wu (6S), Maizie Yin (6Y)

Tony Ebert Kiwi Spirit Award

Congratulations to our Kiwi Spirit recipient Hunter Brodie (6Yellow). Well done Hunter 🙂

Donation Receipts

Donation Receipts for the 2020/2021 Tax year are now available to download from your @school app.

Click on the Accounts icon and then Download Tax Receipt.

If you are experiencing problems with your @school app login, please email [email protected] and we will send you your login details.

Plant to Taste – Volunteers needed

Do you have any time to spare?

We are looking to expand our team of committed and enthusiastic parents and caregivers who are our Champions of Plant to Taste. This team of parents, caregivers and grandparents volunteer their time to help keep our programme running. They help to oversee the gardens and the kitchen. We rely on our team of volunteers, as without them Plant to Taste would not happen.

Plant to Taste provides a wonderful opportunity for our Year 3 and 4 students to learn basic gardening and cooking skills. The students use our two gardens to learn about planting and caring for vegetables; and use our kitchen in the Hall to prepare, cook and transform the vegetables into tasty creations.

The programme runs on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00am until 12:30pm.

If you are interested in joining our team of Champions please email Patricia Meder at [email protected]

Travelwise News

New afternoon school bus routes start today.

A new school bus, the 051 will take students from your school to Milford in the afternoon. The bus will depart bus stop number (3249 ) outside the school on Aberdeen Road at 3.05pm and will be scheduled to arrive at 1 Inga Rd bus stop number (3350) at 3.30pm.    School Route 051 – Campbells Bay Primary To Milford (Afternoons)

The 042 (which currently runs from your school to Milford) will have a shorter route than at present. The route will end at bus stop number 3222 at 262 Forrest Hill Road.  School Route 042 – Campbells Bay Primary To Forrest Hill (Afternoons)  Students wanting to travel to places between this address and Milford on the existing 042 route should take the new 051 school bus.

This change means there will be more space for students on the 042, which we understand has been very popular service.  The 042 run will remain the same in the mornings.

Travelwise News

Chess Club Term 2

Weekly Chess classes restart on Thursday 6 May at lunchtime in Room 31.

Every chess ability is welcome except absolute beginners (who are taught in term 1 only).

In terms 2 and 3 we have the NZCF tests and the school championship in term 3.

If your child is interested please collect a form from the school office. The fee of $80 is payable directly to Mr McLaren.

Any queries please email [email protected]

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates

2021 dates – meetings held in the school conference room at 7.30pm

  • Tuesday 25 May – week 4
  • Tuesday 22 June – week 8
  • Tuesday 27 July – week 1
  • Tuesday 24 August – week 5
  • Tuesday 28 September – week 10
  • Tuesday 26 October – week 2
  • Tuesday 30 November – week 7

Sports News

Date Event
Wednesday 5 May Year 5&6 Winter Netball starts
Sunday 9 May Year 3-6 Flippaball starts
Monday 10 May Year 2 Winter Netball starts
Monday 10 May Year 3-6 Winter Hockey starts
Thursday 27 May Year 5&6 North Shore Primary Schools’ Badminton competition (selected students only)
Tuesday 8 June Year 4-6 SuperCluster Inter School Cross Country (selected students only)
Thursday 10 June Year 4-6 SuperCluster Inter School Cross Country (selected students only)
Tuesday 22 June Year 6 Boys SuperCluster Soccer Tournament and Year 5&6 Girls SuperCluster Soccer Tournament (selected students only)

Year 3&4 Boys Winter Hockey – Extra players needed
Our year 3&4 boys hockey team needs another two to three players. If you are interested in joining the team, please email Keri Maunder on [email protected]

Year 4 Flippaball (Junior water polo) – Extra players needed
One of our year 4 flippaball teams needs another two to three players. If you are interested in joining the team, please email Keri Maunder on [email protected]

Sports Information 2021
All information about sport at CBS for 2021 can be found under the Sports tab at the top right hand side of the homepage of the school’s website. The CBS Weekly Sports Yearly Overview 2021 link will show you a table with what sports are available to the different year groups and when they are played during the year. There are also links to inter school and zone day dates for the year and a link to the sports information letters, which are sent home when registrations for the different weekly sports teams are open. The different sports pages will be updated as sports become available during the year. Please have a look at the Sports tab and its pages if your child is keen to play sport this year.

Community Notices

Comedy Festival comes to Northern Rovers

Northern Rovers are hosting

Please click on this link to find out more and how to purchase tickets.