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To the following students who have started at Campbells Bay School

Luka Jackson,  Hebe Dai,  Carina Mao

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations to the following children who received Principal’s Awards at a special presentation this morning:

Cooper Parrey (Room 1), Ethan Visser (Room 2), Renee Yao (Room 3), Bowen Shan (Room 4) Messina Haslett (Room 5), Freddy Frankham (Room 6), Holly Turner (Room 7), Otto Boulton (Room 8), Claudia Yu (Room 9), Austin Sun (Room 10), Theo Bird (Room 11), Oscar Dunn (Room 12), Annabel Bittencourt Gualberto (Room 13), Jackson Powles (Room 14), James Palmer (Room 18), Tasman Powles (Room 19), Evan Zhao (Room 20), Alexander Way (Room 21), Brayden Gao (Room 22), Ahmed Farrukh (Room 24), Bethany Lau (Room 25), Leanne Chau (Room 26), Jessica Lee (Room 27), Bryan Xu (Room 33), Yuli Zhang (Room 34), Freya Hall (Room 35), Elmira Haddad (Room 36), Annabel Mao (Room 37), Tony Mo (5Blue), Eva Liu (5Green), Thomas Lee (5Orange), Luke Manley (5Purple), Sophie Ross (5Silver), Ryder Kao (5Yellow), Jihwan Kim (6Blue), Pearl Mamea (6Green), Sophie Knight (6Orange), Jago Cleghorn (6Purple), Levi Harvey (6Silver)

Tony Ebert Kiwi Spirit Award

Congratulations to our Kiwi Spirit recipient Greta Hutton (5Purple). Well done Greta 🙂

Online Teaching Survey: Parents

Thanks to all parents who participated in the survey. The results and analysis of the survey can be found by using this link Online Learning: Parent Survey Results

‘Next Steps Interviews’ – the Zoom Option

Following the analysis of the recent parent survey on our online learning programme during lockdown, some parents indicated they would like the option of using Zoom to meet with the teacher of their child. The numbers asking for this option were not large, with the highest number per year level being 13 for year five and 10 for year six. The lowest number of parents wanting the Zoom option was two for year two. The numbers requesting the Zoom option for years five and six provides us with an opportunity to trial using Zoom as an option should parents wish to use this method of meeting with the class teacher during the next step interviews early in term three.

Before we make Zoom an option for year five and six parents we will conduct a trial with randomly selected parents to ensure any possible glitches in the system are identified and rectified before offering the option at the July interviews. Provided we are able to ensure a glitch free experience, we will then offer Zoom as an option for the year five and six interviews in July. We expect we will be offering limited numbers of Zoom times in blocks as we do not want teachers to have to be continually switching between face to face and Zoom interviews. Having three minutes between interviews already creates some pressure to be ready to start the meeting on time! After the year five and six wide trial we will assess this method of meeting, consulting with parents and teachers who were participants before deciding what to do next. ‘What to do next’ might be anywhere on the continuum from ‘not offering Zoom as an option to offering the Zoom option across all year groups at the next set of meetings.

Child Safety

To ensure the safety of our children please observe traffic regulations.
This includes: Not parking on no parking zones represented by the broken yellow lines and please park considerately so there is no blocking of the road by your vehicle.


While skateboards are not a permissible use at school, we note children bringing skateboards to school to use after school. Although there is an undoubted thrill of zooming (that words again!) down the hill on either Aberdeen Road or Beach Road, there are considerable dangers posed by vehicles coming in and out of driveways to those on skateboards who are, possibly, not in full control and are unable to stop quickly. While we do not wish to be the fun police, you may wish to speak to your child about the sense of skateboarding downhill and at speed down footpaths.

Pandemic Updates

We have no news to report and I guess that is a good thing! Hence, it is business as our new normal, namely: Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene followed by parents/caregivers being asked to use QR when entering the school grounds before and after school. During school hours parents/caregivers are required to come to the school office to register, as per usual.

Keeping Ourselves Safe

Through Keeping Ourselves Safe it has come to our attention that some Year 0-2 children are accessing Fortnite.

Some online games have recommended age restrictions and we would like to guide parents to the website Netsafe ( to support families with online safety.

Many thanks,

Constable Murray Fenton

Pyjama Day

Give a Kid a Blanket is an organisation that CBS loves to help out in the cold wintery months. On Friday 26 June 2020 the Student Council will be holding a Pyjama Day for students, in return students are asked to bring in an item for Give a Kid a Blanket.

This year, the organisation is asking for baby items. They are asking for the following new/old but in good condition items:

  • Cot sheets
  • Blankets
  • Baby grows (ranging from new born to one years old)
  • Singlets
  • Socks
  • Mittens
  • Beanies

If you can donate any of these items, please have them bagged and not loose. Your child will bring their donation to their classroom on Pyjama Day and the Student Council will come and pick them up.

Thanks for your support, any questions email Kirsty on [email protected]

Weekly News Round Up week 9:


Weekly News Round Up week 9

  • Room 20 Steam
  • Room 19 Art
  • Junior Art
  • Room 27 Robotics
  • Room 11 Covid adverts
  • Jungle Book
  • Room 8-0 Dancing Divas


Thanks to Viv Walker for donating a camelia at the front gate to replace the camelia bush that did not survive the drought and thrips.

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates

2020 dates – meetings held in the school conference room at 7.30pm

  • Tuesday 23 June
  • Tuesday 28 July
  • Tuesday 25 August
  • Tuesday 22 September
  • Tuesday 27 October
  • Tuesday 24 November

Mathletes of the Week

Junior Mathletics Class of the Week Room 26
Senior Mathletics Class of the Week Room 8
Junior Mathlete of the Week Cindy Wang (Room 10)
Senior Mathlete of the Week Sydelle Malcolm (5Orange)

Sports News

Year 2 Winter Netball

Year 2 winter netball will start next term. Registrations are open on the school online payment portal until tomorrow. Information letters with all the necessary details were sent to year 2 classes last week. If you are interested in registering for year 2 netball, please make sure you get an information letter from your child’s teacher.  A copy of the information letter can also be found under sport on the school website. Please note that registrations close tomorrow and late registrations are not guaranteed.

Year 3-6 Winter Hockey

Winter hockey is available to students in years 3 to 6. The winter hockey season will start next term. Registrations via the school online payment portal are open. Information letters with all the necessary details were sent to classrooms last week. If you are interested in registering for winter hockey, please make sure that you get an information letter from your child’s teacher. Registrations close next Monday 22 June.

Community Notices

Campbells Bay School Business Community


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