Good News

I guess good news can sometimes be boring:  same-same news. In this instance, the good news is that nothing much will change for next week at school compared to this week while we remain at Alert Level 2. Hence, the procedures for Campbells Bay School, for the week 8 – 12 June remain largely as they were for this week. The Prime Minister is expected to make an announcement on Monday regarding a possible change to the alert level. When we know the outcome of this announcement we will share with you what any new alert level will look like at CBS. In the meantime, it is largely business as usual at Alert Level 2 at CBS, as follows.

Campbells Bay School Procedures for 8 – 12 June 2020

Registration for parents/caregivers/visitors entering the school is still required. Gates: Main, bus bay and Peter Terrace. Paper and QR registration are both in use. (Thanks for your brilliant support and cooperation regarding the registration process.)

  • Online learning in a generic form has now ceased as the expectation is that all students will now be at school unless they are sick.
  • The implementation of the message of: hygiene, hygiene, hygiene will continue and will continue beyond any alert level.
  • The morning and afternoon 042 buses will continue to operate with the school registering each student who is on the bus.
  • Please Note: Message from the Ministry of Education:  Educational facilities are not considered mass gatherings. This means there are no restrictions on numbers of people indoors or outside at schools and early learning services, other than what other public health or health and safety measures require. Out of an abundant sense of caution, at Campbells Bay School this means: year/team assemblies are fine, as are the singing assemblies on Fridays. However, in order to ensure we can achieve a ‘no contact/no touching’ standard, students in years three and four and in years five and six will meet in the hall for their year/team assemblies and for Friday singing. This provides a large space for such gatherings so students can be spread out. Students in Years zero to two will still meet in the performing arts rooms as there is plenty of space for the younger students in this facility. Full school assemblies will not resume under the current alert level.