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To the following student who has started at Campbells Bay School

Fred Dixon

Farewell to Term Two

What an unusual term it has been. In my long, long teaching career stretching back to 1974 I have never experienced anything like it. The term started with lock down and online learning and, moving through alert levels, we end the term with school being (almost) back to normal. How adaptable we all are moving from the surreal experience of total lockdown to all being back at school. While the Prime Minister talks of the ‘team of five million,’ in our case it was the ‘untold number of people in the Campbells Bay School bubble’ that made relatively light work of the many challenges we all faced in the space of this term. I write ‘relatively light work’ because, but, of course, it was demanding but the attitude from our community was so positive and cooperative. As a result we find ourselves at the end of an extra long term (12 weeks compared to the usual ten weeks) a bit jaded but, seemingly, in good spirits. I take this opportunity to thank all stakeholders and wish you a great two weeks of holidays with the hopeful prospect of having a ‘normal’ term three, albeit it with hygiene, hygiene and still more hygiene being the order of each day.

To those of you who may have missed the announcement made earlier in the term, the Board of Trustees has agreed to extend parental leave for Rachael Taylor (the real principal) until the end of term three. Hence, I will continue to act until the end of term three.

Farewell and Welcome

It is with mixed feelings we bid farewell to Sophie Renouf, teacher in Room 13, who is moving to an international school in Dubai at the end of this term.

We will miss Sophie and I am sure her students will, but we wish Sophie well in the next phase of her life and in her teaching career.

We welcome back to CBS Trina Milner to replace Sophie. Trina started her teaching career at CBS and, after teaching overseas for over a decade, Trina makes  a very welcome return to our school.

Principal Awards

The newsletter today contains the names of students who were the recipients of Principal Awards at an award ceremony this morning.

Principal Awards are presented twice a term with each class teacher identifying the student in the class to receive the award. Although named a Principal Award, the student is actually selected by the class teacher. The criteria for the award is very much based on the manner in which the student conducts themselves day in and day out, with particular reference to consistently demonstrating our school values of: wakaute (respect), atawhai (kindness), manawanui (resilience).  It is all about attitude as seen through the lens of our school values as observed by each class teacher.

Clearly, given the fact that only eight such awards are presented per class during the year there is no expectation each student in the class will receive this award. This needs to be viewed in the context that students also receive awards in the form of certificates and similar ways of acknowledging performance in their classrooms and in their teams.

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations to the following children who received Principal’s Awards at a special presentation this morning:

Olivia Topham (Room 1), Brenin Meredith (Room 1), Caleb Satherley (Room 2), Ella Sun (Room 3), Aurelia Wilson (Room 4), Harry Penberthy (Room 5), Max Shi  (Room 6), Yigu Ye (Room 7), Xinyue Wu (Room 8), Lucca Joseph (Room 9), Isla Kristiffor (Room 10), Amelia Zhang (Room 11), Boe TRayes (Room 12), Justin Zhang (Room 13), Grayson Coulter (Room 14), Hugo Atkinson (Room 18), Charlotte Gielen (Room 19), Frantz Roman (Room 20), Nathan Sima (Room 21), Paxton Mace (Room 21), Siara Gardner (Room 22), Samuel Wells (Room 24), Everleigh Keith (Room 25), Jaimee Burns (Room 27), Lisa van de Wall (Room 33), Henry Jung (Room 34), Liam Visser (Room 35), Jayden Li (Room 36), Stella Tang (Room 37), Benjamin Munro (5Blue), Joyce Dong (5Green), Sydelle Malcolm (5Orange), Scarlett Mullard (5Purple), Mazie Yin (5Silver), Ruby Bartley (5Yellow), Cynthia Wang (6Blue), Yiyang Shen (6Green), Benny Langridge (6Orange), Angela Zhang (6Purple), Ethan De Suza (6Silver)

Tony Ebert Kiwi Spirit Award

Congratulations to our Kiwi Spirit recipient Rebekah Butler (6Orange). Well done Rebekah 🙂

Next Steps Parent Teacher Interviews

Our next Next Steps Interviews will be on Tuesday 28 July and Thursday 30 July for all teachers.

To book:

  • Go to
  • Enter the school code m38xm
  • Enter your email address. Your email address is used to send you confirmation of your bookings.
  • Enter your name
  • Select the number of students you want to make bookings for, and fill in their names.
  • Press the green “Go” button to go on to the next page.
  • Select a year from the first box, then select a teacher from the second box.
  • Press the green “Go” button to go on to the next page.
  • Choose the time(s) you want.

