And just like that we are back to school! Thank you for the supportive and quick response to the changes to alert levels, we appreciate the challenging time it is for families during any lockdown.

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister, Campbells Bay School will be open under alert level two from tomorrow Thursday 18 February. Level 2 looks a little different and this update contains a considerable amount of information all of which will be familiar to you, as we have done this before.

School is open and students should attend school if they can. We can assure you that our additional hygiene measures are in place ready for the return of our students. The main procedure in place at Alert level 2 visitors, including our parents, should avoid entering the school grounds.

The procedures we are implementing are based on information received from the Secretary of Education and the Director of Public Health. If you or your child/ren are sick, stay at home.

Alert Level 2 at Campbells Bay School

Entering CBS Grounds

●     We ask that parents avoid entering school grounds. Even though educational facilities, and school transport are not considered mass gatherings because they are managed environments. The exception is where people from outside the school may be attending.

●     Access to the school will only be by way of the following gates: Peter Terrace walkway, Bus Bay entrance, the double gate entrance from Aberdeen Road from 8.20am until 8.55am.

●     All adults wishing to enter the school grounds must sign in by using the QR codes available at each of these entrances or by registering name and telephone number.

●     A member of the school’s staff will be at each of these entrances to assist for the first few days. Each adult entering the grounds is required to use hand sanitiser that will be available.

●     Students are not required to sign in as their presence will be recorded in the attendance register in their classroom.

●     Parents/caregivers may enter the school grounds after signing in and may accompany their children to their classes but must not enter classes or cloak bays.

●     All parents/caregivers are asked to leave the grounds before or by 8.55am.

●     In the afternoon the same procedure applies to enter the grounds from 2.40pm. And parents and students must leave the school grounds after 3.00pm.

●     Students arriving on the morning 042 bus will be greeted by a member of the school’s staff. Students will have their names recorded and will be required to sanitise their hands before entering school. Students will also have their names recorded when departing on the 042 bus. The morning and afternoon 042 bus services are operated by NZ Bus under contract to Auckland Transport (AT). Any enquiries about the operation of this service should be directed to either NZ Bus or AT.

We are making conditions to enter the grounds as user-friendly as possible while ensuring everybody is safe. We ask you to respect these requirements as you did last time we were at level two.

Other Important Matters

●     Gatherings: Schools, like workplaces, are not considered to be gatherings. Therefore, there are no limits to the numbers of people who may gather.

●     Sports’ Team Practice: Please refer to Keri Maunder with questions around sport registration and trials. As a rule of thumb, anything scheduled from tomorrow will continue as normal. (with additional hygiene practices)!

●     Hygiene: As has been the case since we first emerged from level 4, hygiene will be an absolute priority. This includes students being required to sanitise their hands upon entering and exiting the classroom. Health and well-being are paramount.

●     Sickness: Please do not send your child to school if they show any signs of sickness. Any child who arrives at school who is unwell will be isolated and parents will be called to collect their child immediately.

●     Online Learning: Online learning will only be available in generic form. There will be no class Zoom meetings. Classroom teachers will not be involved with any online learning as they will be focussing on teaching in their classrooms.

●     Distance Learning & Absence from School: If your child will be staying at home and continuing with distance learning, please inform the school by emailing [email protected] or using the @school app clearly indicating this (distance learning from home) is the reason for not being at school.

●     Homework: At level 2 no home readers will be sent home.

●     Library Books: Library books can be taken home as they will undergo a ‘rest period’ between users.

●     Drinking water fountains: These will not be available. Therefore, each child should bring a bottle of water to school each day.

●     Face coverings: These are not required in schools by either students or adults. However if you wish your child to wear a face mask: (Source: Director of Public Health, Dr Caroline McEnlay). ‘Any student or adult who wishes to wear face coverings may do so if they want to. They are entitled to make this decision.’

●     042 school bus service: Students are not required to wear a face mask on our school bus, can do so if they wish to.


If you would like to find out more about official advice that is available please use the following links. Go to the website for more information about face coverings. There is also good information on the Ministry of Education website for parents and carers.

We have done this before and we are ready to do this now. Teachers will be very happy to be back in the classroom with your children. As we have proven time and again, we are resilient and with a continued implementation of common sense and goodwill we will transition into level two seamlessly.

We will update you again on Sunday evening after the Prime Minister’s announcement, with the hopes we will be back to Level 1. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at: [email protected]