2016 Anzac Ceremony

ANZAC Ceremony

An ANZAC Ceremony to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli was held in 2015. It was agreed an ANZAC Ceremony should become an annual event to respect those who gave their lives for our country. This year, because ANZAC Day was in the holidays, the ceremony was held on the first Tuesday of the term. The whole school participated in the ceremony that featured representatives from the Royal New Zealand Navy with many members of our community in attendance. Jack Johnson, a CBS year six student in 2015, read a poem he wrote on the subject of war. Members of the RNZN spoke, while also providing a bugler and Vicki Caisley, Chairperson of the Campbells Bay School Board of Trustees, read the names of those service men and women who were represented on the crosses in our field of remembrance. Each class laid a wreath in front of each cross.
The bombs fell no more… The dark and bloody plains were filled with agony and gore, shrapnel scattered over the endless terrain of fear.
War is like a flower, colourful until the petals get mercilessly ripped off. Dead bodies are the grass of war, just laying there lifeless until the dry out and get forgotten…
What a mess the world had to make.
It will never clean up. Never!!!
War is nothing but a what they call a ‘solution’
Why did man have to create such violence? It was never a ‘plan!’
It was slaughter… War, fear and gore… What did we create?
God bless our ancestors who went to War…
Lest We Forget

By Jack Johnson