2007 Year 6 Camp: 29th May – 15th June

Camp this year was a camp with a difference. While it started on time (on Tuesday 29 May) it ended somewhat later than originally planned, namely on Friday 15 June, albeit with a substantial break back at school! This year’s camp went according to plan until a nasty bug hit many campers and it was decided, on medical advice, that it would be best if all the campers went home on Thursday evening.

Fortunately, this unplanned evacuation back to the home fires took place without a hitch and the camp resumed on Thursday 14 June for a final round of activities, while the camp revue was held on Friday 15 June. As the accompanying photographs will attest, the camp was full of challenging, fun and purposeful activities.

Held at Carey Park Christian Camp in the Henderson Valley (West Auckland) our Year 6 students accompanied by the Year 6 teaching team and many, many parent volunteers, had a ball (with the aforementioned little hiccup along the way). Activities included archery; kayaking; confidence course navigation; bush craft; ‘flying fox’ riding; and the famous ‘scream machine’ (very aptly named!) Thank you to the Year 6 teaching team for planning and delivering such a wonderful camp experience for our students and thank you to all the helpers who made the camp experience possible.