cbs heritage NOT SELF ~ BUT SERVICE

CBS school hall refurbishment donor wall

Each brick in this wall names a donor who supported the school Assembly Hall refurbishment and extension project of 2000-2001. The school remains grateful to these supporters, without whom the project would have been impossible. The wall is located opposite the main entrance to the Hall.

CBS 75th Jubilee - year 2000

Campbells Bay School opened in 1925 with a roll of just 16 students. The classroom pictured above still exists, but has been absorbed into the structure of the main office block and new entrant rooms.

This area has undergone massive urbanisation and change over the years, and CBS has proudly maintained its place as a premier educational institution. To mark the year 2000 celebrations, a commemorative magazine was produced.

heritage of our local region

the community forest

This area of our school property is an important part of our New Zealand heritage and a great educational resource for our students.


Our whole school community comes together to care for the trees and plants, and much of the native wildlife has returned to the area since the regeration work began. Many of the school's teaching programmes are connected in some way to this important area.

the zero waste project

We have a range of waste disposal programmes in place, from the Recycling Centre to the Worm Farm and the students actively participate in the success of these programmes. CBS is committed to a sustainable future. What better time to create a generation of environmentally-conscious adults than in their youth?

year 6 graduation awards

At the link below is a complete history of all current awards given to honour excellence in the annual Year 6 Graduation ceremony. Each is engraved with the names of recipients dating back to the institution of each award. Students hold their award for 11 months, and then return it to the school.


our nation's flag

Located beside the main office block, the raising and lowering of our nation's flag is attended to each day by Year 6 students.

Campbells Bay School now has 2 flagpoles, located next to the site of the original pole; which was blown down in July 2007 during a major storm!