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Campbells Bay School is a state, co-educational contributing school with students from Year 0 (5 years of age) to Year 6 (10-11 years of age). Students leaving Campbells Bay School at the end of Year 6 usually go to either Murrays Bay Intermediate, Wairau Park Intermediate or Takapuna Normal Intermediate Schools.

CBS charter

The Charter is the base document of the school and is an undertaking by the Board of Trustees to Government that it will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the school is managed, organised, conducted and administered for the purposes set out in the Charter. The Board's responsibilities in the area of curriculum are outlined in the National Education Guidelines; the National Administration Guidelines and the National Curriculum Statements. These are deemed to be part of the Charter. The Board is authorized to include local curriculum school goals that reflect the particular needs and enthusiasms of the community. These are evidenced by the Mission Statement and Local Goals.

mission statement

Campbells Bay School will always strive to provide its students with the programmes, the instructors, the facilities, the resources and the secure stable environment to fulfil the relevant education needs and aspirations of all students.

local goals for education

Campbells Bay School will provide an education for students that will:

  • Focus on high levels of competence in the essential learning areas
  • Encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning
  • Instill positive attitudes towards future learning and achievement
  • Provide programmes that teach students life and leisure skills
  • Enhance each student's personal development towards successful citizenship

the curriculum includes

for academic and artistic development

  • a full time librarian employed in the recently expanded and upgraded library
  • extension programmes for students with special abilities
  • programmes for gifted and talented students
  • programmes for students with special needs
  • reading recovery programme
  • specialist music teacher, purpose built music room, orchestra, choirs, keyboard

for physical education

  • gymnastics with a large team participating in the North Harbour Gymnastics Festival, won by CBS on over ten occasions
  • miniball (modified basketball) teams
  • netball teams
  • hockey teams
  • soccer teams
  • rugby teams
  • Waterwise - a yachting, kayaking and water safety programme for Year 6 students
  • and various other sports and clubs

CBS review & service quality survey

The CBS Review is a new addition to our range of ways of communicating with our community. CBS Review will sit alongside the weekly newsletter, the website, Ultranet, our school magazine, parent/teacher interviews and the end of year report. The Review will  contain items of interest that have taken place in terms one and two and three and four.

ERO report

The latest Education Review Office review of CBS is now available for you to read:

CBS Parent Teacher Association

The PTA has important social and financial roles to play in the school. All members of the school's parent community are members of the PTA and may attend PTA meetings. These meetings are usually held in the school staffroom in the evening. PTA meetings are advertised in the weekly school newsletter.

lunchroom information

The lunchroom service is changing in 2014 - more details will be available soon.

Travel Wise at CBS


CBS Wise Walkers is the official name of Campbells Bay School's walking bus. A great opportunity for children to get fit, help cut down the traffic jam at school, and to meet the people in their area.
Parents assist, creating an enjoyable walk to school.

There are now five WSB routes to school:

  • East Coast Road WSB
    leaves cnr of Dewsbury Tce and East Coast Rd
    8.20am - on Tue & Thu.
    Ph Lorraine 021 201 7553

  • Park Rise WSB
    leaves church carpark at bottom of Park Rise
    8.15am - weekdays.
    h Liz 027 487 3278

  • Castor Bay/Eastcliffe WSB
    leaves corner of Eastcliffe and Castor Bay Rds
    8.35am - weekdays
    Ph Leslie 022 130 6029

  • Beach Rd WSB
    leaves corner of Channel View and Beach Rds
    INACTIVE - would you like to oragnise this route?
    Ph Liz 027 487 3278

  • Forrest Hill WSB
    leaves Forrest Hill Rd
    INACTIVE - would you like to organise this route?
    Ph Liz 027 487 3278

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