resources & amenities NOT SELF ~ BUT SERVICE

staff facilities


The main office is the core to the efficient running of our school. The office team – Marie Dunn, Sally Thompson and Cushla Dyson deal with all phone calls, enquiries and much, much more. School uniforms and stationery can be ordered and bought here also.


An important area in the school for all staff to catch up with colleagues and to share morning tea and lunch. Coffee and tea is provided for all staff, visitors and volunteers, and is a hub of chatter and laughter most days. The view from the staffroom is one of the best in the world!

student health & medical facilities


Located within the main complex this room contains two beds and a full first-aid cupboard to cope with all the usual everyday trauma and problems which seem to go along with being at school. Children who are not collected from the school grounds by 3:20pm are also brought here and supervised, as a safety measure. A call is placed to the parents to remind them they may have forgotten something!


Support our school and get a freshly made, hot or cold lunch from GO-DELI through (easy-lunch). Order before 9am online, by TXT or use the calendar to schedule deliveries in advance. There’s plenty to choose from every day and no cash required at school.

All lunches are delivered clearly labelled with name and room number and arrive at the hall Lunchroom for pick up in time for lunch.

Payment is by ezlunch account, in advance or pay-as-you-go, with three ways to pay (bank transfer, Account2Account transfer or Credit Card).

travel & safety facilities


Next to the front entrance to the school is a large covered bike shed with places for over 40 bikes and scooters to be locked securely to its structure. Students are taught road safety and there are annual skill and control classes which students are encouraged to attend.


The school has two internal parking areas, the main gate being located inside the Bus Bay on Aberdeen Road. There are three parking zones within that main area.


The bus bay sits between the front pedestrian entrance and main carpark entrance on Aberdeen Rd. During drop-off and pick-up times, parents are requested not to park in this zone, but are welcome to drive through and drop off or collect their children.


Morning bus service commences at 8:10am.


CBS Wise Walkers is the official name of Campbells Bay School's walking bus. A great opportunity for children to get fit, help cut down the traffic jam at school, and to meet the people in their area. Parents assist, creating an enjoyable walk to school. There are four routes to school.


Both before and after school the trained Year 6 road patrol monitors ensure safe passage across Aberdeen Road every school day. Dedicated and responsible monitors working alongside parents, are essential on an ever busy road with still many cars bringing children to and from school.


Since 17 July 2007, the 40kmh zone operates in the morning from 8.25am until 8.55am and in the afternoon from 2.55pm until 3.15pm. The electronic signs clearly mark the zone. The zone is actively policed to ensure compliance. We are very grateful to the North Shore City Council and to the Police for their support of this safety enhancing programme.