After weeks of being away from schooling at school it has been wonderful to experience the vibrancy of being back at school. There must have been some apprehension about returning to school after weeks of ‘stay home, stay safe and stay in your bubble.’ Combined with the spectre of registration at the school border for parents/caregivers, being at school in the first week of alert level two may well have been the cause of some anxiety for parents, children and staff alike. Based on my observations during the week, it confirmed people are adaptable. Having touched base with many people I have observed what I would describe as a certain lightness of spirit afoot at school.  People appear to be happy to be back at school and long may that be the case. While we will continue with the implementation of the alert level two requirements these have become part of the new business as normal for schooling at school. Thank you for your support and cooperation to make this first week go so well. Our registration data shows we  averaged 80% plus of student on site school attendance this week. At the same time last year attendance was averaging 90%.

I am well aware that we didn’t get the parent/caregiver registration process right on Monday. The queues were unacceptably long. I apologise for the delays many of you experienced entering the school, particularly in the afternoon. I hope you have experienced a much speedier entry to the school later in the week after we increased the number of staff at the entry points and also increased the number of sign-in sheets available. (We learn from our mistakes!) We were going to opt for a QR system for next week. However, we have decided against this as staff at the gates report the current system is now free flowing. They also report great enjoyment meeting and greeting parents/caregivers. We hope you feel the same!

Alert Level Two Actions for 25 – 29 May

  • Entry before and after school will be by way of the following gates: Peter Terrace walkway, bus bay and main gate. Parents/caregivers entering must sign in using the forms provided. Entry is from 8.15am until 8.55am and from 2.40pm – 3.00pm. Please do use the sanitiser provided free of charge! Please also take responsibility for your own physical distancing.
  • Parents/caregivers entering the school out of these hours must come directly to the office to sign in.
  • NB: The requirement to register is based on the need for the school to have records of those on site and at what time should contact tracing be required.
  • The 042 bus is operating morning and afternoon. Our registration data shows that the morning bus run has about 12 – 15 passengers while the afternoon bus run has 20 plus passengers. The school will continue to register each child on the bus, for contact tracing purposes, if needed.
  • The full hygiene regime of sanitising upon entering and exiting classrooms will continue. (We have excellent stocks of soap and sanitiser as well as toilet paper).
  • Water drinking fountains will remain closed so please ensure your child brings a water bottle to school.
  • Generic online learning will be available for those not attending school. This provision will cease on 5 June. (See below).

No Teacher Only Day on 29 May

As previously advised, the scheduled teacher only day for 29 May has been cancelled. This action has been taken in recognition of the disruption to schooling during the past weeks and to eliminate any inconvenience to parents/caregivers  at this challenging time when focusing on work during the school day is a priority. Hence: School is open on Friday 29 May.


Thanks for your support during the first week of being back on the school site. It has been fulsome and has made our job so much easier. Have  a great weekend enjoying the comparative freedoms offered at alert level two.

Online Learning for week 7 and 8.

You can access this through the school website or via the attached link:
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Online Learning Activities

Mrs Lanning would love to check in with you all via Zoom:

Time:  Monday May 25, 2020 09:30AM

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