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To the following students who have started at Campbells Bay School

Mia Wang,  Vaughn Hunter,  McKinley Powles,  Thomas Chen

Campbells Bay School Business Page

Given the extraordinary times we are living in, the Board of Trustees has been reviewing ways we can help each other in our school community. In this context we have decided to start a Campbells Bay School Business Page on our website. The intention is to put Campbells Bay School families who might be customers in touch with Campbells Bay School families who have businesses.

All families who have children at CBS who own businesses or are employed by a business are very welcome to send information about the business to: [email protected]  Information may include any material you deem necessary to provide a scope of the business and contact details. We will then place your business on the Business Page. We will also feature up to four businesses a week in our newsletter. To be included in the weekly newsletter please send your information to Cushla and your business will be featured in order of receipt over the coming weeks/months.

If you wish to have your business on the Pay It Forward website please action this yourself and then email Cushla and she will place your business on the Business Page indicating you have the  ‘pay it forward’ option.

We realise this is not the panacea for  all the challenges businesses are facing at present. However, it is something tangible the school can do. In the prevailing economic climate the Board has also resolved there will be no ‘athon this year and  families will not be approached individually for sponsorship for the major Year 5 & 6 show, Jungle Book, as has been the case in the past. Rather, the school will simply invite anybody who wishes to support the show as a sponsor to do so. There will be no personal approaches made by the school to families. Further, any costs to our families associated with the school curriculum will be kept to a minimum. There will still be mufti days for events that support the Not Self But Service cred but these will be limited to one per term.

Please remember to email Cushla business details so we can populate the Business Page on our website as soon as possible: [email protected]

Staff Video

Just in case you thought members of the CBS staff were hiding their lights under the proverbial bushel – think again! Thanks to the wonderful Joe Lanning for editing another episode in the ongoing series focused on CBS staff during the lockdown.

We hope it brings a smile to you and your family. Who knows what Joe has planned for us next week? (Only Joe, and I am somewhat afraid to ask).

First Time For Everything Video

Online Learning

Another week of online learning lies behind us with another ahead of us.

I simply wish to reiterate the message that, as parents/caregivers in your home bubble, you decide what is enough in relation to online learning. Our online programmes are designed to help your children with their education and enhance what you do as a family.

At the end of the day, you are in charge!

Donation Receipts

We have had a few requests for donation receipts for the tax year ended 31 March.

These can now been found on your @school app.

Click on the Accounts icon and download Tax Receipt to print.

Stay Active and Play Together

Kia Ora CBS Whanau

During the lockdown, it is always good to stay active and play together.  To help connect your whanau, please access the YouTube Channel, click on the daily fun fitness sessions with Mr Janes.

Please subscribe, share with your friends and whanau and provide your feedback.  Comments and suggestions are always appreciated in the endeavor to collaborate, connect and embrace a positive mindset.

Kia kaha

Mr Janes
Associate Principal

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates

2020 dates – meetings held in the school conference room at 7.30pm

  • Tuesday 26 May
  • Tuesday 23 June
  • Tuesday 28 July
  • Tuesday 25 August
  • Tuesday 22 September
  • Tuesday 27 October
  • Tuesday 24 November