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While, I guess, even though we all thought it would be a matter of if not when we went to the highest level of alert, it is still a bit of a shock when it happens. You can expect pandemic alert messages from the school from time to time. However, with the school holidays now starting this Friday there will be a reprieve from messages from the school during the holidays.

While much of our day to day focus has been on the pandemic, this newsletter is an outstanding example of all the good things that have been happening. We can take time to celebrate in order to achieve a balance in our lives. Thank you to everybody who has contributed to achieving our ‘new normal’ with a sense of purpose and calm. We will carry on, albeit somewhat differently to the manner we have become accustomed to.


To the following students who have started at Campbells Bay School

Margot Roset,  Ianke Coetser

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations to the following children who received Principal’s Awards at a special presentation on Friday 20 March.

Tommy Irvine (Room 1), Caelan Ross (Room 2), Caspar Guo (Room 3), Ryan Zhang (Room 4), Ryan Duffy (Room 5), Asha Satterthwaite (Room 6), Olivia Geelen de Kabath (Room 7), Ineawa Wilson (Room 8), Ryan Li (Room 9), Sophie Collins (Room 10), Kiana Eades (Room 11), Aaima Farrukh (Room 12), Claire Zhang (Room 13), Liam Crooks (Room 14), Iann Jeong (Room 18), Miya Zhu (Room 19), Caia Zhang (Room 20), Maja Rutkiewicz (Room 21), Anthony Li (Room 22), Coco Lene (Room 24), Naomi Weir (Room 25), Cody Huang (Room 26), Aimi Cheng (Room 27), Leen Shaabany (Room 33), Catalina Hughes-Scott (Room 36), Bernice Zhang (Room 37), Allie Jung (5Blue), Elli Dudding (5Green), Lara Bell-Goode (5Orange), Lara Salomon (5Purple), Keren Steinberg (5Silver), Krish Ranchhod (5Yellow), Mason Yan (6Blue), Dinuli Rajapakshe (6Green), Coco Yu (6Orange), Rio Mauger (6Purple), Abbie van der Bergh (6Silver)

Tony Ebert Kiwi Spirit Award

Congratulations to our Kiwi Spirit recipient Daniel Beskhyroun (6Silver).

Foodbank Drive

We Can Do It! (Dad joke)

What a huge achievement with the can  drive on Friday. Of course it had to pour for the entire time it took to collect all the donations into the various vehicles setting off to the City Mission. However, getting wet was a very small price to pay in the context of the purpose of collecting the cans.

Thank you to our community for generously donating so much non perishable goods.

Thank you to CBS parents Genevieve Atkison, Roslyn Palmer and Rachel Satherley and to members of the school council. They all slaved away in less than ideal circumstances (understatement) to collect the goods and to deliver them to the Auckland City Mission. ‘Not self but service.’

Dental Services and Closure of Dental Van

Due to the change relating to Covid19 we are postponing all non-urgent dental appointments.

This means the Dental Van will be temporarily closed.

For parents with children in pain or who have significant concerns we are able to offer an assessment by phone to safely plan the most appropriate care for the child.

They can phone:

Forrest Hill Children’s Community Dental Clinic on:       (09) 410 7361

Silverdale Children’s Community Dental Clinic on:          (09) 426 8470

Big Night Out – Postponement

Due to COVID-19 we will postpone our Big Night Out until further notice.
We very much look forward to bringing this special night together for our community this year and we will re-establish planning at the earliest appropriate time.
Big Night Out committee 

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates

2020 dates – meetings held in the school conference room at 7.30pm

Tuesday 28 April
Tuesday 26 May
Tuesday 23 June
Tuesday 28 July
Tuesday 25 August
Tuesday 22 September
Tuesday 27 October
Tuesday 24 November

Sports News

Tuesday 7 April North Shore Primary School Inter School Swim Meet at AUT Millennium – selected students only – POSTPONED
Flippa ball- Some exciting news! 
Last month we received the news that CBS was a finalist for the 2019 Flippa Ball School of the Year at the New Zealand Water Polo Awards. The awards dinner was meant to be held last Saturday night, however, was cancelled due to the covid-19 outbreak. The winners of the 2019 NZ Water Polo Awards were instead announced at the Annual General Meeting on Saturday morning and CBS was announced as Flippa ball school of the year. Finalists for these awards were from all around the country, not only North Harbour. What an achievement! Congratulations and thank you to all the players, coaches, managers and supporters who contributed in some way to the success of our flippa ball teams last year.