This is a little reminder that Easter Tuesday (6 April) is a school holiday. This is across all NZ State Schools. The Easter holidays next week include Good Friday (public holiday), Easter Monday (public holiday) and Easter Tuesday (school holiday). Often the Easter holidays coincide with our school term holidays. It is only when they fall outside of the school holidays that the Tuesday school holiday can surprise us. Please find more information on the Ministry of Education’s website 

Easter Tuesday         

The Tuesday following Easter Monday is a school holiday (not a statutory holiday), meaning schools must not be open.

The terms and holidays are usually set so that Easter occurs during the first term break and the Easter Tuesday school holiday goes unnoticed. However, in some years Easter falls much earlier than usual such as in 1997, 2005, 2008, 2013 and 2016.

To have the first two-week break at Easter in those years would shorten the first term to only eight or nine weeks, instead of around 12 weeks, and mean that at least one of the other three terms would have to be correspondingly longer. As the Minister aims to set four terms of reasonably uniform length, in years when Easter falls particularly early, all or some of the Easter break will be during the first term.