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To the following students who have started at Campbells Bay School

Yuli Zhang,  Aaron Tutty,  Josen Tian,  Andrey Golovko,  Pavel Golovko

CBS Is Back In Business

Yes, we are ‘back in business’ but not quite as we knew it! First of all, it was wonderful to see so many people coming through the school gates this morning. We have waited a long time for this to happen. Thank you for your patience for those parents and caregivers who had to queue to register and sanitise hands before entering the grounds. While we have the option of moving to an electronic model for registering at the gates, at this stage we very much want to have the human face of the school present. Hence, we will continue to have members of the CBS staff at the three points of entry, at least for the rest of this week. Those students who arrived at school on the 042 bus were greeted by Janice Brown and had their names recorded and were provided with sanitiser before going to class. This worked very well.

As previously mentioned, school this week, aside from hygiene, hygiene, hygiene, is very much about reconnecting as a class, sharing and caring and re-establishing routines. After all, we have all been on quite a journey and journeys need to be shared. We are aware there is a range of emotions experienced by children about returning to school from those who are excited and very keen to those who are apprehensive and not at all keen. We get that. Catering for this broad range of emotions is, of course,  a feature of the school programme.

Thank you for your support since 26 March when online learning commenced. We are very appreciative of the work that has been involved on the home front when it came to making online learning work. We are also very well aware that some children really loved it and others……….not so much. We get that!

Reminders, in the context we are all in this together and we are all learning how to operate under Alert Level Two. Hence, we will be continually reflecting in order to improve. If you have any suggestions and/or questions please email me: [email protected]

  • Students DO NOT have to register when entering the school grounds. (We know who they are and where they live!)
  • Parents/caregivers must register before entering the school grounds in the morning: Main gate. Bus Bay gate. Peter Terrace gate.
  • Parents/caregivers, please leave the grounds at 8.55am.
  • Any parents/caregivers who enter the grounds after 8.55am and before 2.40pm – please register at the school office.

As you can see, it is about hygiene, collecting information in case contact tracing is required and re-establishing school routines in a sensitive way. Onward and upward.


Today we welcome Jo Apperley to our teaching staff. Jo is our Learning Innovative Teacher and will be working in the Learning Hub alongside Joe Lanning.

Hi I am Jo Apperley and I am so excited to be joining Campbells Bay School. I am originally from the UK but my husband and I came across in 2001!

We now have two girls and just love living on the North Shore. You will probably see me on our local beaches walking our dog, Evie! 

I have a passion for Digital Learning but you will hear from me for our CBS Library and CBS BookWeek in November!

Campbells Bay School Business Page

Given the extraordinary times we are living in, the Board of Trustees has been reviewing ways we can help each other in our school community. In this context we have decided to start a Campbells Bay School Business Page on our website. The intention is to put Campbells Bay School families who might be customers in touch with Campbells Bay School families who have businesses. All families who have children at CBS who own businesses or are employed by a business are very welcome to send information about the business to: [email protected]  Information may include any material you deem necessary to provide a scope of the business and contact details.

We will then place your business on the Business Page:  Campbells Bay School Business Community.

We will also feature up to four businesses a week in our newsletter. Please see later in the newsletter our next four businesses.

To be included in the weekly newsletter please send your information to Cushla and your business will be featured in order of receipt over the coming weeks/months.

If you wish to have your business on the Pay It Forward website please action this yourself and then email Cushla and she will place your business on the Business Page indicating you have the  ‘pay it forward’ option.

We realise this is not the panacea for  all the challenges businesses are facing at present. However, it is something tangible the school can do. In the prevailing economic climate the Board has also resolved there will be no ‘athon this year and  families will not be approached individually for sponsorship for the major Year 5 & 6 show, Jungle Book, as has been the case in the past. Rather, the school will simply invite anybody who wishes to support the show as a sponsor to do so. There will be no personal approaches made by the school to families. Further, any costs to our families associated with the school curriculum will be kept to a minimum. There will still be mufti days for events that support the Not Self But Service cred but these will be limited to one per term.

