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about our Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees at Campbells Bay School has six parent representives, one staff representative and the Principal. Elections for the Board are held every three years.

The Campbells Bay School Board of Trustees meets in the school conference room. The meetings are held on or around the fourth Wednesday of every month during term time. Meetings of the Board are open to the public but are not public meetings. This means members of the public may attend (except during ‘in-committee' business) but do not have speaking or voting rights. Meetings are advertised in the weekly school newsletter.

Elected Parent Trustees:

  • Anthony Ford
  • David Campbell
  • Jennifer Hanton
  • Vicki Caisley (Chairperson)

Principal: John McGowan

Staff Trustee: Janice Brown

our Board responsibilities

The Board of Trustees ensures good oversight of our main activities by allocating governance portfolios linked to our key activities:

Anthony Ford NZ School Trustees Association
Strategic Planning
Friends of Campbells Bay School (PTA)
David Campbell Finance
Student Achievement
Jennifer Hanton Property
Friends of Campbells Bay School (PTA)
School Charter
Vicki Caisley Chairperson
Ministry of Education Administration
Human Recources
Principal John McGowan Property
Board Secretary (by protocol)
Janice Brown Health & Safety

The day-to-day operational management of the school is the responsibility of the Principal and the leadership team.

governance - general

The board is entrusted to work on behalf of all stakeholders and is accountable for the school’s performance. It emphasises strategic leadership, sets the vision for the school, and ensures that it complies with legal and policy requirements. Policies are at a governance level and outline clear delegations to the principal.

The board and principal form the leadership team and the principal reports to the board as a whole. The board is proactive rather than reactive in its operations and decision making and does not involve itself in the administrative details of the day-to-day running of the school. The board is encouraged to ask the right questions. Enhancing student achievement is its focus.

The New Zealand School Trustee Association website is a good source of in-depth information relating to school governance.

the role of the Board

The Board of Trustees is accountable for the management of the school by making sure that the school achieves its Charter goals through good practices. In practice the Board is responsible for:

  • Setting strategic goals
  • Determining board policy
  • Delegating powers
  • Reviewing how well those goals are being achieved

The Principal manages the school within the policy parameters set by the Board. The Board and Principal work in a unique partnership by:

  • Providing and maintaining an overview
  • Developing and reviewing board policy
  • Providing strategic direction and planning
  • Reviewing and monitoring progress

Areas the Board will address include:

  • Charter modification in consultation with the community
  • Employment of staff (teaching)
  • Staffing the school (support)
  • Preparation of the annual report
  • Borrowing of money
  • Recorded delegation of powers
  • Conditions for occupying crown-owned buildings and land
  • Authorising student visits
  • Student suspensions
  • Establishment of enrolmement schemes