You should leave time to get from one booking to the next if booking with more than one teacher.

Please note that the online booking programme will be opened at 3:00pm Tuesday 30 June and closed at 12 noon on Monday 27 July.

Reminder to Year 5 & 6 Parents only:

Should you wish to have a Zoom meeting rather than a face – to – face meeting with your child’s teacher please note:  Zoom meeting interview time slots will be at 2.00pm, 4.15pm and 6.15pm on Tuesday 28 July and 2.00pm, 4.00pm and 5.45pm on Thursday 30 July.

There are still some slots available, so should you wish to make an appointment for a Zoom meeting please email Cushla Dyson ([email protected]) with a couple of options before 12.00 noon Friday 3 July and Cushla will make the appointment for you. This is on a first in first served basis and after this time any unused Zoom meeting interview time slots will be available for face – to – face interviews.

Covid-19 Update

Revised guidance on testing for COVID-19

At a time where there are increasing numbers of colds and other winter illnesses, the Ministry of Health has revised its guidance on who might need testing for COVID-19. It is important to note that there is currently no known community transmission of COVID-19 in New Zealand. The vast majority of adults, children and young people with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will not have COVID-19.

Symptoms of COVID-19 can include new onset or worsening of one or more of the following:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose
  • Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
  • Temporary loss of smell

Health’s information on who should get tested notes that people with any of the COVID-19 symptoms who are close contacts of confirmed cases, have recently travelled overseas, or been in contact with recent travellers, should get assessed.

If anyone has symptoms but is unsure if they have been exposed to COVID-19, they should ring Healthline on 0800 358 5453 or their GP for advice. Over winter there are many other viruses about that can cause people to feel unwell and have symptoms similar to those of COVID-19.

Some people with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 may be tested as part of Health’s ongoing surveillance to ensure that there is no community transmission in New Zealand. If they are not close contacts of confirmed cases, have not recently travelled overseas, or have not been in contact with recent travellers, then there is no need for them to self-isolate while awaiting the test result, and they can return to school or early learning once they are feeling well or on the advice of their health practitioner.

If not recommended for testing, they will be able to return to school or their early learning service when they are feeling well and no longer displaying symptoms.

Further information about testing can be found on the Ministry of Health website.

Weekly News Roundup – Week 11


  • Epro8 Engineering
  • Steam Room 1 and 21
  • Robotics
  • Room 12 Edor games
  • Room 18 Habitats

Weekly News Roundup

Class Photos Scheduled for Next Term

Takapuna Normal Intermediate School – Enrolments for 2021

Kia ora Parents of Year 6 Learners,

Our enrolment application form is online, and we are currently taking 2021 applications for Year 7 learners living in our school zone. Out of zone applications will be open on 20 July.

This is a complex process and we want to ensure that we make the best possible class placement for all our learners. If you are intending to apply for a place at Takapuna Normal Intermediate School, we would appreciate applications as soon as possible.

Please visit our website and click on the enrolment link.

We look forward to receiving your application.

A Bit of Maori History Here in Campbells Bay

Madeline and Ayla Barr brought in a precious piupiu and korowai into school last week. It was gifted to their grandfather, Graham Ahern, by a teacher, principal and educator, Te Ao Biddle (aka Nanny Teo Ao) before 1990. Nanny Te Ao retired in her 60s after 44 years in teaching. She then went on to work for Maori television. As a teacher in a Maori school, the law at the time stated that they were forbidden to teach or speak Maori. They kept the language alive with songs and the kapa haka. She learned Te Reo through her husband and, when they all spoke about her, she made it her business to learn the language. Graham learned so much from Te Ao and taught Te Reo and P.E. at Orewa college. Te Ao gifted the korowai and the piupiu to him as a sign of all his respect and sharing of the culture and language. This was a great honour. Te Ao believed that her language and culture was her identity and if she didn’t have it, she’d be nothing, she’d be lost. Te Ao fully retired at the age of 85 and it is through her and people like Graham that Te Reo will continue to grow like it is nowadays.


The EPro8 Challenge is a competition, an engineering and problem solving race. On Wednesday last week some year 4,5 and 6 students were able to take place in the School wide competition.

Teams compete to:

·         build large sized structures

·         solve practical problems

·         engineer using pulleys, motors, gears, wheels and axles

·         invent machines that can complete simple tasks

·         undertake unusual and fun experiments.

·         construct basic electronic circuits.