Please remember to email Cushla business details so we can populate the Business Page on our website as soon as possible: [email protected]

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates

2020 dates – meetings held in the school conference room at 7.30pm

  • Tuesday 26 May
  • Tuesday 23 June
  • Tuesday 28 July
  • Tuesday 25 August
  • Tuesday 22 September
  • Tuesday 27 October
  • Tuesday 24 November

Community Notices will be operating at level 2!

We look forward to creating some normality for your child through the magic of dance and drama!
Come along for a free trial of our awesome classes!
DANCE SING ACT in your school! Classes running on Monday evenings! inspires students to learn and grow.
Our classes are designed to build confidence within your child using the magic of dance and drama. These classes are fun with fresh content each lesson encouraging your child’s confidence and creating their character.
Monday Afternoons- Campbells Bay Primary School.
3:15pm -4 pm 4-7 years
4pm – 5pm -7-10 years
5pm – 6pm  10-13 years
6pm-7pm 13-18 years
All children must be enrolled to attend classes as per Covid contract tracing requirements.
As a small business we really love and appreciate the support that we have received from the community.
Thank you for supporting a small local business.
Contact Anna 021 1447815
[email protected] for more info.

Bricks 4 Kidz – Online Classes

Campbells Bay School Business Community

Car Servicing

Tyre Pro (NZ) is an independent kiwi owned business specialising in wheels, tyres and suspension – located at 28 Barry’s Point Road in Takapuna. Our small team of 4 are all experts in this field, and we will always provide the right advice to ensure owners maintain safe vehicles for the road ahead.

Safety with any vehicle is so important to protect everyone and this may be one of your biggest assets. If you travel the roads with worn tyres or shock absorbers, you will use more fuel and stopping distances during braking are adversely affected. Suspension components are just as important, to ensure that your vehicle operates well.

We would like to offer the Campbells Bay School community the opportunity to take up our free offer of a 30point safety check.  (Usually $49.95.) This includes checking tyres, brakes, shock absorbers, suspension and battery condition. If we establish that there is things needing to be replaced or repaired we will offer a further 20 % discount on the RRP.

Bookings are essential. So please contact [email protected] to arrange. ( Remember to mention you are a CBS member)

Cosmetic Tattoos

My name is Jenny, my business is “Studio PMU”, I offer Cosmetic Tattoos – a Semi-permanent makeup, that lasts around one year.

This makeup saves your morning time.  ✅Eyebrows: Shading, Ombré or Hair-strokes; ✅Lips: Blushed Lips, Full-Color lips or Lip line; ✅Eyliner: Lash Enhancement, Wings or Eyeshadow.

Ph.number: 0211863496, [email protected]

Instagram:   @jenny_brows_nz




Phone number:  027 212 4505

Email – [email protected]

They are specialists in all aspects of home maintenance, repairs and replacement, including electrician, plumbing, carpentery and general maintenance. Covering everything from painting to kitchen & bathroom remodels. No job is too big or too small.

We can rejuvenate and refresh existing fixtures, fittings and structures around your home, inside and out. Painting, pressure cleaning, deck cleaning and staining, re-grouting tiles, section tidy and rubbish removal.

We are skilled in partial replacement and repairs of items inside an out.
Fences, Decks, fretwork, steps, concrete, windows, doors, tiles, wall linings, guttering, down pipes

New or Replacement
We can remove and replace existing structures like for like, using new materials also can build new decks, fences, shed’s etc.

Think your job is too small, give us a call, we do it all!

Trade Finance

Tawa Trade Finance Limited

Are you a business owner? We are here to help with your business cash flow. We offer 3-12 months business loans at a very competitive rate.

Contact us now on:
Allen Xu
09 2153884
021 768855
[email protected]