End Term One

Well, this is a very strange way to finish the first term. Usually we have singing with Sharon Knight in the PA Rooms and we then send your children back to you with the prospect of holiday fun for all. How things change and change so quickly. However, we are nothing if not adaptable.

I have been Zooming with the associate principals and they report that, aside from a technical glitch or two, online learning has started well and that Zooming has been a success. I am told that the first team Zooms (amongst all teachers in each team) consisted of a lot of laughter and general mayhem. That’s great news.  They are in good spirits. More of it as good spirits is an essential ingredient at times such as these. The serious messages I have been getting from associated principals is that teachers have been enjoying coming to grips with online learning and the use of Zoom. I again thank all members of our staff for getting into the ‘can do’ spirit of the challenges we are facing. And now, all members of staff, please focus on your bubble.

School Holidays

As this is the end of the term it signals the time that teachers will be going offline until term two, that starts on Wednesday 15 April. They need a break so they can spend quality time with those in their bubbles. However, mindful that these are extraordinary times and as families you simply can’t do what you have always done in the holidays I am doing what I can (in a very minor way). Today you will receive an email from school that will introduce you to the Diary of John McGowan. Yes, I imagine you cannot wait to see what that contains!

Best wishes to you all.

Campbells Bay School Staff