·         solve interesting problems using practical maths

Teams of 5 competed at a workstation containing an impressive assortment of easy to use parts and equipment. The 3 hour event began with a tutorial on the equipment the teams were using. Teams were then given a booklet with lots of challenges in them. This year the kids had to design and build a remote control guard dog, a prototype for a zorb ride at an amusement park, a moving light beam and a bridge able to hold a built car.

The teams had to complete challenges in order to get points. When teams completed a challenge they pushed the “Big Red Button”. They were judged and their points were added to the live leaderboard.

There were some amazing structures built. The kids all worked so well together. The winning teams were: Well done to all kids that took part. Mrs Lanning has ordered a few of these kits doe the school so we can keep continuing to do this!!!

Kotuku 6B Cooper, Jihwan, Cynthia, Cathy, Max (11) 360 points
Karearea Year 4 Oscar H,(14)  Michael Y (14), Chloe,(12) Caleb,(12)  Silas (6O) Daniel (14) 200 points
Ruru 6G Julian Langbein, Chloe Lou, Shawn Zhou, Borko Dimitrov, Varvara Mikheeva(12) 200 points
Tiwaiwaka 6S Lucas, Abbey, Daniel, Zoe, Rayed (11) 200 points


A massive thank you for all of your donations on Friday.

We had so many items, Bernie who runs the organisation had to come for a second pick-up as the van was filled to the brim! There will be a lot of warm babies this winter.


On Thursday 2 July Campbells Bay School will be holding a disco in the hall.  Parents are to be at the disco for the juniors, it is recommended for parents to be there for the middles and it is optional for parents to attend the seniors


  • Years 0-2 5:00pm – 6:00pm
  • Years 3-4 6:15pm – 7:15pm
  • Years 5-6 7:30pm – 8:30pm.

Tickets are $5 cash at the door (sugar free soft drink on arrival).

Harcourts coffee and ice cream van will be on-site for you to purchase items.

Spot prizes during the night for best dancing.

A photobooth will be set up to snap some moments with your friends.

No food this year, so fill up your bellies before you arrive.

WSB PJ Day Photo

The Channel View Road / Beach Rd Walking School Bus enjoying their morning walk to school last Friday in their pyjamas!

Chess – Term 3

Chess classes will resume Tuesday lunchtimes on 21 July in room 31 (the NE Central Art Room). Most classes are half instruction by FIDE Master and FIDE
Instructor Leonard McLaren, NZ Chess co-Champion 2015 and Oceania Senior Chess Champion 2015, and half playing. In term 3 the
school championship will be held. Please note that the sessions are only for students who already know how to play chess.

The term fee of $80 is payable to Mr McLaren in class or to his bank account Westpac Onehunga  03 1308 0065112-00
Thank you to the parents who have already paid for the year.

Queries to  [email protected]  Please write “CBS” in the subject title.

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates

2020 dates – meetings held in the school conference room at 7.30pm

  • Tuesday 28 July
  • Tuesday 25 August
  • Tuesday 22 September
  • Tuesday 27 October
  • Tuesday 24 November

Mathletes of the Week

Junior Mathletics Class of the Week Room 10
Senior Mathletics Class of the Week Room 8
Junior Mathlete of the Week Alvin Lu (Room 10)
Senior Mathlete of the Week Liam Crooks (Room 14)

Sports News

Date Event
Thursday 6 August Year 5 & 6 Zone day miniball tournament – selected students only
Monday 10 August Year 5 & 6 Super Cluster Cross Country – selected students only
Wednesday 12 August SAVE DAY Year 5 & 6 Super Cluster Cross Country – selected students only
Friday 14 August Year 5 & 6 Super Cluster Hockey Tournament – selected students only
Wednesday 16 September Year 5 & 6 T-ball tournament – selected students only
Thursday 17 September SAVE DAY Year 5 & 6 T-ball tournament – selected students only

Term 3 Start dates for CBS weekly sports teams

  • Monday 20 July: Year 2 Junior Breakers miniball
  • Wednesday 22 July: Year 3 & 4 Junior Breakers miniball
  • Tuesday 4 August: Year 2-6 Harbour Basketball
  • Wednesday 22 July: Year 5 & 6 Netball North Harbour
  • Saturday 1 August: Year 2-4 Kidzplay Netball
Flippa ball:
  • Sunday 26 July: Year 3-6 Flippa ball
  • Monday 27 July: Year 3-6 Harbour Hockey

Community Notices

Campbells Bay School Business Community

Supporting Immune Health

Custom Sugar Cookies